Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Planned hog farms would hurt others

Permits for two mega-hog farms near Fithian have been submitted. The usual benefits, including some construction jobs, two full-time jobs later, some trucking, some tax revenue, and additional income for three families in Vermilion County, were stressed.

So what's the problem?

Urbana recouped hotel's $1 million

The city of Urbana got back the $1 million we loaned the owner of the former Urbana Lincoln Hotel (Jumer's).

Many people do not realize the city was repaid, so I stressed that fact to The News-Gazette's Tom Kacich, but he omitted it from his Feb. 7 article.

Koplinski works hard at his craft

This is a response to a letter from Billy Denny of Urbana that was published in The News-Gazette on Jan. 31.

Mr. Denny questioned the qualifications of local film critic Chuck Koplinski and compared him to professional letter-turner Vanna White. He also suggested Mr. Koplinski could easily be replaced by a trained monkey.

'Fake news' effect cost Clinton votes

Regarding Dan Corkery's Feb. 5 opinion piece: I think he is right that one of the problems of analyzing the impact of "fake news" is defining it and that this is illustrated in the Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow article to which he refers.

U.S. foolishly isolating itself

Distressed by what is happening in my beloved country, I decided to watch again my DVDs of the television series "West Wing."

Special-needs kids relying on ACA

All the political statements about repealing the Affordable Care Act make me wonder if constituents have been given a chance to understand what the ACA does for average families.

Shocking amount of trash in parks

Recently, two letters to The News-Gazette caught my attention. They both concerned litter thrown on the ground.

Let's call it what it really is: trash.

One of my goals after retiring was to become a Master Naturalist. Last fall, after completing classroom requirements, I needed an additional 60 hours of volunteer time to complete training requirements by December of 2017.

Could not find Super Bowl stories

While on vacation, I like to keep up with The News-Gazette online.

Now I know who won as I watched it on television, but the only mention about the Super Bowl on Monday morning was the commercials.

The biggest game in the NFL deserves a write-up, don't ya think?



Swine farms not good for county

I am writing to protest the two "proposed" swine operations to be built near Fithian.

My neighbors and I through no fault of our own will be subjected to the odor from these two facilities, one on the south and the other on the west. The wind where we live is almost always out of those directions.

Davis should meet with constituents

We have a new game being played in central Illinois. It's called "Where's Rodney?" Our representative to Congress seems to be rather hard to find.

In a WDWS interview on Feb. 3, U.S. Rep. Davis, R-Taylorville, labeled town hall meetings as "grandstanding," meaning "ostentatious behavior intended to impress people." I'd call them "listening and understanding."