Two recent letters are wrongheaded

Two recent letters are wrongheaded

I am responding to two unfortunate letters from June 14.

The first, from Dan Miner, repeats the same nonsensical claim he has been making for over 15 years, that evolution is not supported by science. To the contrary, evolution is the only scientifically supported explanation for biological diversity.

The problem is that Mr. Miner has no understanding of science, is very confused about religion, and is profoundly threatened by actual knowledge or anything that contrasts with his creationist views.

The second letter, from David Marrone, decries the "anti-Trump bias" of James Comey and appears to assume that Donald Trump actually has some policy ideas and an agenda. This is simply unrealistic.

Trump has no grasp of policy, government or the impact of his actions. As many have said, he's like a 5-year-old in command of a jumbo jet.

Admittedly, this can be difficult to accept: The depth of Trump's ignorance is staggering and not easy to grasp.

Unfortunately it's true, and he's the president, and we have to not only accept but do everything we can to resist.