Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Gun dealer license costly, ineffective

When I see letters such as the Oct. 13 one from Lauren Quinn representing Moms Demand Action for Gun Sence in America, I know the money for this group comes from one of two millionaires who want to disarm all Americans, either Michael Bloomburg or George Soros.

We are paying for climate change

Are the global-warming deniers enjoying this year? Because of climate change, the hurricanes are more vicious, devastating whole islands, most of Florida, Houston and battering New Orleans again.

Now, California is burning up because of ongoing droughts. Apparently, Napa Valley has gone up in flames.

Same for other Western states.

Statewide effort needed on opioids

Almost 1,900 people in Illinois died last year from an opioid overdose, including roughly 40 people in Champaign, Douglas, Ford, Iroquois, Piatt and Vermilion counties.

Opioid use disorder, or OUD, affects people from all walks of life — the poor and the wealthy, educated and uneducated, and those in small towns and big cities.

Religion has role in public square

In the Oct. 9 letter by Ed Devon, he states that theology has no place in public discourse. How can anyone whether religious or otherwise come to such an outlandish notion?

I am a Christian, but I know that all religions have impact on lives. Whatever has impact on us is always appropriate for public and private discourse.

NRA money halts firearm legislation

I'm amazed that America appears to be becoming hardened to gun violence.

When you see the firepower that the Las Vegas shooter amassed and a film clip of what these military assault weapons will do, you wonder why we aren't doing anything about it.

One QB a hero, but another a cad

Awhile ago an African-American quarterback decided to insult America in the name of social justice. He was lauded as a hero. No one was allowed to criticize his actions because he "is protected by free speech."

In early October, a different African-American quarterback made an offhand comment that was not nice, but of no particular content. People were outraged. He has been crucified.

U.S. flag used for different purposes

What does the flag stand for? It depends on who you are.

If you are giddy with American exceptionalism, the flag represents that. And since flags and the military have been closely linked for millennia, honoring the flag honors our troops.

The people sent a strong message

Reading Leonard Pitts leftist spittle spin columns is like taking a casual stroll through a garbage dump. I dare say it's probably good that he has a formal outlet for his deranged anger. Otherwise, we might be reading about him going "postal" somewhere.

Actually, Pitts slobbering hatred of Trump is somewhat understandable.

Trump moving nation backward on energy

I read and saw a couple of disturbing stories in the news this weekend. Time magazine and CBS News reported on efforts by China to take the lead in lithium batteries and solar energy development.

NRA stays silent following tragedies

The National Rifle Association just lurks in the background every time a horrific shooting tragedy occurs.

Its officials admonish that this is not the time for discussion. They count on the public's short attention span.

They wait, while we argue about bump stocks.