Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Left is sinking UI's reputation

Whatever has happened to the flagship university of the state of Illinois?

When did political correctness, diversity (how about the basketball team?) and reverse discrimination replace talent, skill, scholarship and freedom of inquiry?

When did meaningless phrases like "trigger warnings," "safe spaces" and "microaggressions" stifle all debate on any serious subject?

Welcome to land of meaninglessness

Of late, I feel as if I have fallen down a rabbit hole.

First, I am being told that we live in an anti-factual, post-truth society, where what is true is whatever feels right to me and agrees with what I happen to believe at the moment.

Budget solution: Throw 'em out

After two years with no state budget, it makes me wonder if we even need any government. Elected officials certainly are not doing anything.

Let's fire all the Legislature and use those funds to pay off our debts and keep "our boat afloat."

When can we impeach?



Rantoul area supports student

What a generous community we have.

Recently one of our Rantoul Township High School band students, Vincent Beard, was selected to march with Macy's Great American Band in the Thanksgiving parade.

Efforts to raise money through Go Fund Me and a recital at the school came close to the goal of $1,800.

Make House aware of conflicts

I write to offer a suggestion for anyone concerned about the vast number of business-related conflicts of interest involving President-elect Donald Trump.

Please log your concern by calling the House Oversight Committee at 202-225-5074.

I requested a bipartisan review of Mr. Trump's finances and conflicts of interest.



Trump spreads false voter news

As Inauguration Day nears, Donald Trump continues to pose a unique threat to the Constitution through threats to our democratic voting system and free speech.

Trump wins based on number of hits?

I appreciate Paul Hayes for clearing something up for me.

In his Dec. 1 letter to the editor, he compares the presidential election with a baseball game. So, if Team A outscores Team B by 2 million runs, but Team B gets 61 more hits than Team A, then Team B is declared the winner.

Of course. I can see it now due to Mr. Hayes' lucid explanation.



Electoral College works as designed

A guest commentary in the Nov. 27 News-Gazette focused on the Electoral College, but unfortunately he doesn't like it so he simply denounced it instead of explaining why it works.

7th annual dinner on Christmas Day

The Community Christmas Dinner will be held again this year at First Christian Church, 3601 S. Staley Road, C. This dinner is for anyone who would otherwise be alone or without a special holiday meal to share on Christmas Day. Appetizers will be served at 12:30 p.m. with a traditional, sit-down dinner at 1 p.m.

'Reasonable person' key to case

I read with amusement Frank Glenn's letter to the editor on Nov. 30, commenting on the lawsuit filed by Rob Bedows and Trudy Gordon against their neighbors John and Rose Hoffman, who have a small basketball court in their backyard.

Glenn's comments regarding the Hoffmans' affinity for basketball and somehow relating it to Farmer City's noise problem at 2:30 a.m. are simply ridiculous.