Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Fourth not right without Overture

I sat up in eager anticipation on July Fourth to watch the fireworks and listen to the "1812 Overture" broadcast from the Boston Esplanade and the playing of the Boston Pops. It has been a few years since they have been broadcast here.

Over the years the "1812" has been abbreviated down to smaller than 10 minutes but is still a favorite of mine.

Students can pray while in school

The Hobby Lobby ad on July Fourth said that "in 1963 the Supreme Court struck down voluntary prayer in schools."

Arrest in flag burning absurd

I read with interest The News-Gazette story in the July 5 edition about the young man arrested for flag desecration and disorderly conduct.

The term "desecration" has always puzzled me in this context. In my world, only the things of God are sacred.

But I had also thought most laws of this sort had long since been ruled unconstitutional, mostly on freedom of speech grounds.

Not all lawmakers are created equal

In response to a letter last week stating that Illinois lawmakers have failed us, I have to disagree that not all lawmakers have and that many are trying to do the right thing.

Sunday Extra: A heartbreaking reality

By Lynn McLinden

Flag burner out of touch with vets

Has Bryton Mellott ever been handed a folded U.S. flag that was draped across a coffin of a family member or fellow soldier that died serving our country?

My guess is no because if he had he would have never burned our flag.

Has he ever worn a uniform of any branch of the military?

Again, I would say no.

Flag burning poor way to protest

As a natural-born American citizen, it sickens me that people like Bryton Mellott, exercising their right to free speech, will burn a flag and then taunt people in a social forum.

While I agree and always have with freedom of speech, there are better ways to do it than burn the flag of our great United States.

LETTER: Family shocked by scary parade entry

My family, including two children ages 5 and 7, attended the Champaign County Freedom Celebration's parade Monday morning.

Flag burner should have served time in jail

I think Urbana's Bryton Mellott — who posted on Facebook on the Fourth of July a picture of himself burning the American flag — should be thrown in jail for at least 30 days. And fined.

What he did was the most terrible act toward our country. And those who have fought for our freedom. This man should learn respect.



Team Clinton comes out victorious again

The Los Angeles prosecutors owe us a belated apology. They should have known that even with overwhelming evidence, jury nullification would free O.J. Thus, no reasonable prosecutor would have brought the charges.