What triangle hand sign meant

What triangle hand sign meant

As a longtime supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment, I was pleased to see the article "ERA revived: Illinois Senate could ratify Equal Rights Amendment" (News-Gazette, May 8).

The article begins by describing demonstrations in support of ratification of the amendment undertaken by a Champaign-Urbana-based group, the Grassroots Group of Second Class Citizens.

There is a factual error in the description relating to the accompanying photo. I was an organizer and participant in these events. The author states that protesters who staged a sit-in in the Illinois House chamber were "forming their hands into illuminati pyramids signifying the few at the top commanding the many at the bottom."


We were making a gesture popular with feminists around the world in the 1980s. Forming our hands into a triangle symbolized the three phases of a woman's life, the phases of the moon, and woman's sexuality. I doubt if any of us had heard of the fantastical conspiracy theories that center on the illuminati.

We were acting as feminists and not as members of an imaginary elite.


Bow, N.H.


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