Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

AFL-CIO offers its endorsements

On behalf of the thousands of men and women represented by the AFL-CIO in Champaign County, I write to announce our endorsements for the consolidated election on April 4.

For Champaign City Council, we endorse Alicia Beck in District 2 and Angela Slates in District 5. For Urbana mayor, we endorse Diane Marlin.

Get facts straight about Norman Lear

Norman Lear, who will be coming to Ebertfest in April, the producer of some excellent television series that I watched while living in Urbana, did not "create" "Sanford and Son," nor did he create "All in the Family."

Lear adapted them — very well indeed — from two British series of the 1960s, "Steptoe and Son" and "Till Death Us Do Part."

Let council members continue their work

Danville voters in wards 3 and 6 are urged to join with us and vote April 4 for experienced aldermen J.R. Davis and Steve Nichols to further the work of the current Danville City Council, of which both men are a vital part.

Gov. Rauner should OK new voting bill

Voting is the premise of American democracy and one of our most fundamental rights and acts of citizenship.

Unfortunately, over 2 million eligible Illinois residents were unregistered last election, and others had difficulty on Election Day because of problems with their registration.

Does Trump need an intervention?

Has anybody noticed President Donald Trump's mental health lately? I'm no Dr. Phil, but something is definitely wrong with our commander in chief.

He keeps on ranting about "James Bond" Obama looking in his windows. Tapping? The only thing I think needs tapped is the Donald's frontal lobe.

Hey look, you won the election. Get on with American business.

Urbana, say 'no' to hotel project

The proposal for Urbana taxpayers to sell nearly $10 million in bonds to fund a reboot of the Landmark Hotel is a boondoggle with a capital "B."

A long wait for no internet service

Since we are market-driven economy and, it seems, the only way to get the attention of certain businesses is to hit them where it hurts, I am compelled to write this letter.

Frontier Communications gets an F for how its staff treated me recently.

Available help for gambling troubles

March means the madness of college basketball, the crack of the bats in baseball's spring training and getting back outside after winter.

For the video gaming industry, it means recognizing some people find playing our machines to be more than simply entertainment.

Raise legal age for tobacco to 21

When the University of Illinois became smoke-free a few years ago, we became healthier, more inclusive and greener.

But it's time for the state of Illinois to take the next step in improving campus health by raising the age of tobacco sales to 21 years old.

Put your trust in God, Constitution

I implore everyone to quiet down and trust God and our God-ordained democratic republic government of checks and balances to right itself.

Many are under a strong delusion that they are smarter than our founders. Wrong. Donald Trump is a tyrant. Wrong.