Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Stop sign needed on busy street

There is an obvious need for a stop sign on McKinley Avenue at Paula Drive, as McKinley has way too much high-speed traffic for a residential street.

It would be a significant step that the city could take to improve safety and peacefulness in the area.

And Champaign can show it's serious about improving the Garden Hills neighborhood.



Offer comparisons of parties' platforms

As a 40-year subscriber to The News-Gazette, I would like to make what seems to me a simple request.

Because the upcoming presidential election has become such an odious decision to consider, it would be helpful to me to see published a side-by-side comparison of the stated platforms of the two major parties.

Examining data exposes disparities

Racial disparity in traffic stops is not simply a function of where police respond to calls. Urbana's traffic stop study has already revealed some examples.

Clinton leaves behind email trail

And the plot continues to thicken. First the private email fiasco. Hillary Clinton said she wiped the email server clean and then she said she turned over 55,000 emails. Which is it?

Now they have found thousands more. Every person who was corresponding with her had to know she wasn't on the government server as her address ended in clintonemail.com, not .gov.

Why not mention what others pay?

I see property tax increases always stated in The News-Gazette as a homeowner of a $100,00, $150,000, etc. home as so many dollars-per-year increase.

I never see anything about how much more the big-box stores, chain motels and restaurants will pay.

Is it because those businesses are not paying property taxes at all?



Sports volunteers make difference

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the board members, and the men and women of both the Westville Recreation League and the Westville Youth Football League (the cheerleaders and dance team) who volunteer their time and talent to the youth in the Westville area.

Next Unit 4 leader is already here

Sometime we ignore the obvious. I read with interest recently that Unit 4 administration is looking to replace Dr. Judy Wiegand and is going to spend thousands of dollars to search for an new superintendent.

How foolish is this when we have a qualified candidate on the administration staff currently?

Race-based traffic stops defy reason

If neither the color of eyes nor the color of hair influences a person's driving skills, why would the color of skin?

Blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, blond hair, brunette hair, black hair, white skin, brown skin and black skin; none of these physical body traits affect or influence one's ability to drive a car safely.

Roiling waters of campaign 2016

Frustration and anger are universal, and sometimes justifiable, reactions depending on the circumstances, but an impetuous response is often ill-advised, regardless the cause; the capacity for judicious self-restraint and ability to reason aforethought is what separates humanity from the rest of the animal kingdom, serving to check our inclination to impulsive behavior which usually proves as d

Urbana officers perform very well

Our country is going through challenging times: excessive gun violence, trigger-happy people shooting before thinking, leaving tragedy after tragedy, fractured and grieving families, polarized communities, inevitably more anger leading to more violence.

We are allowing our country to become a war zone.

Is it too late to turn the tide?