Story based on belief, not science

Story based on belief, not science

The June 8 article in The News-Gazette titled "Homo sapiens fossil find dated at 300,000 years old" is a typical example of a philosophical belief that poses as "science."

Another example is the false claim that mankind can change the global weather and that we are in great peril if we don't quickly limit carbon dioxide emissions.

Both are based solely on their religious belief that there is no God and both ignore scientific facts that they don't like.

To avoid the fact that there are absolute morals, one must deny the existence of God. To deny that God exists requires a belief that we created ourselves (evolutionism), that there was no global deluge (Genesis flood), that the world is billions of Earth years old, and that mankind is the highest authority (gods).

They must ignore thousands of scientific facts and use false assumptions to make scientific facts give false results to fit their preconceived beliefs.

But fraud is not science. By removing the false assumptions, all science agrees with an age of the Earth being around 6,000 years. Observable scientific facts prove that never could even one mutation be evolutionary.

Never has any evidence been found that would favor a belief that evolution has occurred or could occur. No honest dating method exists that shows the Earth older than around 6,000 years.

Evolutionism is a theological belief (a religion). We need to remove the religion of evolutionism from the educational system to stop the unwanted indoctrination into atheism.