Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Too many school systems in Illinois

There are about 800 school districts in Illinois. That is a lot more superintendents and principals than taxpayers can afford.

There are about 100 counties with county boards already supervising all the county functions. Why not have each county take over operation of all its schools?

UI soon will be a laughingstock

I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1982, at which time Chief Illiniwek was the university's sports symbol.

I will always consider Chief Illiniwek to be the representative of my alma mater.

But if the UI insists on following through with its silly idea to create a new mascot, I have an appropriate suggestion — SpongeBob Squarepants.

GOP, Dems each face challenges

By beating Ted Cruz on May 3 in Indiana, Donald Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination. Flummoxed pundits will analyze for years the extraordinary dynamics of his nomination contest, explaining how a brash billionaire businessman and political novice, came out of nowhere to vanquish a strong field of sixteen talented opponents.

Sunday Extra: Responding to Kauffmann's column

By Dan McCollum

UI faculty strike was a necessity

I am responding to Arthur Schmidt's letter about the strike authorization vote by the non-tenure-track faculty union at the University of Illinois.

The decision to freeze wages until bargaining was completed was the university's decision, not the union's, and it was the administration, not the union, that came to the bargaining table with stalling tactics.

Stop saying that the Chief was a mascot

The Chief, let's say this one last time for those out there that don't get it. The Chief was never meant or used as a mascot. Stop saying that he was. It is not a true statement in any regard. The head chief of the whole Sioux tribes brought the last costume to the Illinois football game in the '80s.

Higher education values are declining

Syndicated columnist George Will's article on "Low depths of higher ed" was a revelation to me. However, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised considering the feelings of "super educators" these days. The article certainly reveals the lowdown expressions of values.



Abuse and neglect can't be tolerated

I have followed the story of Bear, the dog who was brutally abused and left to die. I am sickened by the abject cruelty of the people responsible.

I sincerely hope authorities prosecute the persons responsible for this despicable act.

I don't know who is responsible for Bear's pain and suffering. But, in my opinion, the owners are guilty of Bear's neglect.

LETTER: New UI symbol could be a WWI soldier

I propose our new symbol should represent where the University of Illinois' unique nickname originated.

While the term Illini did stem from Native American and French terms for the people of our region, the nickname was not initially meant to be associated with Native American imagery.

Abused canine needs to go to a new home

This is for the puppy found tied by the bridge. Please, please, don't give him back to his owners. If they didn't care enough to inquire about his health, they don't deserve him. If they get him back, he will have no life. Remember "owners," there is such a thing called "karma." It's coming for you. May God watch over Bear and bless him with a new home. And a new name.