Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

UI courses need true diversity

In his March 20 column, University of Illinois Professor Sundiata Cha-Jua complains about the mandatory multicultural courses being developed. He believes only he and people like him are qualified to teach such a course.

Target suffers for bathroom policy

Over the last several months, I have noticed in The News-Gazette that Target has been consistently down in the stock market and in their annual sales.

Urbana police highly appreciated

I would like to express gratitude toward the Urbana Police Department. Through the years, as I have worked at one of the grocery stores in Urbana, there have been many times when I have had to make that call to either 911 or the non-emergency number for one reason or another. The arriving officers have always been very helpful.

AFL-CIO offers its endorsements

On behalf of the thousands of men and women represented by the AFL-CIO in Champaign County, I write to announce our endorsements for the consolidated election on April 4.

For Champaign City Council, we endorse Alicia Beck in District 2 and Angela Slates in District 5. For Urbana mayor, we endorse Diane Marlin.

Rep. Davis' vision remains unclear

Rep. Rodney Davis says he won't speak with his constituents about health care because he has been clear where he stands. Yet, his position is far from clear. Davis relies entirely on misleading or false statements. Perhaps he lacks the key facts or prefers to throw out contrived statistics that mean nothing out of context — to find out, we need to converse.

Committed to improving Rantoul

My main reason for running for village board is my overwhelming desire to see Rantoul succeed with a future that is bright and full of promise for us all. If elected, I am committed to working for you the people 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Let council members continue their work

Danville voters in wards 3 and 6 are urged to join with us and vote April 4 for experienced aldermen J.R. Davis and Steve Nichols to further the work of the current Danville City Council, of which both men are a vital part.

Gov. Rauner should OK new voting bill

Voting is the premise of American democracy and one of our most fundamental rights and acts of citizenship.

Unfortunately, over 2 million eligible Illinois residents were unregistered last election, and others had difficulty on Election Day because of problems with their registration.

Get facts straight about Norman Lear

Norman Lear, who will be coming to Ebertfest in April, the producer of some excellent television series that I watched while living in Urbana, did not "create" "Sanford and Son," nor did he create "All in the Family."

Lear adapted them — very well indeed — from two British series of the 1960s, "Steptoe and Son" and "Till Death Us Do Part."

Urbana, say 'no' to hotel project

The proposal for Urbana taxpayers to sell nearly $10 million in bonds to fund a reboot of the Landmark Hotel is a boondoggle with a capital "B."