Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Chief still best symbol for the UI

I know there has been a lot of talk about what we should have for the University of Illinois mascot. Some say we should not have Chief Illiniwek. We have been used to the Chief since the late 1920s.

Now some people suggested different kinds of animals. Eagles, squirrels, etc.

Worshipping idols of their making

The secular humanists (atheists) are telling the same old lie Satan told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden 6,000 years ago, as recorded in the Holy Bible. Genesis chapter 3, verse 5 says, "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." This is not a coincidence.

A grateful nation remembers D-Day

On this day in 1944, I was a 10-year-old student at South Side Grade school. We had been at war since Dec. 7, 1941.

My school and every other school in the U.S. had supported the war effort with paper drives and metal drives. The playgrounds of the schools were piled high with what the students had collected.

Positive letter was a pleasure to read

The upbeat letter by Janet LeRoy, published on May 25, is an oasis in an arid desert of frequent letters about the obscene ugliness of the current political campaign; the unending complaints of those who curse the world for flaws that do not cater to their just deserts; the tidings of damnation from self-ordained theologians; and various other dark reflections of angry people.

How did we get these candidates?

When I review the candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties, I find it interesting and unusual how things have been shaping up.

Has there been a gradual buildup or an instantaneous feeling that we the people are not being well served by our elected officials?

Oppose Trump and his supporters

The singular, positive contribution that the man-child Trump campaign has made is to raise the flag of white-male supremacy, greed and self-centeredness.

The KKK, the NRA and some talk-show hosts were the first to reach for that flag. The leadership of the Republican Party has now joined using the slogan of "anyone-but-Clinton."

Reaction to UI's new gen ed course

I read with interest the May 3 News-Gazette article regarding the pros and cons of requiring a general education course in U.S. minority culture for all students attending the University of Illinois.

Sunday Extra: State impedes citizens seeking remap reform

By Barbara Wysocki

Jubilation reigns — at least temporarily — in some quarters of Illinois. Last month, the Illinois State Board of Elections confirmed that the Independent Map organization had met the threshold of required valid signatures to move the redistricting proposal to the November ballot.

Rental properties in lousy condition

I want to add my two cents to the June 1 letter written by Emily Klose regarding Green Street Realty. I agree with her assessment of the negative effect Chris Saunders' properties have on our neighborhood.

Positives, negatives of Unit 4's plan

Here is what's good about the Unit 4 advisory group high school plan:

— It renovates the sturdy, existing Central High building.

— It is very suitably compact, neighborhood-enhancing plan for an urban school in a city with a policy for greater infill.

— The field house is an excellent use of space for both athletics and large group academics.