Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Lots of choices for UI's new mascot

The News Gazette of Nov. 30, 2018, carries reports again about the status of not "choosing a mascot" for the University of Illinois. This clearly implies the need for further investigation of this topic. One outcome of this investigation, using a Google search, indicates the presence of about 650 mascots at U.S. universities and colleges.

A sampling of their names is as follows.

Letter to the Editor | Much to write on besides Davis

With the elections concluded, one would have anticipated the anti-Rodney Davis caravan of letter writers might cease. From several recent submissions, this has not transpired.

With this abundance of literary talent and many pressing problems, especially at the state level, a new focus would seem reasonable.

Letter to the Editor | More psychiatrists needed at the UI

The number of psychiatric providers at the University of Illinois is inadequate for the number of enrolled students. Given the current national crisis of school shootings and increased occurrences of violent crimes, this is a potential danger to students, staff and members of the Champaign-Urbana community.

Letter to the Editor | U.S. should break ties with Saudis

During World War II, the United States forged a Faustian bargain with Saudi Arabia over oil, money and then perceived geo-political interests.

The assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi critic of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), who the CIA concludes ordered his killing, exposes the bankruptcy of this illbegotten alliance.

Letter to the Editor | Lawmakers need to back farmers

During this election, I was proud to see so many candidates promising to protect and fight for the rural community in Illinois. Now that the election season is over, it's time for lawmakers to follow through on their promises.

Letter to the Editor | Glenn Park trees need attention

The article "Urbana couple planting a legacy by helping replenish city's urban forest" on Nov. 22 by Adalberto Toledo reminded me that perhaps if the Champaign Park District watered the trees they plant in Glenn Park, they wouldn't have to spend so much money and time removing and replanting.



Letter to the Editor | Writers' thoughts on God are wrong

There are often letters to the editor that talk about God's feelings toward abortion and the unborn. God is often painted as concerned about the unborn.

Yet, each time I read one of these letters from a member of the community, I often wonder if these folks actually read their Bible. Based on their writings, I'm inclined to think not.

Letter to the Editor | A win-win situation for college coaches

The current college basketball scandal among Division I schools may be the biggest sports disgrace we've witnessed in a long time.

Letter to the Editor | Agencies step up to help young people in distress

The holidays are upon us, and for many there is no better time of year.

However, for the 4.2 million youths who are homeless in the U.S. each year, the holidays are unlikely to be filled with joy and presents.

Letter to the Editor | Smith didn't deserve extension

To all Illini fans, OK, for Josh Whitman to show stability in a program, he extended Lovie Smith's contract for two more years. Wasn't the fact that he still had three years on his contract enough?

Wouldn't a simple statement that he had no plans to fire Smith at least until the end of his current contract been enough to prove stability?