Leader a menace to free world

Leader a menace to free world

Like many Americans, I'm very concerned about the recent erratic behavior of one of the world's nuclear-armed dictators. Each day brings fresh news coverage of this portly figure with funny hair issuing bizarre nonsensical statements.

Despite appearing to be mentally unstable, this so-called world leader still has considerable resources at his disposal. He is the leader of a radical right-wing group known as the GOP that has recently declared war on the American people. He also commands a vast legion of internet trolls who blindly follow his every word.

With that, Dee Dum Don's most disturbing act to date is his sudden dismissal of this country's top law enforcement officer while in the midst of a national security investigation (sad). Unfortunately, the only thing now standing between the American people and this madman is a worthless, sniveling Republican-controlled congress (bad).