Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Need public's help on Map Amendment

We have an opportunity to change our state's reputation as the laughingstock of the country. Concerned citizens are making another effort to eliminate the gerrymandering of Illinois legislative districts.

Montezuma story is quite inspiring

What a wonderful article The News-Gazette published on April 30 about Carlos Montezuma, the University of Illinois' first Native American graduate and the naming of Wassaja Hall in his honor.

Local divorce court needs big changes

Anyone who has gone through divorce court in Champaign County knows what a traumatic experience it is. Those who haven't gone through it can't imagine how horrendous it really is.

A few thoughts on money and happiness

In Champaign and lower-income areas, I have seen what extremes people will go to in order to be happy, and having spending money or just money in general is one of the top extremes. Just yesterday, I was watching a television show where the main character becomes happier after winning the lottery.

Thank the workers who help us every day

National Public Works Week is this week, a time to thank public works men and women who keep us healthy, safe and on the move. The services we have grown to expect like fire and police protection, community health and environmental stewardship wouldn't be possible without them.

Letter: UI sports teams may be suffering from curse

Wait until next year. Cubs fans have been waiting for over 100 years for the team to return to and win the World Series. According to some, the bad luck of the team season after season is due to a curse placed on it by a goat that was unfairly expelled from a game years ago. Will this be the year? Or will the team be hexed out of it once again?

Seeking insults? You will find them

My hometown, at one time, was 95 percent Caucasian and 85 percent Catholic. Oddly enough, children still found ways to bully each other. Anything different, clothes, haircuts or what side of town you lived in, helped bullies. They did not need skin color or religion to be bullies. Bad behavior doesn't need a reason.

Being gentleman prevents assaults

The best and the brightest. The cream of the crop. By that I mean the students of the University of Illinois.

Do they have to have the second-highest official of the country come to Urbana to tell them about something I knew when I was 9 years old. That being, you don't hit girls.

And as I grew older, you don't grope or rape either. That you respect women.

PE should be high priority for school

Based on my experiences, I believe that a major problem in school today is that children are not correctly taught how to exercise and how to remain physically active, which can be a major factor to childhood obesity.

Schools should be on alert for anxiety

As many students are approaching the end of the semester, anxiety levels will be on the rise. Whether it is an upcoming test or speech, all students have dealt with some sort of anxiety in school. Yet, for some students, anxiety is something that is much more severe than just having "butterflies in your stomach".