Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Fitton a good fit for Ford County judge

I am writing this letter about the upcoming primary election in Ford County to fill the position of circuit judge. I have had the privilege in my nearly 40 years of practicing law of working with the two candidates for the circuit judge position. I have had practiced with both Ellen Lee and Matt Fitton.

Others support Kurtz on highway funding

Champaign County Board Chairman Al Kurtz, I believe, is supported by other county board chairs in the quest for more funding from Illinois Department of Transportation in District 5 (Champaign, DeWitt, Douglas, Edgar, McLean, Piatt and Vermilion counties).

Cronus water deal a disaster in the making

There is no good reason to sell wastewater from our local water treatment plant to the proposed Cronus fertilizer plant in Tuscola. We must know more about the plant, insist more safeguards be put in place, require bonds to ensure safety performance, etc.

Ford County needs change in courthouse

In recent months, former first lady Barbara Bush has been asked if she thought her son, Jeb Bush, should run for president in 2016.

Her reply was that she thought the country has had enough of the Bushes.

Religious freedom about establishment

I am a practicing Catholic, and I appreciate Walter Scott's clear statement of the Catholic Church's position on contraceptive measures in the Affordable Care Act.

News-Gazette should report on Unofficial

In his March 4 letter to the editor, Peter T. Tomaras ventured to speak for the whole News-Gazette readership when he wrote "we just don't care" about the paper's coverage of Unofficial St. Patrick's Day.

Ugly truths about divorce, courts

This letter is intended as a cautionary tale of divorce. In the last three years, I have learned a great deal on this topic and wish to share it with others. First, many different divorce lawyers have assured me that there is no place for trust in a marriage when it comes to the law.

Bar association offers judicial ratings

On Tuesday, March 18, Illinois voters will have a chance to cast their ballot in the primary election for national, state and local offices.

DeWitt County group backing candidates

I was asked last summer to join a group called Better Government for DeWitt County, made up of concerned citizens, Republicans and Democrats alike. Like many residents, I really didn't pay that much attention to what goes on at the county board level.

Women bring skills helpful to military

On the March 1 News-Gazette opinions page, there seemed to be some debate about fitness standards and women in combat. This is not new. When I went through the Champaign firefighting testing in 1990, there were two sets of standards. I did not necessarily agree with that and made sure I met the standard for my age group in the male catagory, so there would be no attitude.