Letters to the Editor

Keystone XL pipeline about dirty fuels

A recent letter complained about a California billionaire spending money fighting against approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, talking about all the jobs it would create.

Power Smart Pricing an expensive choice

I am interested to know if other people in the community are aware that people on Ameren's Power Smart Pricing were paying a lot more for their energy this winter than regular Ameren customers.

American medical system too focused on money

Carle physician Joseph Shumway's meditation on gratitude brought to mind a fainting spell I suffered several years ago at a restaurant in Dijon, France.

Runners in the back of the pack felt like stars

Last Saturday, my running partner, Karen Fritts, and I participated in the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. This was our first time to the area and we really loved running through both Champaign and Urbana.

New law not stopping cellphone use in vehicles

For nearly five months, Illinois has had a law against drivers talking on a cellphone while holding it. While sitting at a stop light recently, I watched five cars make left turns through the turn arrow and all five drivers were on their phones and two were texting.

The way I see it, the state lost $375.00 at that one light.



Our economic worth lags other countries'

My mother always told me "know your worth" and never settle for anything less. However, if our worth, or more specifically our economic worth, is measured by how much money we make, Americans have continually been settling for far less than they are worth. What is more alarming is that the average American's economic worth has now fallen compared with middle-class people in other countries.

Holocaust crackpots will never understand

Last weekend, there were two programs in Champaign-Urbana on the topic of the Holocaust, and they couldn't have been more different. On Sunday, Sinai Temple hosted a commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day, with Yiddish songs, talks on Holocaust education locally and internationally, and prayer.

Wear a Chief shirt, any Chief shirt

Regarding the recent anti-Chief action that took place on the University of Illinois Quad, I would like to make a couple of additional points.

'WuMo' comic strip funny, not offensive

I felt compelled to respond to a letter which appeared in the April 27 News-Gazette. That letter, from Brenda Schultz of Champaign, complained about a cartoon which recently ran in the "WuMo" strip.

That someone would actually be offended by a comic strip was enough to catch my attention. It is a COMIC strip, after all.

Hard to be grateful about Carle billing

In response to the April 25 letter from Joseph Shumway, I am sure Carle has many good things to offer. But Dr. Shumway talks about "your hotels" and "your restaurants" indicating that this isn't his community. He takes his probably sizable paycheck and goes home to St. Louis rather than spending his money in this community.

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