Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Critics of Pitts' column off base

In the past week, two writers have complained about The News-Gazette's inclusion of the syndicated column of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Leonard Pitts Jr.

They have supported their cases with phrases like "whining crackpots" and "the amount of dung that appears."

Pitts treats significant topics in an insightful way. His recent subjects have included:

Science, religion are separate issues

Science is the study of the natural laws, of which God is the author. Logically speaking, there is no conflict possible therein.

If so-called scientific persons want to argue against the existence of a nonphysical reality, they are merely contradicting themselves.

Davis, Shimkus just for the rich

John Shimkus and Rodney Davis will not hold town hall meetings. Both will not ask for Jared Kushner's security clearance to be pulled. Both voted for a health care bill that could throw thousands of seniors off Medicaid.

Davis' call for civility is just a charade

In recent days, Congressman Rodney Davis has taken to the airwaves and Twittersphere to critique divisive rhetoric and call for civil discourse.

While the sentiment was nice, it felt hollow given his steadfast refusal to engage voters in meaningful dialogue.

U.S. should not be in the Mideast

We must demand that our government remove all our troops and weapons from the Mideast.

The recent discussion between presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump has begun a partial cease-fire in Syria, which should be extended to all of the country. Russian troops are there at the invitation of a legitimate government, while the United States had no legal right to invade Syria.

Repeat offender paying the price

I write in response to Desiree Woodson's July 8 letter that contends Daquan Clark's prison sentence for selling drugs was too harsh.

Woodson made that claim even though Clark had prior convictions for the same offense and was on parole when he was arrested.

Car race coverage pleasant surprise

I would like to thank WDWS and Verizon for its continuing coverage of Indy car racing.

While traveling home on a recent Sunday afternoon, I turned to WDWS to get the news. To my surprise, the Iowa Corn 300 race was just coming on the radio.

As a Indianapolis 500 fan and regular attendee for 29 years, I really enjoyed the coverage.


White Heath

God, science are not in conflict

It is interesting how people will talk as if authoritatively about science and religion without apparently knowing much about science or scientists.

For example, Paul Hayes in his July 7 letter begins by stating that there is an argument between God and science.

It's Republicans who are elitists

OK, what were the reasons Republicans said they needed to be elected? Oh yes, to remove the elitists from office who think they are better then everyone else.

So I will use New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie's own words on his day at the beach that was closed to everyone else: "That's just the way it goes."



Pitts' columns pretty tiresome

I was born and raised in Detroit and now live in Gifford,

I have been a loyal reader of our News-Gazette for 20 years. When the syndicated columns of Leonard Pitts first appeared on the editorial page, I enjoyed his first several articles.

However, as we have now allowed the "camel all the way into the tent," it is extremely obvious the amount of dung that now appears.