Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Faculty should not be running show

Letter writer Jim Barrett complains in his Aug. 27 letter that "the university is increasingly governed from the top down."

Real crime bigger than air pressure

I am happy New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's suspension was overturned. The so-called "Deflategate" was a joke from Day One.

After the release of the Wells Report, I didn't understand how "generally aware" became equal to "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt."

Any boos in China for coach's firing?

Oh, great. The University of Illinois football coach has been canned. Every day there is some shock coming from that nutty place.

Now that football might be even worse (not that I care), what are all of the new football fans in China going to watch?


Buffalo Grove

By comparison, tenants doing well

Regarding The News-Gazette's Sept. 4 story "They Found Room at the Inn": The alleged "plight" of these students stands in glaring contrast to the real plight of millions of refugees, worldwide, displaced from their homes and desperate for food and shelter.

UI house cleaning needs to go deeper

Again liberal, elite upper management at the University of Illinois has accepted a "resignation."

This time Provost Ilesanmi Adesida, but he's really still here. He is not resigned at all; in fact he's still being paid close to $300,000.

Again, what kind of insanity is going on here?

Those who need help are not valued

Attitudes and beliefs about our services and the clients we serve shape budget decisions. It's about stigma, discrimination and apparent disregard of unfair budget practices on vulnerable populations.

U.S. already has laws on firearms

Leonard Pitts Jr.'s Sept. 2 column spews his bigotry and hatred for 4 million-plus law-abiding American firearms owners, calling them "an extremist gang," "not decent, moderate people."

What letter writer describes is illegal

Regarding Dennis Kirby's Sept. 1 letter about panhandling, aggressive panhandling is illegal. If anyone feels threatened or intimidated or is approached near an ATM by someone asking for money, call the police. That's illegal.

Dey's word choice is irresponsible

Jim Dey's recent editorial about the murder conviction of Michael Seal being overturned was unfair to the judge and the prosecutor involved.

U of Chicago wins outside the Big Ten

Fellow observer Donald R. Aldeen poses a puzzling problem for chaos theoreticians when he asks: "Is there another university in the Big Ten so screwed up?"

As University of Illinois fans follow current problems at Rutgers and Nebraska, we recall Northwestern point-shaving scandals, locker room abuse at Penn State, while the Ohio State band marches to a "bro U haha".