Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Travel article brought back fond memories

The Nov. 15 article "Traveling the Lincoln Highway" brought back many memories. Eagle Point Park at Clinton, Iowa, was where I and my husband spent many hours. And, yes, the view was breathtaking, when we looked at it!

Wumo should make return to comics page

Please, please bring back Wumo. Yes, it was obtuse, irreverent and also very funny.

The new replacement comic is the worst. Please do not insult my intelligence with it any more.



Let's talk sports, weather, politics

What else would we have to talk about if it was not for these three topics?

Local senator not taking paycheck

The world is in turmoil and with good reason. The state of Illinois has its own troubles, with no budget in place and many suffering due to unfunded programs especially for our most vulnerable populations.

It only added insult to injury when Gov. Bruce Rauner declared that Illinois would not accept Syrian refugees — as if he even had the right to make such a declaration.

Mayor ready to pay for refugees?

I see Urbana Mayor Prussing, along with three other Illinois mayors, supports the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States.

Fine, Mayor Prussing, let them stay at your house. You can feed them, pay their medical bills, buy their clothes and support them as long as they are in America.



When did we close our open hearts?

I was deeply moved by Steve Shoemaker's Nov. 19 letter, in which he reported on the consideration Philo Presbyterian Church is giving to sponsoring a Syrian family and offering his own thoughts on the power of love.

Today is for prayer, reflection, love

Thanksgiving. This day is a great day to spend reflecting on all of the things we have to be thankful for.

Jesus loving us all is the greatest thing we have. His love for us never fails us. And I am so very grateful that he lives in us through the Holy Spirit, and that he suffered and died for us so that we may have eternal life.

Planned Parenthood helped newly married students

I am among the one in every five American women who has been to Planned Parenthood for care. I am most grateful for the compassionate caring assistance I received.

N-G serves up variety of opinions

Having spent nearly a lifetime as a journalist and educator driven by passions for free expression and social justice, I bristle when political extremists of either ilk vent.

Asserting that a newspaper fails to foster understanding in its community because it expresses opinions with which some folks disagree is ridiculous on its face.

Giving thanks for local hand-up

I sit here at my desk, and Thanksgiving is upon us.

I pass the New Covenant Fellowship and I see a man sleeping in the doorway waiting for the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen to open. I wonder what his story is.

My family was homeless and this community gave us our dignity, saved my sanity and life. Thank you, Courage Connection.