Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Living faith the only way to God

Many have written that Christians are judgmental. These are "accusations" by the stupid and foolish (Jeremiah 4:22 to paraphrase: the stupid and foolish are those who are ignorant of what God is). And these statements are also ignorant of Satan and how he operates.

Jews have doubts on Salaita, Gaza

The persecution of Steven Salaita has been long in the making at a university that has strong ties to the Israel lobby, local Jewish institutions and corporate-technology-military interests, and has excluded pro-Palestinian perspectives from its administrative apparatus.

Negative mailer defames Ammons

Have we sunk so low? I was shocked to receive a negative, hateful poster in the mail defaming the character of Carol Ammons. Who would spend such big money to spew venom?

Looking at the return address I was saddened to read: Illinois Republican Party.

Specific tax, fees fund river access

Peter Tomaras wrote a letter to the editor on Sept. 9 under the heading "Grant money is coming from where?" regarding Mahomet applying for a grant for canoe/kayak access on the Sangamon River.

Benton shows us how to live life

Thank you for putting Dave Benton's inspirational and moving challenge on the front page. It is tiring, day after day, to read and hear all the negative, complaining, entitlement-based coverage in the media.

Huskies mushed retreating Illini

It was appropriate the Illini wore new all white uniforms in their debacle at the University of Washington on Sept. 13. White is the universal symbol of surrender.

With more penalty yards (110) than rushing yards (76), and giving up 21 points in less than 6 minutes, the Illini showed a total lack of preparation.

Local group helps low-vision people

There is a wonderful organization located in Urbana called PACE. It stands for Persons Assuming Control of their Environment. It assists anyone with any kind of disability. It serves Champaign, Vermilion, Piatt, Douglas and Edgar counties.

Information favors anti-abortion view

A recent letter from Sue Martenson describing a pro-choice medical student turned pro-life after witnessing a first-trimester abortion reminded me of the founder of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, Bernard Nathanson, who performed 60,000 abortions.

9/11 should still be a school subject

I sat at the dinner table with my two children who attend Mahomet-Seymour schools, one in third grade, the other in the 10th. I asked what they learned about 9/11, and they told me nothing.

After further questions, I found that nether of their schools even mentioned 9/11, not even a moment of silence.

Benton supporter of STAR Awards

I was deeply saddened to hear WCIA-TV's anchorman Dave Benton's recent announcement about his declining health.