Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Owners: Get your dog off my lawn

What and who gives dog owners the right to let their dog do its dirty business on my yard or anybody's yard besides their own?

If I wanted dog doodoo and urine on my yard, I would have a dog. And if I did have a dog, I would not have the nerve to let it go on others' yards.

Tony Clements a fine softball player

Of all of Tony Clements' many accomplishments, an important one was missed.

Tony, who died June 9, was also a fine softball player, having played at a high level of computation for many years. He was the player/manager of the local Champaign IGA team that often competed in high level tournaments in other states to better prepare the team for state tournament competition.

MTD buses cause C-U road damage

I'm sure that many were as shocked as I was to read The News-Gazette article that linked the destruction of the Country Fair Shopping Center parking lot to the MTD 320 buses/day traffic pounding it into rubble.

OK, maybe that wasn't so shocking after all.

Two recent letters are wrongheaded

I am responding to two unfortunate letters from June 14.

The first, from Dan Miner, repeats the same nonsensical claim he has been making for over 15 years, that evolution is not supported by science. To the contrary, evolution is the only scientifically supported explanation for biological diversity.

Back up criticism with examples

Professor Francis Boyle's letter (News-Gazette June 13) about the evils inflicted on the U.S. by President Carter's adviser "Zbig" Brzezinski would be more useful if Professor Boyle gave at least one or two examples.

A flawed defense of neoliberalism

James Kircheck's defense of neoliberalism in the June 11 News-Gazette Commentary section, page C-10, has some gaping holes.

He points out that automation has overtaken "free trade" as the major source of job loss in the developed world, accounting for 85 percent of job loss, but the appearance of new symptoms hardly means the patient has been cured.

All humans are from same race

I would like to address the topic of race relations based on the biblical world view. Genesis 3:20. The man called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all the living.

Story based on belief, not science

The June 8 article in The News-Gazette titled "Homo sapiens fossil find dated at 300,000 years old" is a typical example of a philosophical belief that poses as "science."

Another example is the false claim that mankind can change the global weather and that we are in great peril if we don't quickly limit carbon dioxide emissions.

Quality care at nursing home

The Champaign County Nursing Home has been a good asset to the community for a long time. The recreation is very good.

Top-of-the-line, super service from each head of every department means every patient is getting better care every day at the nursing home.

Above all, the employees need everyone to pray for this nursing home and all other nursing homes.

Comey has bias against president

With one comment, former FBI Director James Comey showed he is biased: