Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Support Vargas for state's attorney

As a close observer of the Champaign County criminal justice system for 45 years, I urge voters to reject Julia Rietz's re-election campaign for state's attorney. Errors committed by lawyers she employs have directly resulted in the deaths of three people, and Rietz has lied about her office's responsibility for those deaths.

Grateful to Carle for care I have received

I have many things to be grateful for, including a wonderful husband, good friends and a community with so many resources of note.

Having survived pancreatic cancer for 16 years now, with many complications still occurring, Carle Clinic and Hospital is at the top of my gratitude list.

'Clergy Corner' a good N-G addition

I was pleasantly surprised to see your new weekly feature — "Clergy Corner."

Thank you for sharing this information and inspiring stories of people in our local area who are serving the needy across the nation and making a difference in our world today.

Peter Tracy is a good choice for county board

Peter Tracy is a District 5 candidate for election to the Champaign County Board. He has just retired as executive director of the county mental health and developmental disabilities boards, where his leadership brought to this county more than $6 million of federal support to help create a system of care for young people in our community.

Executive plan should be rejected

The News-Gazette, as well as a couple of letter writers, have cogently explained why Champaign County voters should reject calls by the Champaign County Farm Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce to embrace a county executive form of government.

As a Farm Bureau member, I totally agree with rejecting giving a county executive such power, no matter how rosy such leadership is painted.

Local property taxes just too high

There have been numerous articles about the upcoming school tax referendum in Champaign.

Proposals have been floated — some sound, some ridiculous. Real needs have been identified. But in everything that I've seen so far, there is a 500-pound gorilla in the room that has been ignored.

Time for the old to move for new

I write about the fate of the old houses that stand in the way of an expanded Champaign Central High School.

I recently completed a preliminary investigation into moving some of the houses 6.5 miles to my small subdivision northeast of Urbana. Moving at least three of the houses might have made the project cost-effective.

Checks secure the voting process

There has been much bitterness, hostility and general sleaze during this interminable election season. However, I have been especially disturbed by the allegations that our voting process is less than secure and subject to illegal manipulation.

The simple fact is there is no voting fraud because there are just too many checks and balances.

Habitat reflects the 'Golden Rule'

On Wednesday, Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County began an interfaith build to construct two new single-family homes in our community. This effort unfolds as Habitat nears the completion of its 100th home in our county.

Wright best choice for county auditor

I encourage everyone to vote Bill Wright for Vermilion County auditor.

He is the best choice for the position.

I was unable to attend the candidate forum but did listen to it on the radio.

I think Wright did a great job of explaining the issues of the office. He is qualified, fair, honest and dedicated and will bring professionalism to the office.