Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Gerard really is 'rude, obnoxious'

If it weren't so embarrassing, it would be amusing. In Tom Kacich's March 18 column in The News-Gazette, Champaign Mayor Don Gerard described himself thusly: "I'm going to be the rude, obnoxious, non-collaborative elected official that I have always been."

Unfortunately, Mr. Gerard doesn't limit his "rude, obnoxious" behavior to only the political arena.

Eisenhauer fiscally responsible choice

On April 7, Danville's citizens will choose whether to keep Mayor Scott Eisenhauer or not. While I like both candidates personally, swapping Scott Eisenhauer for Jim McMahon would be a huge mistake.

The reason has to do with why our police and firefighter unions have endorsed McMahon.

Public med school for private profit

The new medical school is right out of the neo-liberal playbook, with its leveraging of public infrastructure for private profit. That infrastructure and its research capacity have long been sustained by public funds from all levels of government.

Durbin editorial foolishly nitpicks

It is disappointing to see the editorial board of The News-Gazette pick a fight with Sen. Dick Durbin over the senator's use of analogy regarding presidential executive orders (The News-Gazette editorials March 1 and 4).

Rail deaths tragic, but preventable

The cover story, entitled "We are Heartbroken" in the March 19 edition of The News-Gazette, should remind all of us to be especially careful near train tracks. Unfortunately, the tragic incident that occurred on March 18 in Tilton plays out too often. (Similar incidents occurred in two other Illinois communities within the past week).

Nuclear key to a no-carbon future

Our legislature has a chance to do something big and bold for Illinois and secure our clean air future. To meet the challenge, legislators must consider market-based, cost-effective policies that will reduce carbon emissions and deliver economic, reliability and environmental benefits for Illinois.

Davis should back clean-water rules

Why doesn't Congressman Rodney Davis care about the drinking water for all of his constituents?

Central site not good for the planet

We oppose the initiative to build a new Central High School at the proposed undeveloped site in northernmost Champaign.

Central site would consume time

We have been residents of Champaign since the mid-1960s and raised three daughters, who all attended Unit 4 schools, from Booker T. Washington through Centennial High School.

New trade pact would harm U.S.

One of President Washington's first priorities was to ask Alexander Hamilton to come up with a plan to foster American manufacturing. He and others since have realized the importance of creating and preserving the manufacturing base of the economy.