Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Bill would allow senseless hunting

Despite substantial opposition, the Illinois Legislature has again passed a cruel and unscientific bill that was vetoed by the previous governor mere months ago.

UI, others support Israeli apartheid

From 1947-49, the establishment of Israel was accompanied by ethnic cleansing of three-quarters of a million Palestinians.

In 1967, Israel secured its role in U.S. strategic control of the Middle East by smashing Egypt in a war of Israel's choice, with U.S. support and transfer of weapons ever since.

July 4th parade fees help cover costs

I am writing to reply to the June 2 letter from Suzie Gaines. I am Mark Friedman and I am a former chairman of the parade for the Champaign County Freedom Celebration.

First and foremost, I would like to point out that CCFC is entirely volunteer driven. No one in the organization receives any financial compensation for their activities.

Big trucks mean big safety issues

Stephen L. Nussear, in his June 5 letter, seems to question why he faces high fees and training requirements as a commercial transporter of hazardous material, while cyclists do not. He then proceeds to answer his own question.

Rauner cutting wrong programs

Gov. Bruce Rauner is taking funds from the program that funds the low- to middle-class programs in order to pay a woman $250,000 and he wonders why he cannot get a budget that will please the Democrats.

A grump's view on recent news stories

I always enjoyed the candidness and style in the letters by the late Jim Pillar. So in his memory, I'd like to channel my inner "grump."

Michelle Obama used her commencement speech to fear-monger graduates into thinking no matter how hard they try, they will always be held down by "white America" and the echoes of the 1.4 percent of whites who owned slaves.

Writers drinking Obama's Kool-Aid

The News-Gazette continues well with thought-provoking articles and letters. However, there is a barely perceptible but definite slant in the Commentary section choices.

Governor, name 'not Illinois' firms

Do you remember Ronald Reagan's "welfare queen"? He first described her in 1976, driving her Cadillac all around Chicago, fraudulently collecting welfare checks under a number of bogus identities. She was the reason that welfare reform was urgently needed.

Some believers distort real science

In response to Vicki Small's recent letter, I really do laugh at the preposterous things people believe. Whether it's supposedly real mermaids or various ideologies that have caused much suffering, I find it amazing, and yes, funny.

However, it ceases to become funny when believers want to impose their unsubstantiated beliefs through the public school system.

'Micro-aggression' part of left agenda

If leftists wants to beat themselves up about their newest head-scratching conundrum, "micro-aggression," knock yourselves out.

The masterminds of this liberal fantasy do have a goal, and it's about eliminating an individual's thought that may not jibe with the left's agenda. That's not going to happen. Or do they really want humans to stop forming opinions altogether? Hmmm.