Gun rights group targeting its foes?

Gun rights group targeting its foes?

Are my rights to assemble and speak freely with whomever I please superseded by an assault rifle?

Do I deserve to be arrested or shot because I seek to peacefully dissent from and petition my government?

The National Rifle Association, in a video released last week (, seems to suggest that I should be targeted because my views run contrary to the NRA, its members, our elected president and most of Congress.

Carefully crafted (and repugnant) propaganda like this foments an "us against them" hostility.

Why does Dana Loesch, the narrator, suggest with a snarl that I am being made to resist? Whose media am I using and being manipulated by to "assassinate real news"? What schools are teaching that their president is "another Hitler"? Does she (and do NRA members) really believe that my ex-president is making me protest?

That's just the first 20 seconds of this vile ad. Aside from movie stars and ex-presidents, I can't quite tell from the ad who "they" are. I can only presume that "they" are people like me.

In the same way that the vast majority of gun owners are responsible and conscientious, most people who dissent do so peaceably.

I disagree with most of what Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress represent. I disagree with the worldview advocated by the NRA. I will not use violence to express that dissent, nor do I advocate its use.