Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Editors, Big Biz fawn over Rauner

I read (not in the News-Gazette) about Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner firing a CEO of one of his companies, then threatening her with court action that would break her.

Marijuana policies are the problem

Regarding John Roska's Oct. 26 column in The News-Gazette Business section, not only should medical marijuana be made available to patients in need, but adult recreational use should be regulated.

Shepherd deserves to be re-elected

The Board of Review is a three-member bipartisan board that reviews and rules on real estate tax complaints. This requires knowledge, dedication and the ability to work across party lines for the benefit of the taxpayers.

Central High plan is not good enough

As a civic-minded person and a retired Unit 4 teacher with a continuing keen interest in the future of Champaign schools, I am strongly leaning "no" on the Central High School referendum. The cost of waiting to build is significant, but so is the cost of forging ahead with an uninspired idea.

Jenkins' work ethic an asset

Although I rarely write to editors of newspapers, I wanted others to know why I am supporting Cathy Jenkins for Vermilion County clerk. I worked with Cathy Jenkins for 25 years and have known her for about 30 years. Cathy has always been a very caring person, dedicated to helping people in the community.

Blockman has earned retention

This year, voters will have the opportunity to vote for one of the finest judges in the Sixth Judicial Circuit, family court Judge Arnold Blockman. Presiding over the family law division in Champaign County since 2000, Judge Blockman is known for his thoughtful decisions in the difficult area of family law, dealing with divorce and custody.