Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

GOP tax plans awash in red ink

During the 2016 campaign, Congressman Rodney Davis said on his website, "Washington should live by the same rules as every American family and that means balancing our budget and only spending what we take in."

U.S. desperately needs more kids

In 1968, panic struck with Dr. Paul Ehrlich's book "The Population Bomb." We felt we would surely all starve to death in an overcrowded world.

However, by the 21st century, we realized that the population "bomb" was due to the dramatic increase in life expectancy.

UI administration taking wrong path

Watching the Indiana vs. Illinois game, I was surprised not to hear the war chant. I applaud the University of Illinois' administration and trustees for their decisive action in banning the mantra.

Game day great despite disrespect

Saturdays at Memorial Stadium provide a day of enjoyment and entertainment — tailgating, Marching Illini, dance team, cheerleaders, Block I and football. There are hundreds of students who have put in many, many hours to give us a day to enjoy.

Founders knew of firearms evolution

Anti-Second Amendment advocates seldom rely on facts, as shown in a Nov. 6 letter from Cinda Pippenger.

She expresses the tired old argument that falsely assumes that the Founding Fathers could have no concept of repeating firearms — when, in fact, in 1718 James Puckle patented the "Defense Gun" capable of firing up to nine rounds a minute.

Rifle photo off, vet comments spot on

Just a note to the editorial board. I expect that only a few veterans will notice that the appropriate cartoon of men in battle on Saturday's editorial page was probably copied from a photograph of British troops not American troops. The British Lee-Enfield rifles are clearly depicted. I like the very nice compilation of comments by copy editor Dave Burleson.


Please give thanks for all who serve

Next week is Thanksgiving — an American holiday.

Over 1.3 million American military men, and more recently women, in the past 241 years of our country's existence, have lost their lives fighting for the freedoms that everyone residing in the United States of America enjoys.

How abortion is similar to slavery

Leonard Pitts' Nov. 5 column was about the humanity of African-American people and the truth about slavery. He wrote "America seems to find ways to sell black people out" and that many people "lack the guts to face this head on."

Yet Pitts refuses to acknowledge the truth about abortion and the African-American community, including startling similarities between abortion and slavery.

Tuition-waiver tax would damage UI

I am not sure people in this town realize how devastating the GOP tax plan's proposal to tax graduate student tuition waivers could be to the university, and by extension to the economy of this whole region.

1 system reliable at verifying voters

Ideally, all legally registered voters should be able to vote in every election. That is the basis of democracy.

The problem arises in identifying voter fraud while protecting legally registered voters from being denied their right to vote.