Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Young reader misses comic strip

My name is Jake, and I am a 13-year-old who reads the newspaper.

Like most kids of my age group who care to take a glance at the newspaper nowadays, one section I happen to enjoy is the comics. I was wholeheartedly disappointed when I saw that "WuMo," one of my favorites, was no longer going to be published in this newspaper.

Obama foolishly goes after guns

As expected, following the latest mass murder by Islamic terrorists, President Barack Obama and his left-wing liberals are clamoring for tougher gun laws.

Terrorism cartoon an insult to whites

I cannot express my disappointment enough with the editorial cartoon published in the Dec. 2 edition. I for one find this to be extremely offensive.

Chicago casino is not the solution

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants a city-owned casino in Chicago to help pay for public pensions for police and firefighters. While the idea might sound good on paper, Forbes published an article counting the ways a city-owned Chicago casino is a very bad idea.

Sixth-grade teacher inspires a career

This letter is in response to the Nov. 22 Sunday Extra by Cinda Klickna, president of the Illinois Education Association, who asked readers to express thanks for our past teachers.

The News-Gazette a pleasure to read

I would like to express my appreciation for The News-Gazette. It is an outstanding newspaper and of great service to this community and central Illinois.

While reporting "all the news that's fit to print," its editorials are timely, succinct, well-written and, as the Brits would say, "spot on."

The only complaint I could make would be the dropping of "WuMo," but what the heck.

Girl Scouts help local food pantry

I would like to recognize the Georgetown Rainbow Girls #107 for the extra effort they put in for the Georgetown Township food pantry.

They collected food and money the day before Thanksgiving at Georgetown Foods. The girls have helped raise money and canned goods in the past and have wonderful enthusiasm in their projects.

Let's not turn our backs on refugees

How quickly public opinion has changed regarding the Syrian refugees.

Not long ago we were upset at the sight of a small child washed up on a Turkish beach. Since the Paris terrorist attacks, the refugees have become the enemy.

We should be helping the refugees, since the U.S. military presence is largely to blame for creating the problem.

Chicago slaying has historical roots

The Nov. 29 News-Gazette editorial titled "Chicago shooting looks indefensible" concluded as follows: "At its root, however, is an unfortunate self-destructive kid who was shot and killed when he should have been neutralized and helped."

Welcome refugees here? May it be so

There is only one appropriate response to Steve Shoemaker's Nov. 19 letter on Syrian refugees.