Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

UI resolution not empty symbolism

In his Dec. 8 column, Jim Dey describes a recent resolution passed by the University of Illinois faculty senate as "a pointless display of moral pretense devoid of anything approaching substance." (Note: A copy of the resolution is available online athttp://www.senate.illinois.edu).

Much to dislike in Washington, at UI

I am shocked that a country once so fair has fallen so far. A position held by Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln is soon to be occupied by a lying huckster so obviously lacking in both the qualifications and the qualities of a president.

Some pipelines are riskier than others

I take issue with the last sentence of The News-Gazette editorial "Pipeline Protests" on Monday: "That's why if there's one pipeline already there, the chances that a second one will be built beside it look pretty good" for omitting an important detail.

Trump on Twitter no bull moose

President-elect Donald Trump's use of Twitter to cast aspersions against anyone with whom he disagrees is making history.

I suspect his use of Twitter will modernize the definition and meaning of President Teddy Roosevelt's expression "the bully pulpit."



UI phone incident involved crimes

After reading the article "Class, interrupted" in the Dec. 6 News-Gazette, I am amazed how uninformed some people are.

First, Professor Erik McDuffie claims the incident was minor. However, the article reports that the cellular phone was valued at $850. In Illinois, theft over $500 is a felony.

Beware zombies texting on campus

Citizens, be warned that many lives are in danger. Mortality statistics will rise because of the emergence of a new dangerous beast proliferating in our midst.

The Japanese have an expression for the activity of these monsters: aruki sumaho, "walking while texting." Motorists "driving while texting" are even more deadly.

Dey column an affront to campus

I am outraged by columnist Jim Dey's use of a recent University of Illinois senate debate to trivialize valid fears and smear a faculty member.

Nationally, incidents expressing hatred for people of color, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, women and LGTBQ communities are so extensive that the New York Times now has a column titled This Week in Hate.

Staley crossing unsafe for pedestrians

On occasion, while driving at night along Staley Road between Springfield and Kirby avenues, there have been people walking along and standing at the west edge waiting to cross.

After dark and during rainy or inclement weather, it is tough to see them until the last minute.

Let's not act on our prejudices

In regard to the professor whose class was interrupted by the police, it was not a minor crime to the student who lost his cellphone. I sympathize with the students. The news is full of white police hurting or killing blacks.

Bright headlights extreme nuisance

"Once upon a time," we heard of the dangers of some cars having headlights being too low. This results in poorly illuminated roadways for safe driving or so it's claimed. Probably is so.

But what about the other side of the coin?