Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Unelected board for Central site?

It is interesting to see whom business executive Al Nudo views as having "skin in the game" on the subject of Unit 4's facilities problems. He cites the park district, the Mass Transit District, the municipal governments of Champaign and Savoy, and — almost as an after thought — the school board.

Thoughts about Clinton, Paul

I find myself somewhat amused at all the Republican presidential candidates falling over themselves to accuse Hillary Clinton of breaking the law for using her personal email account to conduct her business affairs as secretary of state.

First, what law did she break? None.

Serving on jury a duty of citizenship

I concur with The News-Gazette's recent editorial "More stupidity from Springfield," which addressed the state Legislature's "mindless government mandate" of increasing juror pay from $10 to $25 a day and then $50 for every day thereafter.

Taxpayers bear brunt of pensions

Jim Hansen's Aug. 22 letter complains about misleading statements concerning state employee benefits. In fact, his letter contains untruths.

2 faculty members have weakened UI

One aspect of the email scandal, which should be of particular concern to the faculty, has received little comment. Most media have focused on former Chancellor Phyllis Wise (less on the provost and other administrators). We have seen little on the involvement of faculty.

Coyote hunt a bad human impulse

When will we learn that every time mankind intervenes in nature, there are unintended negative consequences? Examples are the decline of the honey bee, various pollinators, indigenous plants, etc.

Mankind is hellbent on destroying the world, so I guess your group may as well join in and kill as many coyotes as possible.



UI heads do not speak for faculty

This is in response to the article "Faculty leaders: Rehire Salaita," from the Aug. 24 News-Gazette.

Vote on a budget? Let them eat pie

Our state is without a budget. It seems no one in Springfield is too concerned about getting one when it seems their major concern is to vote on our "state pie" (Steve Brewer's letter on Aug. 21).

Unbelievable. It doesn't seem to matter whom we vote for, we get the same old thing coming out of Springfield.

Iran deal shows parties' differences

David Gill has certainly chosen an odd time to claim that there is no meaningful difference between Democrats and Republicans, or that political parties don't matter. Doesn't he read newspapers?

Illini fans should 'stuff Huff' Friday

Kudos to The News-Gazette for recent detailed coverage of the Illinois women's volleyball team. Reading recent stories has helped to get volleyball fans excited about the upcoming season.

Volleyball fans are ready to cheer on coach Kevin Hambly's squad, ranked eighth in the nation as the season kicks off.