Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Registering, voting on Nov. 8 is wrong

Almost from Day One we're programmed to be on time — punctual, not tardy. Even before Day One our mothers long for their due dates. So it's probably in our DNA.

If some of us ignore our internal clocks, it's probably due to environmental conditioning that says "Who cares? I'll do what I want to do and when — so what if it's a bit inconsiderate?" Selfish and sad isn't it?

Closing fire HQ a dangerous proposal

Danville's Mayor Scott Eisenhauer is seeking yet another cut to protective services with the intention to close fire department headquarters, removing the fire engine and its firefighters serving the area.

Proponents of the plan have asserted that response times will not be affected and Danville's citizens will not suffer any reduction in safety.

Use transportation taxes for roads

Why is it whenever the Legislature or the governor does a fund sweep in an attempt to obtain enough money to fund the budget, everyone, including The News-Gazette, whose ox is being gored sends up a hue and cry denouncing the sweep.

Partisan member shows scary side

I have been a Republican since I was 18. I worked in the county board office with Democratic and Republican leaders. I was hired by a Democrat who valued my experience, education and skills.

Republican Vermilion County Board Chairman Gary Weinard was also a fair and considerate leader who didn't hold a party affiliation against an employee.

County jail would be smaller in plan

A controversial project included in Champaign County's request for a quarter-cent county facilities sales tax is the county jail.

County must fund its maintenance

I am a long-standing member of the Champaign County Community — a community which I feel demonstrates a strong commitment to the value of excellent public services. Having served as the first chair of the Champaign County Nursing Home Board of Directors, I also understand the strong funding limitations within which Champaign County government must operate.

Pols serve citizens, not major parties

This year's national election will obviously provide us with a new president.

However, the nature of the campaigning may provide us with many newly elected officials, some of whom will severely change our lives.

From the beginning of the campaigning, I have felt that both parties, Democratic and Republican, never recognized the mood of the citizenry.

Key to success: Tap the beer kegs

I saw on the news recently that the State Farm Center is almost done after the multimillion-dollar makeover. It looked beautiful.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a basketball team that could at least make the NIT tournament?

Did we spend millions to bring in big shows? If we did, let's let the basketball team play at Huff Hall.

MTD board tosses around tax money

I read in the Oct. 27 News-Gazette that the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District wants to request a $9.8 million tax levy increase.

The same article says that they just spent $1.16 million for five properties, and now they're trying to figure out what to do with them.

Maybe what they need is more oversight of their spending, not more of our tax money.


MTD has nifty revenue situation

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District is seeking yet another property tax levy increase. This time to the tune of 25 percent.

However, we're told not to worry as this won't directly translate into a 25 percent property tax increase.

Phew, I sure feel better now.