Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Lawmakers should back lasting cease-fire

I urge Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Rodney Davis to fully support Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to bring about a lasting cease-fire between Israel and Gaza that includes ending the Israeli-Egyptian economic blockade of 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza.

Companies need to pay U.S. taxes

With every business that decides to move its headquarters overseas in order to avoid paying taxes, the burden increases on American companies and the rest of us.

Extending Savoy street a bad idea

The proposed change to Ellen Avenue — connecting it to the Walmart property in Savoy — would be disastrous. Ellen is a narrow street. Connecting it would bring traffic, speeders, danger and a decrease in our property values.

Not pleased with bridge's new spot

While I understand that some experimentation is required with the changed format of The News-Gazette, putting the bridge column in an arbitrary spot buried in the classifieds has got to be somebody's idea of a joke.

The only rationale I can imagine for a location like that is that it is a test to see if anyone notices. If they don't, you drop the column.

Not problem, but a state obligation

In your editorial "Pay freeze?" of July 27, you once again state as fact a completely false assumption when you say "Illinois is in desperate financial straits, a circumstance driven in large part by the crippling costs of pensions for public employees."

Clown will not work at fair again

To the Citizens of Champaign County,

The Champaign County Fair Association would like to address the issue of the inappropriate actions of the rodeo clown during the rodeo on Sunday, July 20. The fair office has received numerous phone calls and emails from concerned guests attending the fair and after thorough investigation, the following statement is made:

Rodeo apologizes for clown's actions

I would like to extend my sincere apologies to the Champaign County Fair Board and the citizens of Champaign County, Ill., for the actions of our contracted clown act during the rodeo at the Champaign County fairgrounds on July 20. During a rodeo, a clown is needed to act as a filler for certain time slots while the transition of events is taking place.

'Anti-Semitic' not accurately applied

In her letter of July 27, Carol Mizrahi quotes Hillel Neurer, of U.N. Human Rights Watch, saying that if people only "cry out" for Gaza and ignore human rights abuses elsewhere, then they are anti-Israel. She then closes her quotes from Neurer, and writes, "And, if I might add, anti-Semitic."

Fox guarding henhouse of facts

In response to Kevin Northrup's letter about Fox News, little advice to him:

Stop drinking the Fox News Kool-Aid before it destroys all your sense of reality.

The definition of oxymoron: Fox News = facts.



Human shields are OK with Hamas

I find current events in the Middle East unbelievable, yet I must believe them. They are happening.

Deaths and injuries of women and children regardless of steps taken to minimize casualties is truly heartbreaking. Conscious and intentional use of these women and children as human shields, providing horrific photo-ops used as propaganda, is abominable.