Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

If you suspect abuse, call DCFS hotline

The News-Gazette recently reported about the second annual Dave Benton Crime Fighter of the Year Award being given to Jorden Moore for reporting a case of suspected child sexual abuse to the proper authorities.

Given that the perpetrator of the crime was in a position of trust in a youth activity, she has likely saved many children and youth from being sexually abused.

Vermilion Dems left a fiscal mess

In her July 19 letter, Lori DeYoung, the chairwoman of the Vermilion County Democratic Party, made false and dangerous accusations about the fiscal health of Vermilion County.

She cites a letter that Vermilion County Board Chairman Michael Marron wrote, asking officeholders to be fiscally responsible in their budgeting, and assumes the county has gone broke in the last four years.

Bicyclists need to follow traffic laws

This is a response to a July 29 letter written by Rick Kubetz of Urbana.

Mr. Kubetz recounted an incident where he was riding his bicycle on Duncan Road and was sideswiped by a car. The friends he was riding with were also brushed by the car. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Why are believers voting for Trump?

I will start by saying I'm a registered Democrat. However, this voting cycle when I heard John Kasich from Ohio speak, I said that's my man. He is honest, he wants what's best for his country and he loves God.

Unfortunately his name is not on the ballot.

This letter is for the Christians who are voting for Donald Trump.

1. Bully.

Get used to losing, Illini football fans

Sept. 3 is almost here, and Illini football fans are still living in dreamland, getting ready for another 4-8 or 5-7 season.

Don't agree? Read Phil Steele's college football preview and it will tell you the same thing, along with every publication on the planet. Illinois will finish six in the Big 10 West.

The other Venice: Crowds, gridlock

In response to the travel article published on July 31: My wife and I have a condo in Venice, Fla., and have experienced an "overwhelming" surge of "snowbirds" the last couple of years.

This summer, a builder is completing another housing development of 150 villas. Approximately half will be sold and these retirees will only add to the congestion.

Choosing between 2 bad candidates

Neither of the major party candidates for president are good choices.

Donald Trump is a foot-in-mouth blowhard, and Hillary Clinton is a liar and a cheat who accepts money from foreign governments, funneled into a Canadian "charity" owned by the Clintons.

Let's make every extra second count

The U.S. Naval Observatory announced recently that 2016 will be blessed with an extra second of time, in order to keep the world clock in sync with the rotation of the Earth. Which begs the question: What will you do with that extra second?

Little free library a joy to witness

Kudos to News-Gazette writer Melissa Merli and her July 31 article about little free libraries.

I like to repurpose things, so our library is a large ice cooler secured to the mailbox and has been in place since we saw the coverage of Todd Bol's idea on the evening news. If I remember, Todd built his as a tribute to the memory of his mother who had been a school teacher.

Show respect to military personnel

If people who devalue the contributions of our military service personnel suddenly had to defend themselves because too few soldiers volunteered, they might see things differently.

People who chant "no more war" and devalue their protectors need to realize that, when standing up to enemies who have no conscience, only survival matters (not whether or not anyone "wants" war).