Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Quoting Trump might be problem

The definition of civics is the science of government.

As a retired teacher, I was wondering: Would I lose my teaching position if I fully quoted Donald Trump in my civics classes? I am certain the answer is in the affirmative.



Candidates must show decorum

In the last 25 years, I have been a candidate for election on four occasions. Each time, I have made every personal effort to take the high road to focus on the issues and be respectful of my opponent.

Our civil rights are up for grabs

In 1990, I was privileged to be a member of a Christian music group on a two-week ministry tour of Poland. Our group took one day and toured the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Trump has nothing to worry about

One shouldn't be concerned with what "The Donald" is going to do should he fail to become president.

All of his work during this long and painful campaign season has resulted in the development of a corps of followers who remain steadfast at his side no matter what he says or does.

Illinois football is failing the fans

I would like to add some comments from my recent letter about Illinois football.

Last year, with basically the same team, the Fighting Illini won five games.

(By the way, quarterback Reilly O'Toole was responsible for two wins out of three starts.)

County should not run a nursing home

Was it just a coincidence that Champaign County Board Chairwoman Pattsi Petrie wrote a letter to Gov. Rauner about her concerns over the closing of the county nursing room?

Delinquent-tax list contains errors

The Champaign County assessor and treasurer need a better system for reporting delinquent tax bills. I have had the misfortune to discover a major flaw in the current system.

In my case, The News-Gazette recently published that my company, Green Street Realty, owes real estate taxes on multiple parcels that we don't own — and have never owned — totaling nearly $300,000.

Libertarian seeks comptroller post

In regard to the editorial posted 9/29/2016 on the comptroller's race: My name is Claire Ball, and I am the Libertarian candidate for comptroller in this November's election. I am an accountant, with both bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting and finance, over 10 years' experience in the field, and I recently passed the CPA exam.

Peter Tracy should serve on county board

I am very pleased that Peter Tracy, a Democrat, is running for the Champaign County Board seat in District 5. Peter is a proven leader who has spent his entire career advocating for better mental health services and accessible services for people with disabilities.

Stable state budgets will prevent exodus

The News-Gazette editorial (Oct.