Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Information on hotel was incorrect

G.S. Stoerger in a letter published Aug. 3 incorrectly claimed that the city of Urbana sold the Landmark Hotel to XJ Yuan and that he never opened the hotel.

First, the city did not sell the hotel, because the city never owned it. Mr. Yuan bought it from the owner.

He entered into a development agreement with the city.

Letter to the Editor | Women haunted by their abortions

Leonard Pitts' recent column focused on the suffering of family members of those killed from gun violence.

He noted the over 8,000 gun deaths in one year in 2014, yet he ignores the over 2,000 abortion deaths daily and their impact on generations. Pitts' point was that one life lost and one family suffering is too many.

Letter to the Editor | Rural roads are great for bicycles

Bicycle riding on township roads is really great.

I have been riding rural township farm roads for over 30 years and never have I had an accident. Townships maintain the rural roads well, and with so few vehicles, they are quite safe.

Letter to the Editor | Stuck out of gas when help arrived

As my friend and I were returning from a conference last weekend, we ran out of gas at a west Champaign intersection just three blocks shy of a gas station.

On this rainy day, my friend got out of the car to retrieve her umbrella when a car pulled up beside us. She told the driver, a black man, we had run out of gas.

He said "Stay there! I will be right back."

Letter to the Editor | Support Ammons for county clerk

I strongly support Aaron Ammons for Champaign County Clerk. I have worked with Ammons for many years on social justice issues. I have observed Ammons in his role as the president of his SEIU local at the university and as a member of the Urbana City Council.

Letter to the Editor | For area farmers, Rep. Davis absent

Rodney Davis' lack of real concern for farmers is shown by his failure to speak up in Congress against the Trump tariff fiasco.

Davis evidently does not understand the long-term harm of this policy: Agricultural exports are not like electricity — markets lost through the tariffs will not be switched right back on when the madness ends.



Letter to the Editor | 3D-printed guns are not a problem

People are crying wolf over plastic guns made at home with 3D printers.

Nothing has changed since cries about the first Glock "plastic pistols" over 30 years ago.

Today, the majority of pistols are made with polymer grip frames. But, like a Glock, the barrel, slide and firing mechanism are steel.

Letter to the Editor | Trump backers just plain wrong

I recently passed through the area and read a couple editions of your fine newspaper. I live abroad mostly and must follow American politics with a broader eye and vote as an absentee.

After reading David Marrone's letter to the editor, I was wondering what dimension I had entered.

Letter to the Editor | Millennials want to fix capitalism

I disagree with Cal Thomas' characterization of U.S. millennials who express favorable views toward socialism as "spoiled." Thomas' commentary references the GenForward Survey conducted by University of Chicago in 2018 of racially and ethnically diverse young adults 18-34.

Letter to the Editor | Illinois needs a better election security plan

The Illinois legislature recently voted to end our participation in Crosscheck, a voter registration database known to put voter data at risk by using inadequate security measures.

Crosscheck is also known for purposefully purging an inordinate quantity of voters — forcing people to re-register just because they share the same name and birth date as someone else.