Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Many voices in Illinois ignored

Illinois legislators recently pushed through an extreme pro-abortion bill by gutting a completely unrelated bill to add a 126-page amendment about abortion. Previous attempts to pass this legislation had been rebuffed multiple times due to overwhelming numbers of witness slips filed in opposition.

Letter to the Editor | Example unfairly singled out group

The News-Gazette editorial criticizing the recently passed capital improvements bill calls out the Legislature for funding $370,000 of building renovations for a Muslim organization.

Letter to the Editor | Higher tax will end up helping us

Did you know your taxes are going down thanks to our legislators in Springfield? No?

For many years now, you've been paying a hidden decay tax. Our state gas tax has been at the same level for nearly 30 years. What do you buy today that costs the same as it did in 1991? Not much.

Letter to the Editor | Let's rename Lincoln Hall too

This 1963 Illini alum read the article about the Illiniwek commission with interest. Another Illini alum wrote to me and suggested that it did not go far enough. He points out that the commission forgot the fact that the federal government gave the land on which the university was built under the Morrill Act, "championed" by President Lincoln.

Letter to the Editor | DACC, prison have strong ties

For more than a decade, the Danville Correctional Center has been a fabulous partner with Danville Area Community College in providing a college education for inmates. I am writing to clear up any misconceptions in Noelle McGee's Sunday, June 9, article, "Advocates Throw the Book at Danville Prison," with regard to the quality of the Correctional facility's educational services for inmates.

Letter to the Editor | A request for area drivers: Scoot up

Someone recently wrote in about the increase of drivers running red lights. It makes sense that cameras won't help, but there is something simpler that would make a difference. Scoot up.

Letter to the Editor | Great support for Indian Acres

I enjoyed Tim Mitchell's article in the June 6 News-Gazette, "Indian Acres splashing into 60th birthday."

As a longtime member, I wanted to congratulate and thank the new owners — Joel and Lauren Morenz — for the great job they have done to keep the Indian Acres tradition going.

Letter to the Editor | Website offers weather answers

In his recent letter, Bill Burton asked weather people to explain why we are experiencing so much bad weather.

I have asked the same question and found some answers at GeoengineeringWatch.org.

If you ask the mainstream weather people, you're not likely to get a straight answer.



Letter to the Editor | President Trump proving his guilt

Friends and not friends, OK, Robert Mueller did not clear the president, period.

And the Democrats can't see what we can all see plain as the nose on our faces. Even if he didn't obstruct justice before, federal judges believe he already did. He's doing it right now by blocking his people from testifying to Congress.

Letter to the Editor | Bill celebration was hard to watch

I am confused. Illinois abolished the death penalty, yet Illinois passed an abortion law for the health and safety of the mother.

What about the baby who did not ask to be conceived, but because of being careless in most instances with having sex, the baby is murdered?