Rauner, Davis do not care about UI

Rauner, Davis do not care about UI

We are glad to see Gov. Bruce Rauner visit the University of Illinois to sign a procurement reform bill. Too bad he never signed a budget that would make sure these facilities don't close.

It seems to be a trend among GOP politicians down to Champaign-Urbana to use our campus as props while never advocating for us. First, Rauner proposed a 30 percent cut to higher education back in FY15 which would devastate our university. Then he continually let us, and every other university, teeter on the brink for two years so he could try and push through his radical right wing agenda.

With Rodney Davis, it's the same thing. He loves to talk about how much he loves the University of Illinois, yet he has never tried to meet with students in an open setting. Meanwhile, Scott Bennett, Carol Ammons and Mike Frerichs continuously meet with us, hear our concerns and represent us.

We are not props. We are students with real needs and we can vote. We are sick and tired of being used as backdrops for political purposes while you seek to cut our funding and gut our university. We are committed to seeing Bruce Rauner and Rodney Davis lose office in 2018, as neither truly cares about our school or its students.


Communications director

Illini Democrats