Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Resident ID yes, but voter ID no

Chicago Alderman Tom Tunny announced on his website parking restrictions for World Series traffic around Wrigley Field. The city asked residents that live in the area to have a photo ID and proof of residence in order to access their homes.

Don't worry, this is only needed to get to their houses. It will not be required to vote Nov. 8 as that would be too much of an inconvenience.

GOP hopeful has bipartisan record

I encourage everyone to vote for the "other" Mike Madigan for state senator in the 52nd District.

I knew Mike when I served in the state Senate and he was the legislative director for the governor. In fact, Mike has over 17 years of professional legislative staff experience.

Closing fire HQ a dangerous proposal

Danville's Mayor Scott Eisenhauer is seeking yet another cut to protective services with the intention to close fire department headquarters, removing the fire engine and its firefighters serving the area.

Proponents of the plan have asserted that response times will not be affected and Danville's citizens will not suffer any reduction in safety.

Other candidates worth voting for

If you're like me and can't hold your nose to vote for either presidential candidate, please vote and support the down-ballot candidates. You do not have to select either candidate for president.

State, not local, funds for schools

According to Article X of the Illinois Constitution of the State of Illinois: "A fundamental goal of the People of the State is the educational development of all persons to the limits of their capacities. The State shall provide for an efficient system of high quality public educational institutions and services. Education in public schools through the secondary level shall be free.

Jill Stein better woman on ballot

Thanks to WikiLeaks' recently released emails, we know why Hillary is not trustworthy.

She told Goldman-Sachs executives that she has both "a public and a private position. If everybody's watching, you know, you need a public and a private position."

Use transportation taxes for roads

Why is it whenever the Legislature or the governor does a fund sweep in an attempt to obtain enough money to fund the budget, everyone, including The News-Gazette, whose ox is being gored sends up a hue and cry denouncing the sweep.

Clinton's 'bill' not a good value

For comparison, here's a hypothetical:

I arrive at the restaurant for my 7 p.m. reservation, and the hostess informs me there's no reservation.

One hour later, I'm seated at a table under a leaking water pipe. My waiter arrives with menu and spills a glass of water in my lap. I ordered grilled marinated chuck steak and all the fixings.

Registering, voting on Nov. 8 is wrong

Almost from Day One we're programmed to be on time — punctual, not tardy. Even before Day One our mothers long for their due dates. So it's probably in our DNA.

If some of us ignore our internal clocks, it's probably due to environmental conditioning that says "Who cares? I'll do what I want to do and when — so what if it's a bit inconsiderate?" Selfish and sad isn't it?

Partisan member shows scary side

I have been a Republican since I was 18. I worked in the county board office with Democratic and Republican leaders. I was hired by a Democrat who valued my experience, education and skills.

Republican Vermilion County Board Chairman Gary Weinard was also a fair and considerate leader who didn't hold a party affiliation against an employee.