Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Measures address improper benefits

Illinois property taxes are expensive and confusing and not by accident. Illinois lawmakers Mike Madigan, John Cullerton and Robert Martwick benefit from a broken system that allows them to set property tax policy for the state and to profit on the appeals of the property tax. So the powerful lawmakers don't want to reform the system.

Letter to the Editor | Ethics award has been tarnished

Barack Obama's recent visit to Champaign accepting the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government has most people here in Ford County and the rest of fly-over country shaking their heads in disbelief.

Letter to the Editor | Switch to Ranked Choice Voting

Across the U.S., activists are changing the way we vote. Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) has already been implemented in cities such as Cambridge, San Francisco and Santa Fe.

Perhaps most significant is Maine, which converted to RCV statewide in 2016.

So why is RCV growing in popularity?

It's simply better.

Letter to the Editor | Kaepernick, others are patriots

This is in reply to the editorial of Sept. 6, "Just business, nothing personal."

The debate about the football players taking the knee during the national anthem depends on the meaning of "patriotism."

Letter to the Editor | UI football food offerings better

I was one of the first to write about the terrible service at the University of Illinois football concession stands, so let me be one of the first to also praise the changes this season.

Congrats to Josh Whitman and his staff for fixing the quality of food and the service at the stands.

Letter to the Editor | NCAA needs to overhaul priorities

The media reported the NCAA has cleared Michigan State of any rule violations in relation to sexual abuse committed by former gymnastics team physician Larry Nassar, and the MSU athletic department of mishandling sexual assault complaints made against football players. The NCAA closed both inquiries.

Letter to the Editor | Put Cathy Emanuel on county board

One does not have to attend many Champaign County Board meetings to realize how much of our daily lives here in the county is affected by what those board members decide.

It is a huge job and responsibility to be board members representing constituents while looking out for the overall quality of Champaign County life.

Letter to the Editor | Programs help people get phones

A telephone is a lifeline to emergency services, family, jobs, schools, child care and more. Going without a phone is a risk many do not want to take, and, as president of the nonprofit board that oversees a telephone assistance program in Illinois, I want to make your readers aware of a program that may help them get a telephone if they are struggling to afford one.

Letter to the Editor | Think about this for a license plate

For a personalized license plate, the six-character question a Californian came up with is hard to beat for the sports-minded: "10SNE1."

Some Illini fan should take it if it's still available.



Letter to the Editor | Davis' words and actions don't jibe

President Barack Obama delivered a great speech at the University of Illinois to accept the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government.

Rep. Rodney Davis, apparently unable to muster the civility to acknowledge the nature of the award, posted in social media that it's an honor when "any" sitting or former president of the United States visits the 13th District.