MTD buses cause C-U road damage

MTD buses cause C-U road damage

I'm sure that many were as shocked as I was to read The News-Gazette article that linked the destruction of the Country Fair Shopping Center parking lot to the MTD 320 buses/day traffic pounding it into rubble.

OK, maybe that wasn't so shocking after all.

Drive down any street on which there is an MTD bus route and you can visually see and tactically feel the pavement destruction caused by the enormously oversized MTD buses. John Street is as good an example any, but any other bus route will suffice.

These gigantic behemoths have literally ruined dozens of roads in Champaign, roads that were never designed for the huge unit axle loadings that the MTD buses subject them to.

Never mind that the buses are essentially empty for a huge part of the time (don't believe me; use your own eyes); the vehicles themselves constitute an impossible load for our city streets to withstand.

Maybe you're willing to tolerate this destruction for the sake of public transportation (which somehow cannot make it as a form of transportation without heavy taxpayer subsidies).

If that isn't enough for you, file a Freedom of Information request and then feel your blood boil at the six-figure salaries of the leadership of the MTD (and six-figure pensions for some of them too).

When will we ever rein in this pox on our community?

We need a mass transit system; we definitely don't need the MTD version of one.