Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Eschew meat: Chew veggies, fruits, grains

After several months of crippling snowstorms and flooding, I really look forward to spring weather, green grass and flowers in bloom.

The advent of spring is also a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf on our dietary and exercise habits. In fact, I've been told that hundreds of communities celebrate the advent of spring with something called the Great American Meatout.

Progress' progress goes the wrong way

In an advertisement in the Sidell Reporter, Sunrise Coal "salutes the dedication and hard work of the American Farmer," and is "proud to be part of Vermilion County PROGRESS."

Farming and coal mining have no "progress" to share. Coal is not a friendly neighbor. Coal is cancer.

Some comics are no laughing matter

Nowadays — in the midst of all the world's calamities, tragedies, murders and human suffering — a newspaper's comic section is the most refreshing and spirit-lifting material for a change.

Where are documents on Urbana attorneys?

I am aware of a situation wherein an Urbana city resident filed a Freedom of Information request with the Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing — Mayor For Life.

Community backs mentoring program

On behalf of the Regional Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters, I would like to thank and congratulate the population of Champaign County for supporting another successful Bowl For Kids Sake fundraiser. The tens of thousands of dollars that were raised will facilitate many new, positive and life-changing matches in our community.

Police officer should not be called 'a cop'

I am not happy with The News-Gazette statement regarding the Danville police officer involved in the shooting being referred to as "a cop" (March 4, page B-1). Had the incident occurred in Champaign-Urbana, he would have been "an officer."

You need to apologize to this officer, his family and Danville.



Sunrise Coal has had problems with safety

People in Vermilion County need to be aware of the safety record of Sunrise Coal at their Carlisle Mine, near Carlisle, Ind., which is the closest mine to the one they want to build near Homer.

An idea to make interchange safer

It seems a lot of money will be spent engineering a new design for the Interstate 74/57 exchange. I believe thinking outside the box can come up with a better idea.

Climate change has not been proven

Obama called people who don't believe in climate change "Flat Earthers." The problem is that we no longer have researchers and scientists. Activists like Scientists Against Global Warming or any other popular liberal cause have replaced them.

Believers yield their lives and trust in God

All the miracles in the Bible are easy to believe and accept when you acknowledge that God created the vast, complex universe. God is all powerful and nothing is impossible for him. You can try to explain away the miracle of our existence on earth, but in the end all of us will face our Creator and give an accounting of our lives.