Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Libertarians are on Nov. 4 ballot

After the 2012 election, I joined the Champaign County Libertarian Party and became its secretary. I have since attended two state conventions, as well as the national convention, and read a lot of literature and a few books.

But nothing prepared me for our recent ballot access drama.

New election, new support: Ammons

When I retired from partisan politics, I said I would never re-enter the game. Yet, I supported Erika Harold for Congress.

This election, I shall support Carol Ammons for state representative.

Never say never.



Judge Callis cares about victims

As victim advocate for the Madison County state's attorney's office these last 26 years, I was witness to Judge Ann Callis' entire tenure as judge and then chief judge. I watched her from the point of view of our county's victims of crimes. Sometimes those were unspeakable crimes.

Central's building does have a future

First off, I'm an alumnus of Champaign Central High School. In fact, I was in the first Champaign Central class after the split that created Centennial.

First off we, and thousands before and after us, went to school with no air conditioning and we lived through it.

Nuclear power can be sustainable

Kudos to The News-Gazette for printing the politically unwelcome truth about "The downside of wind, solar power" by Stanford L. Levin.

It has long needed saying that these government-subsidized low-density power sources are wasteful traps for the taxpayer's money.

'Khorasan group' is Obama fiction

The Second Iraq War was not a disaster as Democrats maintain. I for one am grateful that Saddam Hussein and his sons are room temperature. They were developing and possessed significant, threatening weapons technology and Saddam routinely threatened attacks on America, which after 9/11 could not be ignored in Obama style.

C-U's gas prices moving in tandem

On Sept. 26, The News-Gazette ran articles about declining gas prices this fall, with predictions that the price may even dip below $3 a gallon.

Faculty fear their shared governance

With each edition of The News-Gazette comes more news and opinions of the Steven Salaita case. I cannot believe that such ilk as Bill Ayers, James Kilgore, and Salaita would attract any significant number of backers and certainly not whole departments such as philosophy, history and American Indian studies.

House race should address fewer jails

A staggeringly expensive new jail is once again under consideration by Champaign County. This should be one of the key issues in our minds as we prepare to cast our vote in the election for the state representative from the 103rd District.

Race plays role in NFL's actions

Liberals' need for divisiveness is once again on display.

They are screeching this time about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations.