Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: All problems being blamed on Rauner

I have noticed an almost-daily letter blaming Gov. Bruce Rauner for Illinois problems. I wonder, how many times has a lawmaker tried to advance a bill that House Speaker Michael Madigan refuses to bring up for a vote because it would maybe help all of Illinois instead of just Chicago?

Try looking at both sides.



LGBT political agenda infringing on rights

I think the Christian community is waking up to the fact that their rights are being taken away from them because of the LGBT political agenda. States are deciding it is mandatory to allow anyone of any sex into public bathrooms. In Illinois, it is against the law to counsel children if they are confused about their sexuality.

Confidentiality key in job searches

I write to take issue with The News Gazette's April 5 editorial condemning University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen's decision to maintain confidentiality about candidates to be considered for the position of chancellor of the Urbana campus.

Unlike The News-Gazette editorial board, I applaud Killeen's decision.

Next week celebrates early learning

The East Central Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children asks East Central Illinois to come together for children during the Week of the Young Child (April 10-16, 2016).

As part of the national Week of the Young Child celebrated across the country, we are honoring young children and all those who make a difference in children's lives.

The wealthy reap, but do not produce

We are told that the private sector is the foundation of capitalism, and that "job creators" are the foundation of the private sector.

Court forcing its values on citizens

Judicial tyranny is once again trying to strike a blow against hard-working, tax-paying Christian citizens.

I am referring to the TimberCreek Bed and Breakfast of rural Paxton being strong-armed by an administrative law judge and the so-called Illinois Human Rights Commission to the tune of $80,000 in fines for refusing to host a same-sex wedding on its property.

Danville policing priorities wrong

Danville has reached a new low.

If you throw a bag of trash out on private or public property and someone calls the Danville Police Department, an officer is sent out.

Vermilion County needs recycling

In the last few years, I have witnessed a growing concern and interest in the need to have recycling options reintroduced in Vermilion County. More people are becoming aware of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle in their everyday lives.

UI should recruit quality citizens

Recruiting from Chicago is not the Illini's problem. Coaches at the University of Illinois just need to make sure they are adding quality human beings to their teams.

And, by the way, did not two local teams win state basketball crowns recently?

The Illini should pick up a couple of those kids; at least they are more likely to stay out of jail.



Task force needs input from public

I am a member of the Champaign County Racial Justice Task Force and, while I am not able to speak for the force as a whole, know that a large part of the reason I joined in the first place was to help this community. To best do that, we need to hear more voices.

In that spirit, I would ask that everyone who has a story to consider attending at least one of our meetings.