Given so little time to discuss issues

Given so little time to discuss issues

When I go to the doctor's office for an illness or injury, I am scheduled for a 15-minute visit. That is not much time to communicate my problem to the physician and receive her feedback.

Can you imagine having to share that 15-minute visit with a half dozen other patients?

If so, you have a good picture of what the May 9 constituent visit with my congressman, Rodney Davis, was like.

Groups of seven of us were allowed 10- to 15-minute sessions with Davis to communicate concerns and ask questions. By the time introductions were made and the congressman delivered his obligatory opening statement, there was insufficient time for more than a few words from each of us.

In my assessment, I burnt up a half day of vacation waiting in line for a big, fat nothing. It would have been much more efficient and more respectful of constituents' time for Davis to schedule a town hall meeting on an evening or weekend.

In fact, I think a town hall meeting is just what the doctor ordered, but I am realistically not expecting to attend one of those until after Nov. 6, 2018.




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