Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Flag at half-staff becoming normal

As I walked in to school earlier this month, I noticed that the American flag was flying at half-staff. I imagine it is to remember the victims of the massacre at the church in Texas.

What struck me is that the flag seems to be at half-staff all the time these day.

First it was Las Vegas, then it was NYC, and now Texas.

Disingenuous slant on tax cuts

In the Nov. 10 News-Gazette, Rodney Davis said he'll vote for the "Cuts Cuts Cuts" Trump bill even if he can't fix the parts that hurt his own constituents.

Symbol argument is toilet-paper thin

For those of you who continue to think that Chief Illiniwek was an honored symbol, not a mascot, let me provide an interesting counter point.

When I first arrived on this campus, there was a Follett's bookstore on the corner of Wright and Green. In that bookstore one could purchase a roll of toilet paper with the logo of this "honored symbol" on each sheet.


Staff advocated for preservation

Two years after the voters roundly defeated a referendum to build a new Central High School at the far away northeast corner of the city, then replaced all of the members of the board of education up for re-election, overwhelmingly supported the expansion of Central at its current location, and the district acquired the various neighboring properties to accomplish the job, the Preservation and

Allow Dreamers to stay as residents

Our leaders in Washington are trying to negotiate a bill that would allow 800,000 young people living in our country — the Dreamers — to apply for legal permanent residency. I hope they succeed and that Rep. Rodney Davis will support this legislation.

Feel the Bern — and the money

Bernie Sanders publicly states he is a socialist and promotes that dogma.

If this is the case, he is a very rich socialist. According to the Motley Fool, he and his wife have assets totaling $1.65 million.

NFL inconsistent on taking a knee

When will the National Football League be consistent?

In 2102, Tim Tebow "took a knee" and prayed before NFL games and wore John 3:16 on the back of his jersey. These actions were disavowed by the NFL.

However, four years later, players "took a knee" to protest racial injustice during the playing of the national anthem, actions that the NFL made no attempt to object to.

Lack of principles on full display

On Oct. 30, Hineni-CU, a Jewish advocacy group, met with Congressman Rodney Davis to present petitions from 300 constituents from throughout the 13th Congressional District asking for a "yes" vote on the Dream Act of 2017 without amendments. This bill protects from deportation nearly 800,000 young immigrants brought here as infants and young children by undocumented parents.

Hold gun owners to a high standard

In recent years, this country has seen many instances of gun violence.

I do not believe individuals should have access to semiautomatic guns, bump stocks or automatic rifles.

I believe it is time for this nation to demand training and more strict background checks.

Be on the lookout for deer this month

November is an active month for deer. Drivers may have very little time to react when deer linger, step onto or leap across the roadway. The Illinois Insurance Association reminds motorists to be cautious during deer season. Keep the following tips in mind.

— Always wear a seatbelt, and insist that passengers do the same.