Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

UI may want to rethink recruiting strategies

The last two athletes from the basketball program that had problems were from Chicago. Coach Smith was hired, among other reasons, to recruit more athletes from Chicago. Perhaps when this is done, Garden Hills will not be the only part of the city with shootings. However, shootings on campus might have bystanders that actually have seen something.



Some advice for the UI men's basketball team

The way things are going with the Illini basketball team, it appears to me that several matters should be addressed. These are:

1. A new practice jersey with alternating black and white strips should be used. This jersey would have the initials C.C.C.C. This stands for Champaign County Correction Center.

LETTER: Everyday people work hard for a better life

I recently had a brief and wonderful stay at Carle Hospital in Urbana. What I observed represents a microcosm of America.

I met Carle employees from Dubai, the Philippines, Mississippi, the Midwest, and East and West coasts — in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and socioeconomic statuses.

Columnist mocked Christ on Easter

I was very disappointed to read Ryan Jackson's column in the March 27 News-Gazette. I am a strong proponent of free speech and appreciate The News-Gazette's printing columns with different points of view.

If we begin to censor what one person can say, we may find that we are the next person to be silenced. And Ryan's job is to take extreme views and try to make us think.

Embrace joy in post-Easter period

Another Easter has come and gone. After holidays, some people feel depressed or let down when the festivities end.

Relatives have returned home. Hidden eggs have been found, candy has been eaten, new outfits have been placed in the closet, and all activities that had been given up for Lent have been reinstated.

GOP, grab your guns — please

Leonard Pitts Jr.'s amusing column about the dilemma of the GOP in holding its convention in a venue that does not allow guns brings to mind a larger issue.

Republicans seem befuddled about the impending nomination of the homophobic-xenophobic-misogynistic bully as their standard bearer.

There is talk of a brokered convention, which the bully promises could lead to rioting.

N-G stories bring back memories

Reading the March 19 News-Gazette story by Paul Wood about the Sadorus tornado 40 years ago, I recalled seeing the damage from the air, returning from Tulsa after my father's funeral in 1976.

Doctor's question was humiliating

I went to Presence Hospital on March 14 per my doctor's request, for dehydration.

When I got there by ambulance, I went to the emergency room and was greeted by the doctor. The way I was greeted was: "Do you have a place to live? You look like you live on the street."

My reply, yes, I live in a condo. I don't remember the doctor's name.

Rauner's agenda harming Illinois

I recently received a letter from Gov. Bruce Rauner where he reminded me that the people of Illinois sent him to Springfield to turn around our state.

Writer is right: No need for mascot

I read in the March 20 News-Gazette an article by Paul J. Heald.

Mr. Heald's article was well written and probably speaks for many others thinking the same thing.

The spirit of the Chief will always live and not be forgotten. He was not a mascot; therefore, let's not try to replace him with one.