Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Kennedy grasps higher ed's value

As a resident of Champaign and Urbana for years, I was most disappointed but not surprised when, in August, the powerful Cook County Democratic Party pre-emptively endorsed JB Pritzker for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Illinois Trust Act about compassion

Regarding the Sept. 10 News-Gazette article that the McHenry County sheriff's department is being sued for not following the new Illinois Trust Act, whereby a person who was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge was placed on an "immigration detainer" rather than being allowed to bond out, I asked myself, could this happen here?

Identity politics feeding Zionism

The News-Gazette has recently published two Sunday Extra commentaries representing Hineni CU, a progressive Jewish organization, addressing Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

Unfortunately, this adds to the cacophony of decontextualized, uninformed and non-insightful views currently being expressed from the alt-right to the antifa left.

Parents should have school choice

This is in response to the Urbana schools chief Don Owen about private school funding.

What Don Owens and many like him want in our schools is the exact opposite of a democracy.

Kaufman should use skills for good

Give credit where it's due, University of Illinois emeritus Professor Stephen Kaufman is nothing if not persistent in his vision of an American Indian-free campus.

Columnist wrong about the Clintons

Syndicated columnist Gene Lyon's contention on Sept. 5 that Hillary Clinton owes no one an apology is not the only one that is not debatable. Neither is the fact that he owes his readers one for the balderdash that he wrote.

Trump-haters aren't helping any

As I read most articles in the Aug. 20 News-Gazette, I noticed a theme: President Donald Trump has caused every bad thing that has happened in America since he took over as president.

Antifa are people U.S. must fear

Emeritus Professor Edward A Koloziej's Sunday Extra column on Sept. 3, decrying President Donald Trump's statement that both sides were to blame in recent protest violence, is the usual political babble and denial of reality from the left.

Democrats trying to hide racist past

The leftist/socialist Democrats want to pile on President Donald Trump over the altercation between two differing groups in Charlottesville, Va., or are they that different?

Hard to give up 'war chant' beat

While watching the Illini-Western Kentucky game on Sept. 9 (great game) a third-down situation came up and I caught myself thumping on the arm of my chair. THUMP, thump, thump, thump, THUMP. ...