Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Turnout was strong for annual prayer vigil

Thank you to the sponsors and participants of the recent Community Ecumenical Memorial Prayer Vigil.

This multifaith event has taken place for 30 years in our community. It enables people of different faiths to come together for a time of prayer and to mourn for the millions of lives lost to abortion since 1973.

Letter to the Editor | Address violence at Urbana High

As an Urbana High School student, I would like to stress that fights in the school are fairly common occurrences. People have been complaining about violent behavior since week one this year.

It is unacceptable for students, teachers and parents to experience this much fear and anxiety in an allegedly "safe" environment.

Letter to the Editor | It's time to beef up background checks

Congress must take action on our antiquated federal background check system.

Every day, we lose 100 Americans to gun violence, and yet our federal background check system has not been updated since the Brady Bill was introduced in 1993.

Letter to the Editor | Bad decisions being made in C-U

I've lived in Urbana-Champaign nearly all of my life, except for the two years I was in the military.

Today, I drove down East Elm Street just east of Vine Street and noticed they have blacktopped the street, blacktopped a street that for some stupid reason that I can't think why.

Letter to the Editor | Super Bowl show was disappointing

This year's Super Bowl had to be the worst halftime show in history. Pepsi should have taken all the dollars they spent on this one and lowered the cost of their products. It would've been more entertaining to watch paint dry.



Letter to the Editor | Participate in local elections

It's time. April 2 is municipal election day in Champaign County; Feb. 28 is the start of early voting.

If you breathe the air here, send your children to our schools, drive our roads and enjoy our recreational facilities, you need to participate in local elections.

Now is the time to take note of the candidates for local city councils and mayors, school and park boards.

Letter to the Editor | Double standards are too common

Yes, comrades, the enemy of the people, Roger Stone, was recently captured by two dozen FBI agents armed with automatic weapons. Rejoice, American streets are safe again.

Letter to the Editor | Thomas puts party before country

Cal Thomas' column in Sunday's paper was headed "What became of country before party?" Thomas records how in 1968, on the election of Richard Nixon as president, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield said "we will endeavor at all times to put the future of the nation ahead of the future of the party."

Letter to the Editor | All kids deserve a quality education

Jim Nowlan's recent commentary (The Truth about student achievement) includes three misconceptions about education funding.

The first misconception is assuming standardized tests accurately assess student achievement, when tests are but one, imperfect measure.

The second misconception is questioning education funding when student outcomes vary because of out-of-school factors.

Letter to the Editor | We've seen this scenario too often

Our current prevaricator-in-chief seems intent on joining that rogues' gallery of past presidents who have made the business of other countries our business. By my calculation, most U.S. presidents in my lifetime have given in to this temptation.

The country du jour is Venezuela, which has the largest known oil reserves on the planet.