Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Gun license bill should be passed

With yet another school shooting in 2018, it was hard to read Philip Fiscella Jr.'s recent letter about how gun dealer licensing laws would harm small-business owners.

If, as Fiscella suggests, the "vast majority" of Illinois gun dealers are "private citizens with no employees," then it is all the more crucial to make sure these dealers are following best safety practices.

Untrustworthy Mueller backed war

It occurs to me that many Americans do not know much about Robert Mueller, the former FBI director who is leading the seemingly endless investigation of what is called Russiagate.

From Newt Gingrich to Bernie Sanders, Washington insiders have heaped praise upon this man, suggesting that he will ascertain the truth and slay the evil dragon.

Biss' proposals will help families

Democratic state Sen. Daniel Biss is the best choice for governor in Illinois to keep our kids and families healthy and safe.

UI grad students need a good deal

As head of the English Department at the University of Illinois, I write on behalf of the faculty to call upon the university administration to bargain in good faith with the Graduate Employees' Organization and agree to a contract along the lines the Graduate Employees' Organization has proposed, including the protection of tuition waivers.

Progressive tax would spur growth

In his commentary (2-11-18), columnist Austin Berg refers to a progressive tax rate as if it were a risky, untested system of taxation.

The reality is Illinois is an outlier among the states in its adherence to a flat income tax. Of the 41 states with an individual income tax, only eight (including Illinois) have a flat tax. The other states have progressive rate structures.

Real leaders put other people first

Leadership is having confidence in one's abilities without the taint of hubris.

Sad not to see Chief at the games

I very strongly believe in Chief Illiniwek, and I have for years.

I always had a feeling of reverence when he did his halftime performance and do not believe it was disrespectful in any way. After all, Illinois is named for the Illini tribe; the ritual was done to honor them.

Unit 4 should stick with its plan

The proposal of the Friends of Burnham House to buy the property is seriously flawed.

The woeful $450,000 offer to buy Burnham, unwittingly, exposes the Friend's impaired grasp of the perplexing scope as well as the social and financial costs of educating students and addressing the formidable constraints of historical preservation and urban renewal.

Going down same path as Penn State, MSU

The University of Illinois president and board of trustees and the Urbana-Champaign chancellor have been informed publicly and in correspondence that they are violating state and federal laws as well as the university's code of conduct, non-discrimination statement and statutes.

Unit 4's building plan doesn't make sense

From the sounds of it, those in charge of the Champaign schools feel like the city belongs to them and that residents just need to get up and move out to wherever.

The school board wants to redo Central High School. So instead of buying land on the outskirts of Champaign, board members feel it's their right to destroy historical properties near Central.