Unit 4 wrong to terminate good man

Unit 4 wrong to terminate good man

I worked with Tim Popovich in the Champaign Unit 4 school district maintenance department for 12 years.

His hard work, personality and dedication to the district were never questioned. His knowledge and relationships throughout the district made him the best choice for supervisor of the maintenance department. The incoming administration thought so when they wrote him a letter of recommendation to be an administrator.

Many people feel that Tim's termination by Unit 4 administration was unjust.

I've known Tim for a long time. The qualities that made him the best choice for supervisor haven't changed.

What has changed is the administration. This decision will not benefit the maintenance or any other departments. In fact, buildings that Tim was responsible for are likely to suffer.

In closing, Tim's history of hard work and dedication to Unit 4 has been terminated. Tim Popovich did his job well and was more qualified than anyone the district will find to replace him.

The questionable administrative hiring practices, creation of new positions for those who couldn't do their job and reassigning of poor administrators needs to be cleaned up.

Until the school board and the Mellon building take responsibility our schools will continue to struggle.


St. Joseph