Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Shutting out vet group shameful

With regard to the Champaign County Fair Board ousting the local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans from the beer tent operation: Shame on you.



Wrong to further target pharmacies

As the first line of health care delivery, particularly in underserved urban and rural areas of Illinois, pharmacists strive every day for the advancement of patient care.

UI must be blind to team's troubles

Truly I am stunned after reading the entire context of the three letters from the parents of the women's basketball players at the University of Illinois.

What responsible human being would condone this behavior or act in this manner, especially when dealing with young women or anyone?

Statements made in letter laughable

In Dan Miner's May 4 letter, he claims that honest scientists prove evolution is totally impossible. In fact, the vast majority of scientists regard evolution as the best explanation of how life on Earth has changed in the last few billion years.

Bill threatens right to conscience

Lawmakers in the Illinois House are considering a deeply troubling piece of legislation that would compel medical personnel in Illinois to violate their deeply held beliefs.

Dey column rude, racially offensive

The News-Gazette's Jim Dey reaches a new level of bigotry and insensitivity in his May 12 piece, "Don't read too much into this column," where he attacks the minority students quoted in a racial "micro-aggression" study recently released by the University of Illinois.

College athletes really need a union

The University of Illinois has hired the Chicago law firm Franczek Radelet to conduct an investigation into the allegations aired on Twitter by former football player Simon Cvijanovic.

Self-esteem could be real problem

I read Jim Dey's News-Gazette column on the new campus phenomenon known as "micro-aggression" with some interest.

After reading it, I had to agree with his assertions and have come up with some ideas as to the origin of this newly designated problem.

Story on 1960s lacked context

Jim Dey and News-Gazette editors have utilized the publication of Bryan Burrough's "Days of Rage" to foreground the violence of 1960s radicals. Clearly, context is needed and is lacking by propagandistic design.

Mail carrier did not pick up food

I spent time getting food from my cabinets on the morning of May 9, to stamp out hunger.

I was astounded when I returned from shopping, about 5 p.m. that Saturday, to find my bags of donated food still in front of my mailbox, untouched.

What a disappointment.

Guess the U.S. Postal Service in my area didn't participate in stamping out hunger.