Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

U.S. should not be in the Mideast

We must demand that our government remove all our troops and weapons from the Mideast.

The recent discussion between presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump has begun a partial cease-fire in Syria, which should be extended to all of the country. Russian troops are there at the invitation of a legitimate government, while the United States had no legal right to invade Syria.

Pitts' columns pretty tiresome

I was born and raised in Detroit and now live in Gifford,

I have been a loyal reader of our News-Gazette for 20 years. When the syndicated columns of Leonard Pitts first appeared on the editorial page, I enjoyed his first several articles.

However, as we have now allowed the "camel all the way into the tent," it is extremely obvious the amount of dung that now appears.

People can't stand loss of health care

As a family nurse practitioner, a community educator and a free clinic volunteer, I am finally getting downright despondent on what will happen if the Affordable Care Act is not available for those who need it the most.

Many of my adult patients are hardworking, own very little and have been able to keep their homes and lives afloat because of the ACA.

Good to have state budget in place

As chancellor of the local University of Illinois campus, I write to thank our local state legislators who supported the bipartisan effort that led to the first state budget in two years.

God, science are not in conflict

It is interesting how people will talk as if authoritatively about science and religion without apparently knowing much about science or scientists.

For example, Paul Hayes in his July 7 letter begins by stating that there is an argument between God and science.

It's Republicans who are elitists

OK, what were the reasons Republicans said they needed to be elected? Oh yes, to remove the elitists from office who think they are better then everyone else.

So I will use New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie's own words on his day at the beach that was closed to everyone else: "That's just the way it goes."



Why not give courtesy a chance?

No one is quite sure when courtesy first appeared on the human scene, but we all probably agree that our species would not have gone far without it.

Courtesy is the lubricant that eases the friction arising from differences among we humans. The elaborate politeness in diplomacy, in our courts of law and in our governmental assemblies may sometimes seem forced and hollow.

Reality of abortion is a mind-changer

On the Fourth of July, I thought about the heroic sacrifices that many have made to protect our freedoms. I am eternally grateful. It made me more determined to speak out in defense of the most basic right — the right to life!

Health care bill has consequences

I worked for a small business after college. It had few employees, and I was among the first young women hired.

I'll never forget when, about a month after my hiring, my new boss pulled me aside. He seemed annoyed with me, even angry.

He'd just spoken with our health insurer and said that I was responsible for an increase in insurance costs.

Naked emperor in bed with Russians

As are most Americans, I was concerned when it was reported that the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Towers.

As the facts came out, it turned out to be another faux fantasy from "whineland."