Freezing property taxes dangerous

Freezing property taxes dangerous

With the stalled attempts to resurrect the "grand bargain" budget compromise, we should recall a vital concern of local government that is at stake.

Gov. Bruce Rauner ran on a platform of reducing the income tax, knowing full well that this would provoke a financial crisis. His attempts to ram through his agenda has led to a budgetless stalemate and a growing mountain of state debts and unpaid bills.

The grand bargain negotiations this winter looked like they would yield a budget, until Rauner pulled the plug, asserting that it did not give him enough, in particular, a permanent property tax freeze.

Having already achieved a crisis at the state level, this demand of Rauner's would increase problems of local governments. As happened in California in the aftermath of its disastrous Proposition 13, such a freeze would leave localities unable to fund schools, police and other essential services.




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