Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | We need more good Samaritans

March 13 was designated Good Samaritan Day. The term "good Samaritan" comes from a Bible story in which a Samaritan stopped to help a stranger who had been robbed, beaten and left to die by the roadside. The Samaritan cleaned the man's wounds, clothed him and took him to an inn, where he paid for the man's care.

Letter to the Editor | A story about a school symbol

There was a school with no mascot, and the people of the school were sad.

One day, a very bright young man had a very good idea. He remembered a dance routine he choreographed in the Boy Scouts to honor the noble local Corn Pone folk who once roamed the fields and prairies of the area but had been shoved aside by "progress."

Letter to the Editor | No trend of more anti-Semitism

During the past 20 years, Israel's long-term ruthless domination of the evicted (1948) and then occupied (1967) Palestinian people has become as clear as the analogous (if far more murderous) U.S. domination of the Middle East. U.S. alliances with both Israel and Saudi Arabia are central to our oil-driven hegemony.

Letter to the Editor | Cyber Security Force is needed

"In attacking the plant, the hackers crossed a terrifying Rubicon. This was the first time the cybersecurity world had seen code deliberately designed to put lives at risk. Safety-instrumented systems aren't just found in petrochemical plants; they're also the last line of defense in everything from transportation systems to water treatment facilities to nuclear power stations."

Letter to the Editor | VR used as a mental health tool

One of the most innovative ideas gathering interest among mental health professionals is the use of virtual reality (VR) with clients experiencing anxiety, PTSD and phobias through exposure therapy.

Letter to the Editor | McMahon a solid choice for mayor

Danville has four good candidates running for mayor. However, two have been on the city council for years. Do we really need more of the same?

Danville's budget is $50 million. The only candidate with the experience and background needed, along with fresh ideas and new blood, is James McMahon.

Letter to the Editor | Want a real challenge? Go after Florida State

So now Kaufman is after the Chicago Blackhawks for promoting the UI at a home hockey game by putting the UI shield on the same hat as the Blackhawks Indian.

Letter to the Editor | Only real solution is to remove coal ash

Dynegy/Vistra Corp., the company that has stored coal ash in pits on the banks of the Middle Fork, our state's only National Wild and Scenic River, claims it can "cap" the pits and prevent the ash from leaching into the river. But anyone who knows a river knows a cap is not a solution.

Letter to the Editor | Barn owl would be a good mascot for UI

If the University of Illinois is finally mustering the will to choose a new mascot, may I suggest the barn owls?

Seriously, barn owls are native to the prairies, our farmers welcome them and the symbolism brings together the intellect, the environment and the agricultural missions fundamental to the UI.

Letter to the Editor | Philo's John Mumma will be sorely missed

Usually letters about the death of public officials focus on those who served full time. The small-town, dedicated public servants are seldom mentioned. John Mumma of Philo was one of those people. He was kind, hardworking, dedicated and selfless. Philo and central Illinois — and his family — will miss him a lot. Godspeed, John.