Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Lyrics appropriate for today's world

"So where are the strong? And who are the trusted? And where is the harmony? Sweet harmony."

These are some of the lyrics to the song "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" by Elvis Costello.

Food for thought.



Show respect to military personnel

If people who devalue the contributions of our military service personnel suddenly had to defend themselves because too few soldiers volunteered, they might see things differently.

People who chant "no more war" and devalue their protectors need to realize that, when standing up to enemies who have no conscience, only survival matters (not whether or not anyone "wants" war).

So many trying to explain nothing

The other day I got to wondering why there are so many religions in the world, and the answer came to me in a flash: because there is no God.

Think about it.



Democrats' reality is what haunts us

Once again J.J. Roy took time from feeding the unicorns in his backyard to vomit his hate in his July 23 letter.

Only a psychotic utopian could possibly make comparisons between a theme park and real life and then pine for a "reality" in which, say, Goofy was president and Hillary Clinton was Cinderella.

Bicyclists must obey rules of road

I am writing in response to Rick Kubetz's July 29 letter, "Drivers, please give cyclists room."

I would like to point out that we cyclists will not earn the respect of drivers unless we obey the laws of the road.

Let's agree to stop at all stop signs, signal with our hands, wait our turn, have front and rear lights that function.

Will's highfalutin column is wrong

I read George Will's column in the July 24 News-Gazette.

I thought Will was from Illinois? He seems to love four- to six-syllable words, which I'm not inclined to look up. I say, don't forget your roots.

He also seems convinced that only non-college-degree males are for Trump. Sorry, buddy, there's a bunch of grads backing Donald. Don't know where you get your information from.

Trump is the one with weak ethics

"Lock her up! Lock her up!"

After a multimillion-dollar extensive investigation, based on the facts, the FBI cleared Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing. Reminiscent of the O.J. Simpson verdict, many folks twist the facts to agree with their preconceived conclusions.

What our normal brains really need

A recent letter asks: "How can anyone with a normal brain believe there is no such thing as God?"

The issue is that the human brain is no longer normal, but has long been developed in the earthly-material direction only.

Our technology is impressive; but our insight and morality is sorely lacking overall, isn't it?

These are the fruits of the unaided intellect.

Central reunion was a true joy

A festive group created a gala event. The group — Champaign Central High School's faculty and staff's 50-year family reunion. That's the years 1955 through 2005. Wow — what a beautiful group.

Some of the reunionites traveled a distance, so they haven't been seen for a while. Heck, even some of the locals have been out-of-sight also.

Stand up for cops protecting society

We, as a nation, have long epitomized how the rule of law has made us a desirable place to live. While not being perfect, those entrusted with enforcing our laws have performed admirably. Police officers, as a group, throughout the nation have kept us safe from the evil nonsense that has existed elsewhere.