Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Illinois colleges facing serious threat

If you have graduated from an Illinois public community college or university and believe that the current budget impasse does not affect you, I urge you to think again: The impasse is affecting your degree.

Referendum about new equipment

To all voters in the St. Joseph-Stanton Fire Protection District, I implore you to vote "yes" on the tax referendum question on the March 15 ballot.

As the wife and mother of volunteer firefighters, I have firsthand knowledge of the many hours these volunteers dedicate to training so they can safely respond to emergency calls.

Let faith, family guide your vote

Everybody likes to talk about taxes, jobs for middle-class Americans and restoring material prosperity to this nation.

Understand what Constitution says

Despite all the hyperventilating on both sides of the aisle, there is no constitutional mandate for either the president to nominate or the Senate to confirm a ninth Supreme Court Justice. The number of justices is not set by the U.S. Constitution.

Commentary gave opinions, not facts

Harwood, Huq and Mendenhall were obviously unhappy about the racial climate at the UI in their Feb. 21 commentary. Yes, unfortunately, I'm sure racial incidences occur there as everywhere. Some people, in their ignorance and insecurity, have to feel superior to others by belittling anyone who looks or acts differently from themselves. However, to assert St.

No grudge against pope for statement

Regarding the exchange of words between Pope Francis and Donald Trump, I am forgiving the pope for losing his cool.



Sunday Extra: Substitute teacher staffing issues persist

By Terry Townsend 

On Aug. 23, 2015, the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette wrote, "There's no substitute. The deckhead states, "That's the cry of many administrators; for subs, however, it's a good thing." True.

2008 financial crisis not tied to Bill Clinton

I just read David Wallace's letter of Feb. 24. If what he claims to be the cause of the great financial crash of 2008 was a President Bill Clinton bill to deregulate banks and mortgage firms, why did it take 15 years to happen?

LETTER: This election cycle can't end soon enough

Eight months. Eight long, excruciating months to go until this election cycle is over.

One cannot turn on the TV without seeing a debate or a town hall by one of the parties. If not a debate, someone is making a speech, while someone else is being interviewed. It is bad enough that these activities hog the media. But the tenor of politics this time around is awful.

Berkson has earned re-election to board

Most folks focus on the presidential and senatorial candidates in the upcoming Democratic primary. It is easy to overlook the local races for county board that often have more day-to-day impact basis than what happens in Washington.