Quality care at nursing home

Quality care at nursing home

The Champaign County Nursing Home has been a good asset to the community for a long time. The recreation is very good.

Top-of-the-line, super service from each head of every department means every patient is getting better care every day at the nursing home.

Above all, the employees need everyone to pray for this nursing home and all other nursing homes.

The nurses and the certified nursing assistants work around the clock in shifts. We need to give them credit, especially when the nurses come around at every meal when the patients receive their medication. The patients appreciate the nurses filling up oxygen.

Rehab is another department that helps patients. Agility, memory, walking and standing. The staff is very good, caring and will help you get back to the way you used to be.

Use positive attitude and say "I can do it." They will not give up on you. They believe in you.

Have faith in yourself; that is their motto.




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