Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Cartoon false; editorial a joke

In the Jan. 29 edition, The News-Gazette published a local editorial cartoon depicting someone in a bathroom with a phone aimed at a young man using a urinal.

Chief does harm Native Americans

Recently, columnist Jim Dey wrote about Chief Illiniwek and whether he should remain a figure at the University of Illinois.

His main argument, like many others, was centered around how we as Americans have the right to free speech and should therefore be able to reference the Chief whenever we would like to in whatever manner we would like.

UI faculty worthy of public disdain

The latest incident involving our University of Illinois professors goes beyond the pale.

First I read in The News-Gazette that we have a convicted killer teaching UI students. Then I learn that one of the UI professors has decided that mathematics is racism. This ridiculous hypothesis is then heralded by one of the leaders of the UI as the workings of a profound thinker.

Tribe is needed for the Chief's return

Illiniwek's descendants are represented today by the Peoria Indian Tribe of Miami, Okla.

The state of Oklahoma describes the lllini, who lived in the area of Illinois, as descendants of those who created the great mound civilizations 2,000 to 3,000 years ago.

The people of Illinois support the Chief mascot as emblematic of its history and Indian culture.

Chief's gone; time for a new mascot

In my 45 years in Champaign-Urbana, I have been a University of Illinois student, employee, parent of graduates, and currently a retiree and wife of a retired associate professor.

Prattle from local polysyllabic punk

In his Jan. 27 letter to the editor, Mr. Eric Vimr says our president is fat, insults his wife's looks and then goes on to call anyone who doesn't agree with him deplorables who love exclusion, are racists and are misogynistic and vacuously stupid.

My oh my, it looks like the mean kid on the playground found a thesaurus.

Hess abounds in contradictions

As if Leonard Pitts' weekly negativity wasn't enough, now we have Elizabeth Hess' column complaining about and insulting conservatives.

Rolling through a red light deadly

According to a recent article by Slate's Steve Casner, rolling right turns on red (and presumably stop signs) are causing 6 percent, and rising, of total pedestrian deaths. Of those, 20 percent are children.

He goes on to say a child is more likely to die when struck by a slow-moving vehicle, as compared with an adult.



Pot legalization devalues us all

In order to defend the legalization of marijuana, many have compared it to the use of alcohol. To me, that defense is like comparing apples to oranges.

Politics entangle prosecutor, UI

When is not playing politics playing politics?

Answer: When a state's attorney elects to not press charges against an admitted violator of the law, citing a desire to not get involved in a political fight. Huh?