Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Erika Harold could beat Rep. Davis

If my memory serves me right, and at my age that might be questioned, awhile back, Congressman Tim Johnson won the Republican nomination for the umpteenth time, but then decided wisely that he had had enough of the goings-on inside the beltway and withdrew to find more productive things to do with his life.

President reveals his 'double heart'

We learned in recent weeks that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to the Senate and has "recused" himself from deciding whether to arrest himself for perjury. No kidding and no joke, since Donald Trump is now our "liar-in-chief."

About that hotel, movies and more

I need to vent.

Topic 1: Why don't we have the city planner and city council of Urbana finance out of their pockets if they want a historic landmark? Or they could follow my suggestion and burn it down. It's an eyesore with little history.

GOP out to strip elderly of coverage

The Republican health care "plan" is to discourage older Americans from signing up for health insurance, lowering the average age and theoretically lowering premiums.

So their "plan" is to take away my health insurance.



Insurance concept eludes Shimkus

I was appalled to read news reports that my representative, John Shimkus, R-Collinsville, asked during a committee hearing about the Republican replacement plan, "What about men having to purchase prenatal care?" and later asked, "And should they?"

Dey fails to see Israel's aggression

This responds to Jim Dey's Feb. 28 column "You jerk! How dare you disagree with me?!"

I doubt many students fit Dey's caricature of rudeness. Nevertheless, civility is to be desired in pursuit of informative political discourse.

Easter celebration will soon be here

I buried my father 20 years ago. I don't get to visit his grave as often as I would like to, but I know exactly where it is.

I have also attended the burials of other family members and been to their gravesites.

City should boost litter enforcement

I agree with Dan Horn's letter on March 12 about the litter problem in Champaign. Another messy street is Bloomington Road.

It looks pretty bad. Several businesses along that corridor do little to keep their properties free of trash, and it blows all over.

Insurance must cover everything

U.S. Rep. John Shimkus recently stated, "A 24-year-old male shouldn't have to pay for maternity and newborn care in his personal insurance coverage. Or a 63-year-old couple shouldn't be forced by the government to have as a part of their health care package maternity and newborn care."

Why the silence about insult of Irish?

"Unofficial" St. Patrick's Day is a racist event. It perpetuates the lie created by British imperialists and repeated by American nativists that the Irish are more prone to drunkenness than other nationalities, especially white Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

It is also insulting to Catholics and other Christians who venerate St. Patrick as the apostle to Ireland.