Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Task force needs to be restructured

In response to the resolution recently passed by the Champaign County Board, Build Programs Not Jails presented a statement at Tuesday's board meeting containing recommendations for the Racial Justice Task Force.

In-house attorneys could save money

Perhaps the University of Illinois would save money by hiring a lawyer who could handle personnel terminations and buyouts in-house.

His salary could easily be paid from the money saved by hiring one fewer administrator.

If fired, then no golden parachute

I'd like to give the University of Illinois some advice. The next time you write a contract for an employee, any employee, it might be a good idea to add a clause that states if the employee is fired, they get no more money.

The way the contracts are written now, there is no incentive for employees to do better. Why should they, if they get paid anyway for poor performance?

Nursing home's money woes worse

The Champaign County Nursing Home's board of directors meets once a month. At their most recent meeting, the agenda noted that the use of agency personnel in the nursing department has been increasing lately due to a higher-than-expected staff turnover rate.

This has added a higher-than-expected cost to the nursing home's budget.

Christians ready to house refugees

The church officers of the Presbyterian Church of Philo will soon be considering a suggestion to offer to host a Syrian refugee family. Perhaps other congregations in central Illinois could do this, too.

Yes, we know they are most likely Muslims, fleeing for their lives from a violent cult that claims they have all the truth and can harm anyone they want.

Local locked-out workers need help

A letter in the Nov. 15 News-Gazette refers to the "Clifford-Jacobs strike," but the workers there are not on strike.

The new Canadian owners locked them out when their contract expired, trying to force them to accept wage freezes and benefit cuts even though the owners are making profits.

Best part of deal: No Salaita at UI

With respect to the settlement between the University of Illinois and Steven Salaita, I am glad for him: It is hard not to empathize with a "pater familias" suddenly unable to provide for people dear to him.

But most of all I am happy for the university, for the fact that the package includes his promise to never ever accept a position here.

Honking car horn can lead to danger

I have been reading letters and articles relating to road rage and I have one piece of advice based on many years of driving experience, dating back to long before cellphones.

When you are behind a driver who does not start as a light turns green, just wait. Do not sound your horn.

UI already ahead on clean energy

The U.S. EPA has finalized their Clean Power Plan that puts limits on carbon dioxide emissions from electrical generation and establishes state-by-state goals to reduce carbon.

Chief backer proud of heritage

I have been reading about Chief Illiniwek. I have been holding back because I have certain issues on the matter.

Let Chief Illiniwek come back; he has done no harm.

I am a Cherokee descendant and proud of it. The Indian in us is well-respected.