Letters to the Editor

'WuMo' not tickling reader's funny bone

It seems that the comic strip "WuMo" has two staunch supporters in Don King of Champaign and Maggie Bayne of Mattoon.

McCutcheon ruling mutes most voices

The Supreme Court recently ruled in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission that restricting the amount of money a person can contribute to candidates, political action committees and political parties in a two-year election cycle is unconstitutional and violates a person's First Amendment rights. Meaning, a person is no longer limited to a donation cap of $123,000.

Cuts would harm state's most vulnerable

Illinois must preserve funding for critical human services in the FY 2015 state budget. Without a revenue solution, services to vulnerable children, families and seniors are facing an inconceivable 25 percent cut. These proposed cuts come on the heels of multiple years of eroding funding and increased needs.

Here are some of the cuts to services our communities will experience:

Our money shouldn't be spent on library

Our roads are in need of much repairs, our schools' funding is being cut, state pensions are in bad shape, and programs that are badly needed are being cut. But Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan feels the need to give $100 million of taxpayers' money to build a library for President Barack Obama?

Education comes first, before sports

We are setting our student athletes up for failure. We expect them to go practice right after school, not get home until late, and then make them do homework or study. They are tired and want to do nothing more than shower, eat and go to bed.

UI should consider being private school

How does a nearly 150-year-old school — prairie born and bred, whose faculty and alumni have claimed 25 or more Nobel prizes — survive dependency on a virtually bankrupt state?

No effort being made to solve inequality

Society and media outlets should pay more attention and become more dedicated in finding a solution to the economic inequality crisis that is arising throughout the country. Too many publications hypothesize how and why the economic inequality crisis has arisen in the United States.

Carle has history of money over people

It was oddly liberating to read Joseph Shumway's spectacularly arrogant letter in The New-Gazette on April 25.

UI wasting its time reconsidering Kilgore

The University of Illinois is making yet another mistake concerning James Kilgore, a teacher and one-time member of the Symbionese Liberation Army. The first mistake was to employ a convicted felon and now it is reported they are planning to reconsider the decision to not renew his contract.

UIC contract gives dignity to faculty

After two years of fighting against the University of Illinois-Chicago tenure-track and non-tenure-track unions, our university administration finally yielded and signed a fair contract. The status of the non-tenure-track faculty is now given the dignity it deserves, with a significant raise and opportunities for multiyear contracts.

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