Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Citizens should not pay for Exelon's problems

In the June 3 News-Gazette, state Sen. Chapin Rose, R-Mahomet, states: "Loss of Clinton's electrical output could result in a massive rate hike on customers who live well outside of Clinton and DeWitt County."

"Could" is the operative word here.

U.S. experiencing clash of cultures with Islam

Islam is a complex, comprehensive, indivisible structure fusing religious, cultural, societal, legal and governmental elements. As such, it is not a religion in the sense understood in America's founding documents and ensuing law; it is far more.

Yet, America has regarded Islam as simply a religion like any other and, accordingly, given it deference and protection under law.

Best mascot idea for UI: Do nothing

Four suggestions addressing the University of Illinois mascot controversy, in increasing order of seriousness:

1. The Orange Crusher, like the Hulk except orange.

2. The Orange and Blues Brothers, self-explanatory.

Financial details hurtful to family

I am writing to express my opinion that printing details about a defendant's financial resources, as you did on June 14 for David Gerard Farrell of Urbana, is an invasion of the privacy of the defendant's entire immediate family.

Don't identify children in photos

Your photographers do excellent work. Great photos.

However, I think it's a really bad idea to print the names and towns of children in the photos, as well as their parents' names.

Call me overly cautious, but child abductions are on the rise. It's no problem for a pervert to get on Google and look up the addresses and phone numbers of the families photographed.

Back all workers to make state better

The News-Gazette presented a fortunate threesome of pieces on Illinois politics: Jim Nowlan's about labor losing to capital, the editorial touting a poll favoring Gov. Bruce Rauner, and Jim Dey writing about former Gov. Pat Quinn.

Headline ignorant of everyday killing


That was The News-Gazette's headline over the June 13 Orlando massacre story.

Really? How exactly is this unprecedented?

We live in a nation where we have accepted weekly mass shootings as the price of gun rights. We have accepted the slaughter of school children. This was not unprecedented, surprising, or in any way unexpected.

Don't explain how to buy killer's gun

Why would The News-Gazette start an article about where a person could buy their own assault weapons under the picture of a person who had survived the beyond-horrendous shootings in Orlando, Fla.?

Clinton suspect as historic candidate

Yes, we're witnessing something truly historic, and a two-fer at that.

It's the first time a major political party has chosen as its presidential nominee not only someone who identifies as a woman but also someone under active criminal investigation by the FBI.



Trump stump has Nazi-like themes

I am old enough to remember when something bad was going on in Germany — in the 1930s. The conversations between my parents about the situation were very tense.

Many years later, I learned about the history of the Nazis, including how they blamed the Jews for their economic trouble.

There are similarities between what is happening now in the Republican Party.