Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Governor, name 'not Illinois' firms

Do you remember Ronald Reagan's "welfare queen"? He first described her in 1976, driving her Cadillac all around Chicago, fraudulently collecting welfare checks under a number of bogus identities. She was the reason that welfare reform was urgently needed.

Hold bicyclists to drivers' standards

After reading the Sheree Fruzen letter on May 29, I had to write.

I have been driving the streets of Champaign-Urbana for 40 years in a large commercial vehicle. Sharing the road with bicycles has always been a pet peeve with me.

In order for me to do my job, I must be certified to be healthy and have a commercial drivers license, and I must be fingerprinted every four years.

What's driving climate agenda?

I'll write slowly so my climate-change-believing friends can grasp it. Why is it that when we talk to China and Russia about cutting carbon emissions, they seem to drag their feet, get exemptions from the West, and just build more refineries and power plants as fast as they can?

'Micro-aggression' part of left agenda

If leftists wants to beat themselves up about their newest head-scratching conundrum, "micro-aggression," knock yourselves out.

The masterminds of this liberal fantasy do have a goal, and it's about eliminating an individual's thought that may not jibe with the left's agenda. That's not going to happen. Or do they really want humans to stop forming opinions altogether? Hmmm.

Some believers distort real science

In response to Vicki Small's recent letter, I really do laugh at the preposterous things people believe. Whether it's supposedly real mermaids or various ideologies that have caused much suffering, I find it amazing, and yes, funny.

However, it ceases to become funny when believers want to impose their unsubstantiated beliefs through the public school system.

GC mishandled street repaving

Last summer, I contacted Mayor Daniel Dickey, requesting something be done about Lott Boulevard in Gibson City. At the time, there was a huge pothole in the southbound lane across from my home.

The mayor agreed to have it fixed but only with "cold patch" since the city was planning on a complete redo of the remaining five blocks in 2015.

Urge governor to veto bobcat bill

It was an embarrassing day for rational and enlightened debate when, on the final day of the legislative session, Illinois lawmakers passed a bill to open a trophy hunting and trapping season on the state's still-recovering bobcat population.

Recalling D-Day, 71 years later

A 1944 memory for D-Day 2015: That morning in June, my mother got up early for the appointment at the district attorney's office in Baton Rouge. She was excited because it was the day to become a U.S. citizen, June 6, 1944.

Screening for liver disease critical

In direct contrast with the low-key profile of the "silent killer" known as hepatitis C, legislation requiring physicians to offer a onetime screening to baby boomers passed the Illinois General Assembly amid controversy and a passionate plea from members in both parties to put patients first.

Aggression against First Amendment

Far from displaying, as a letter writer said, "bigotry and insensitivity," Jim Dey deserves thanks for calling attention to the current infantile obsession with "micro-aggression."