Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Wise unwisely failed to consult

Regarding her controversial decision to terminate an offered and accepted tenure position at the University of Illinois, Chancellor Phyllis Wise is quoted in The News-Gazette as saying, "I, in hindsight, wish I had been a little more deliberate and consulted with more people before that decision."

The trouble with tweets (in brief)

Is there anything meaningful that you can say with just 140 characters? Perhaps a pithy quote lifted from a more loquacious essay will fit within that limitation.

But no learned discourse can be contained within the Twitter defined canister. No reasoned argument with evidentiary support for its thesis can be advanced in a tweet.

Many professors likely to apply

Thank you for providing all citizens the opportunity to participate in the arena of public debate. I am writing to express my unequivocal support for Chancellor Phyllis Wise.

I am an Afro-American who received an excellent education at the University of Illinois, a double master's and bachelor's degrees; not under the label of affirmative action, but cerebral action.

No-confidence vote not unanimous

It should be pointed out that the vote of no confidence in Chancellor Phyllis Wise, President Robert Easter and the University of Illinois Board of Trustees taken in the Department of Philosophy recently was far from unanimous.

Speech is subject to consequences

Regarding the Steven Salaita controversy, those who say this is a First Amendment issue are misguided. It's not necessary to address the importance of the First Amendment, but its misuse as a supportive argument does.

Was due diligence done properly?

After a lengthy University of Illinois career that included significant experience leading and serving on job search committees, I have a few thoughts regarding the recent non-hiring controversy.

Salaita's writings do not measure up

I have been a professor for decades and have now become motivated to read a substantial portion of Steven Salaita's papers that are available in full text online through the University of Illinois library.

Trashing Wise harms everyone

Those faculty who are voting "no confidence" in Chancellor Phyllis Wise should be careful what they wish for. By crucifying Chancellor Wise, do they really imagine they will get a chancellor more sympathetic to their views or supportive of shared governance?

Letters to the editor on Steven Salaita and the UI, part 3

Here are letters to the editor on the subject of Steven Salaita (here is the second  compilation, and

UI's focus must be on new med school

If so much hadn't been at stake, it would have been amusing. But the Sept. 4 News-Gazette front page presented a tale of two campuses.