Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Illinois remains on a path to financial ruin

Abraham Lincoln said in downstate Clinton when he was running for the office of president of the United States that "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

Letter to the Editor | Wind farm would be an asset to community

I have lived most of my life in Newman. I have no stake in the proposed wind farm. I will not directly benefit from the wind farm in any way. I had no position on the wind farm at the start of the zoning process.

Letter to the Editor | Shutdown is hurting families

I can't begin to fathom how a billionaire who has interests in thousands of business investments worldwide, who professes to have the safety and well-being of millions of people in our country, who promised a myriad of good things for our land, can have total disregard for hundreds of thousands of his own government employees.

Letter to the Editor | Remove evolution from our schools

We need to get the fiction story of evolutionism out of the schools. Calling it science instead of a philosophy/religion is a deception used to get converts into their belief system and thus be able to make children quit knowing that there is a God who created everything.

Letter to the Editor | Make a difference in students' lives

When I became a mentor four years ago, my mentee was in the fifth grade. I am happy to report, together, we have moved forward to eighth grade, and we meet each week during her lunch hour. We talk about her goals, schoolwork, respect for others, doing the little things in life that make a difference.

Letter to the Editor | Davis unfamiliar with bipartisanship

Last Thursday, Rodney Davis voted against a spending package that would have reopened the federal government, claiming it was "a partisan spending bill."

Surely he's aware that the Senate passed a virtually identical bill in December — unanimously.

Letter to the Editor | Reverse damage done to farmers

Illinois farmers depend on biofuel plants to purchase their crops and convert them into clean, homegrown biofuels like ethanol.

Letter to the Editor | Wind farm good for community

As a resident of Villa Grove who has lived in Douglas County for my entire life, I know how much our community will benefit from the proposed wind farm.

The wind farm will pay about $2 million in property taxes to benefit our community every year.

This revenue will help fund local schools, roads, fire departments, the library and more.

Letter to the Editor | Carle should pay fair share of taxes

Suppose a store doubles the price tag, then offers a 50 percent off sale. Calling the 50 percent discount charity is fiction.

Most of what Carle calls "charity" could be classified as "bad debt" or "write-offs" or "marketing."

These patients couldn't pay anyway, and law requires treating them in the emergency room.

Letter to the Editor | Ombuds office would be useful

I second Randy Gollay's request made in the Jan. 3 issue that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign restore the ombuds office.

Both as a UIUC student in the late 1960s and as a gay activist on campus in the late 1970s (and beyond), I saw the need for such a position.