Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

No comments on some N-G stories

Please inform the public. For anything The News-Gazette prints regarding two recent cases, 1) the death of a teenager who attended Centennial High School that had been bullied and 2) the missing University of Illinois student, editors do not allow any comments. None.

Did the police ask you to do this or did you come to the decision of censorship all on your own?

Similarities to Leopold and Loeb

I am glad editors decided to use my idea, sent to The News-Gazette in an e-mail on July 2 ("Leopold and Loeb in CU?"), in Jim Dey's report of July 4 ("Not much to see in federal court").

The similarities between the 1924 Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb case ("the perfect crime" of kidnapping and murder) and that of the tragic Yingying Zhang case are noteworthy.

Smartphones have news advantages

I'd like to comment on Dan Corkery's column from July 2 in which he discusses the inevitable, inexorable advance of smartphones and their impact on the newspaper industry. There is a definite upside he doesn't mention.

Reaction to MTD, faith and science

Normally, I confine my letters to a single topic. This time, I wish to comment on two letters published in The News-Gazette on, July 7.

In the first, Greg Ryan of Urbana vilifies the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District in an unfair and inflammatory way.

State finance woes not so easy to solve

I have a couple thoughts about state and local government.

The only way to solve the state's financial problems (three years' worth) is to raise everyone's taxes? Who would have thought the answer would be so simple?

I'm sure this will bring a multitude of new people and, most important, businesses to our state. Higher taxes are always good for the economy.

Davis sabotaging Obamacare bill

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis says how proud he is that the House passed the American Health Care Act, because Obamacare "got it wrong and now it's collapsing."

Foreign students need local mentors

After tragedies like the one that happened at the University of Illinois, the general public always wants to implement new measures to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

The most conventional way may be to hire more police officers and step up public safety measures.

In my opinion, the most effective way is to teach international students to be "street smart."

Local dance team left out of review

I was disappointed, but not necessarily surprised, to see that The News-Gazette didn't mention the Villa Grove Devilettes Dance team's IDTA state title in the prep year in review article.

The title was the team's fourth straight, and fifth in six years, and I'm not sure it's ever been included.

Medicaid covers many situations

Medicaid expansion under the ACA has provided health care coverage to 650,000 citizens of Illinois. Medicaid is not just a program for the poor.


Davis actions are wrong, indecent

I was born and reared in Champaign-Urbana and taught to care for my community, family and friends, as I would care for myself.

While not religious, I consider myself a moral person. While not wealthy, I know that I am blessed with a good job, a decent salary and secure health insurance.