Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Some dictionaries would be useful

The News-Gazette boasts many thousands of readers. If we take up a collection, each of us donating 1 cent to the cause, this will generate at least $100, and we can buy several dictionaries to be placed at strategic locations around The News-Gazette building.

Potholes real menace, not cellphones

The use of hand-held cellphones while driving has recently been outlawed because they are deemed to be a distraction to driving. So I propose that all potholes be outlawed because they are an even bigger distraction to my driving than my cell phone.

Engineers to study Windsor Road work

Mr. Aldeen is right about one thing: Windsor Road between Race Street and Philo Road is in deplorable shape (News-Gazette, Jan. 28), but his understanding of this situation has some holes in it.

Concealed-carry training invaluable

The state of Illinois, as dysfunctional as it is, got it right with respect to the 16 hours of required training for a concealed-carry gun permit.

Like many others, I felt like the requirement for taking the classes was overkill.

I was wrong.

Public pensions part of 'socialist' system

In response to my letter of Jan. 9, R. Stan Marsh's rejoinder of Jan. 12 says, "Ridicule doesn't work." Oh? I think it does, especially when the one ridiculed is a hypocrite.

Do you want children exposed to coal dust?

I grew up north of Catlin, near Blue Lake and Deep Valley Coal Mines along with six brothers.

Despite programs, poverty a constant

Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

A 2013 George Will column reported studies by the Cato Institute showing that economic success of children mirrors the success of parents. This means that today's poverty babies will be tomorrow's poverty parents.

Scaling back an idea that got out of hand

Back in 2000, Champaign council member Tom Bruno proposed what was most likely his cardinal piece of legislation — -a provision for honorary street names. I guess he wanted Champaign to be a bit more like Chicago.

Armed citizens best solution to violence

Peggy Patten needs to quit dispensing the "progressive" Kool-Aid. Liberal "progressivism" has only proven to be the opiate of the low-information masses who emote instead of think.

First, she quotes the left-wing rag Mother Jones and its editor Follman. Strike one.

I-74 'cable barrier' waste of tax money

I want to weigh in on the Interstate 74 "cable barrier" that was recently in the paper. I can't believe Illinois spent $10 million on this stupid thing. It continually needs attention and more money spent on fixing it.