Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | High court must retain its integrity

My experience of American politics began with the crushing 1972 electoral defeat of the liberal McGovern, whom I had campaigned for.

Letter to the Editor | Harley-Davidson deserves better

About Donald Trump's dust-up with Harley-Davidson: He raised tariffs, and the European Union retaliated by making U.S.-made motorcycles more expensive in Europe.

H-D was planning to shut down Kansas City production and move it to their state-of-the-art Pennsylvania plant before tariffs were raised because domestic demand won't support both locations.

Letter to the Editor | Foreman cared about his craft

Dear News-Gazette friends and staff, I was saddened to learn of the untimely passing of our redoubtable John Foreman. He was a bright fellow who adored the values of the Fourth Estate.

His tireless and unstinting defense of press freedoms was something to be admired.

When John and I disagreed, it was always a disagreement centered around openness and built upon mutual respect.

Letter to the Editor | Area drivers need to be more careful

Slow down. The life you save may be your own and a small child or someone walking a dog.

This morning, as I was pulling out of my drive, a car was entering my street from Duncan Road at a high rate of speed. This person was irritated that I impeded their progress to whatever destination they were late for and stayed inches off my rear bumper until I turned on Branch Road.

Letter to the Editor | All Americans have a right to life

July 4 is a very important American holiday. Many people celebrate with cookouts and time spent socializing with family and friends. Many celebrate by attending local parades and fireworks.

Letter to the Editor | River is facing a serious threat

The Middle Fork River is Illinois' only National Scenic River. It is threatened by 3.3 million cubic yards of toxic coal ash, deposited by Illinois Power and its successors over 55 years.

The week of Feb. 19, a major storm affected the Middle Fork watershed and significantly rearranged the geography around the coal ash pits.

Letter to the Editor | Reject nominee from the 'King'

The July 4 festivities remind us of the U.S. Constitution which starts with "We the People ...(to) provide for the Common Defence, promote the general Welfare ...."

Yet, President Donald Trump interprets the "We" as only benefiting white supremacists, fellow predators of women, pedophiles and the superrich who contribute to his private wealth.

Letter to the Editor | Socialism here is a nonstarter

We live in a time of great turmoil.

On both sides, politics, discourse and social interaction are locked in a race to the bottom to see which side can be the most vicious and insulting.

Our disagreements are many, our agreements few. Perhaps that is how things should be in a free society.

Letter to the Editor | Gun critic keeps missing the point

Letter writer Peggy Patten's unwarranted criticisms of Peter Tomaras' salient Second Amendment commentary are based on flawed assumptions. Her authoritarianism would further encumber free people from defending themselves.

Letter to the Editor | Is 'extermination' in long-term plan?

A teaching tool called the "Ladder of Prejudice" is often used during Holocaust units. The five rungs are: speech, avoidance, discrimination, physical attack, and extermination.

The Trump administration, Fox News, and many in the GOP routinely use negative propaganda and speech to encourage fear of Muslims, African-Americans, the poor, immigrants, refugees and those seeking asylum.