Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Economic health hasn't returned

We would all like to think the economy is back to being healthy, but all one need do is look around to see it is not.

I am an avid sports fan and almost every event I watch, there are empty seats. These seats are generally bought by middle-class Americans looking for the weekend escape from the hard work they (we) do every day.

Rose should give up fireworks idea

Too bad about state Sen. Chapin Rose. I had great hopes that he would rise above the usual method of doing business in Springfield, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

I'm referring to his attempt to cure our state budget ills by legalizing fireworks, using some of the most specious arguments ever.

U.S.-Mexico pact doomed like EU's?

No matter what type of partnership you encounter, its longevity is totally dependent on what each member brings to the relationship. Whether it is a marriage or international agreements, if one partner constantly "gives" while the other consistently "takes," then the partnership is doomed.

Reasons to oppose Unit 4's proposal

Every eligible citizen should vote on April 7 because voting is the right and responsibility of citizens.

With respect to the Unit 4 school referendum, let's keep Central central for the following reasons:

— Keeps the name "Central" relevant and logical.

Students should be applauded for rite

It appears a few "squeaky wheels" are at it again. This time, I must respond.

I wish to commend both the Champaign Centennial High School teacher and the "good number" of students who were so self-aware, thoughtful and loyal to their beliefs they planned ahead and requested to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday.

The negatives with Dodds Park site

The Champaign school board purchased 80 acres at Interstate Drive to meet the future needs of Central High. The Dodds Park request is 40 acres. How will future needs be met without additional acres from the park district or by building another high school? The taxpayer will pay again.

Bible restrictions hard to explain

How do you explain to a 6-year-old why you have to say "no" to taking a Bible to school?

I can't tell her that being an American means we can't practice our beliefs, we have to honor nonbelievers and Muslims, and Americans have no rights any more.

Next replace our money in God We Trust, the pledge, our National Anthem. We used to be proud to be American. What is going on?

Board members must do their jobs

Citizens, don't assume your representatives and leadership of the Vermilion County Board are necessarily watching out for you. After attending the Feb. 10 board meeting, it became clear to me that the leadership and some of the board members were not looking out for the county's best interests.

Letter: Good Samaritans act on nice story

In the Feb. 6 News-Gazette, there was a wonderful story of a homeless mother and her daughter. The article highlighted many of the struggles that the mother and her fourth-grade daughter have gone through over the years.

President Obama is unfit for office

An unsolicited bit of advice for our irresponsible, peevish and childish president. At least act like you give a damn about anything besides yourself. Resign now; take your millions of dollars and just go away, mad or otherwise.