Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Clean-energy bill is the better choice

I would like to commend you for your article on Exelon's campaign contribution and Illinois legislators.

Group dissects Unit 4 referendum

Here's the Unit 4 school referendum the voters will see on April 7. Comments from Keep Central Central follow.

Proposition To Issue $144,000,000 School Building Bonds

Shall the Board of Education of Champaign Community Unit School District Number 4, Champaign County, Illinois,

— build and equip a new Dr. Howard Elementary School Building,

Make term limits a national issue

Be honest with yourself and answer whether or not you believe you have any real say in our democracy.

Most people feel that they do not, and that is one of the reasons voter turnout is so low in the U.S. Maybe here is an opportunity to change that.

Aggravated DUI sentence not right

I read in The News-Gazette about Jessica Young of Danville who last May hit and killed an 85-year-old man from Minnesota, who was driving his pickup truck 45 mph in the dark on Interstate 74. I would expect anyone doing this in traffic that's running 70 to 80 mph to experience the same problem.

Driving that slow in the dark on an interstate highway is a death wish.

Unit 4 needs more than status quo

Vote "yes" for progress. Vote "yes" to improve our kid's public education facilities and the economic development for the city of Champaign. Growth is north, people.

Or vote "no" and accept the status quo.

If you have children in elementary school, vote "yes" now. I voted "yes" in the first decade of this century, knowing that was my family's one chance.

McMahon should attend meetings

I recently saw on the Vermilion County Board's website that James "Mouse" McMahon was not listed as being on any of the nine county board committees.

Spalding Park site viable alternative

I need to correct misunderstandings about the costs and suitability of the Spalding site for the new Central High School. The board of education attorney has claimed that Spalding offers "diminished educational and programming opportunities." However, Superintendent Judy Wiegand, at the June 17 open house, stated that Spalding does meet all academic program requirements.

Will apartments be right solution?

The city of Urbana has entered into an agreement with the Champaign County Housing Authority to have a developer build on land the city now owns at Lierman and Hunter. Six apartment buildings there were destroyed by tenants and visitors and left to decay for a decade. The complex was recently torn down.

Rising red ink is scariest tale of all

In his letter of March 6, Terry Bush, author of the Deaf Sit fairy tale, suggests that evil Republicans reject deficit spending by government because they are greedy and burn down the house of the noble Deaf Sit to rid the town of this scourge (accidentally burning everything else down with it).

Schoolchildren need new Central

I am the father of two boys who will attend the new Central High School as soon as it's built. Both have special educational needs and Unit 4 has done an amazing job by giving them the support and learning environment they need to be successful.