Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Auditor candidate displays negativity

On Oct. 3, a candidates' forum was held at Bremer Center on the Danville Area Community College campus. Vermilion County auditor candidates Linda Lucas Anstey and Bill Wright spoke as well as candidates for other offices. Each was given a five-minute opening, presumably to introduce themselves and state their qualifications for office.

Override veto on caregivers' wages

My family, like thousands of families across Illinois, has a loved one with a developmental disability who depends on direct support staff to assist him/her in meeting everyday needs such as eating, dressing and bathing.

Why complain about candidates?

"Stop whining": Isn't that a new version of "get over it, what difference does it make"?

I don't believe the election is rigged at all.

Will Rogers ropes in America in 2016

Will Rogers was an actor, humorist and commentator. He was born in 1879 and killed in a plane crash in 1935.

I found the following quotation from him that has relevance for the 2016 presidential election.

"I bet after seeing us, George Washington would sue us for calling him 'father.'"


St. Joseph

Dimmer future under Clinton

I am sure by now, people have their minds set on their presidential vote or they are more confused than ever.

After watching and hearing both sides, I have come to one conclusion. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, the people and businesses of the United States will go into a major mental and psychological depression in six months or less.

Many reasons to reject amendment

The transportation amendment to the state Constitution would require that all money collected for transportation-related purposes be spent only for that purpose. There are good arguments both for and against.

I believe a "no" vote is needed for several reasons:

Editorial skewed bill on politicking

The Oct. 21 editorial, "Don't need gag rules," mischaracterized the scope and rationale of a proposal to bar appointed state agency directors from campaigning in their official capacity — something the federal government and at least 43 other states prohibit.

Head Start offers a step-up for kids

As we celebrate Head Start Awareness Month this October, I can't help but be mindful of my own son's journey with Head Start. I witness the transformative power of Head Start every day as both a parent and an advocate.

No doubt about it: 'Gran' loved Cubs

Cubs win, "Gran" wins. My Gran has been gone a very long time, but I think about her more often because she was a loyal Cubs fan, and she made me one as well.

I remember sitting on the floor next to her chair, watching Ernie Banks hit it out of the park on black-and-white TV, and hearing her and Jack Brickhouse yelling "Hey, hey!"

Voting 'yes' is a vote for safety

On Nov. 8, Illinois voters have an opportunity to vote on the Safe Roads Amendment. I am asking you to vote "yes" for the amendment.