Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Carroll district not fundraising

It has come to the attention of the Carroll Fire Protection District that someone is soliciting funds via the telephone for Carroll FPD. The caller states he is collecting funds for equipment and training gear.

This is a scam.

UI more open to overseas students

UI ranks third in openness to international students.

It's the University of Illinois, but it appears residents are no longer given preference, and despite the ridiculously high in-state tuition, others who pay more are more welcome. More importantly, the international students will not remain in Illinois after graduation; we are not creating an educated workforce for Illinois.

Climate science has been shifting

In my lifetime, the environmental movement has progressed from fears of overpopulation/resource depletion to global cooling, global warming, climate change, climate disruption, climate chaos, climate catastrophe with further revisions looming.

Writer demonizes the wrong party

A letter to the editor on Nov. 13 complains about a political cartoon that was critical of Republicans and tries to persuade us that Republicans are really friends of women, minorities and the middle class. It indicated that everything that is wrong now is due to President Barack Obama and the Democrats. Oh really?

Free Illini tickets: What about us?

The Nov. 13 News-Gazette story reported that the University of Illinois was giving away free Illini football tickets to faculty and staff.

Are you kidding me! UI athletic director Mike Thomas, coach and other staffers want to fill the stadium for the Penn State game, so they offer two free tickets to UI employees. He has spent more money than anybody at this institution.

Railroad crossing fixed; what a joy

For 12 years, I have had to use the rough railroad crossing on North McKinley Avenue between Vine and Maple streets in order to avoid having to turn left onto Prospect Avenue without a light.

Now, finally, it has been repaired and is a smooth crossing! And now those who use it have to remember that it isn't necessary to slow down to a crawl before using it.

N-G editorial blasts all agencies

"Four legs gooood, two legs baaad!" cried the sheep in Orwell's "Animal Farm." "Private sector gooood, public sector baaad!" bleated The News-Gazette editorial on Nov. 14.

Carle-induced tax hike a hardship

I would like to thank Carle for raising my property tax bill. I received my annual escrow update from my bank, and you have effectively added a 13th mortgage payment for me this coming year, raising my monthly payment by over $100.

Community can create school plan

This past Election Day voters decided not to pass the bond issue enabling Unit 4 school district to build the new Central High School and renovate Centennial.

School site lousy; time for Plan B

A wise man once defined insanity (or was it stupidity?) as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Unit 4's presumptuous and arrogant decision to purchase farmland in the middle of nowhere with the plan to convince the taxpayers that it was a good move proved to be not such a good plan.