Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sarcasm alert: We need grate-ness

I am getting tired of all this national coverage of Orlando, Fla. We need in the future to have a minimum on the dead: at least a 75 to 100 victims, and they have to be real Americans.

We need a leader to get us back to the real issues, like building a wall, keeping all the Muslims out and making America great again when people knew their place.

Trump's campaign really a scam?

I read the article about Donald Trump's campaign having financial difficulties. He has evidently paid some $6 million to his own companies and family members. The article also states that he has loaned his own campaign some $60 million.

Government has changed since JFK

Quotation from John F. Kennedy: "My experience in government is that when things are noncontroversial and beautifully coordinated, there is not much going on."

This quotation today might be: "My experience in government is that when things are controversial and badly coordinated, there is not much going on."


St. Joseph

Writer's letter worth reading

I hope everyone who is concerned about America and the world reads Lynn McLinden's June 18 letter in The News-Gazette — "U.S. experiencing clash of cultures with Islam."



Radical Islam, not guns, is the issue

A guy called the "Penny for Your Thoughts" radio talk show recently to rant about the stupidity of anyone having an AR-15 military rifle. Similar rants are appearing in the letters section of our newspaper, a liberal hysteria extending nationwide, reaching all the way to the halls of Congress where gun ban apoplexy once again rules the day.

Sunday Extra: Regarding the death of Kelly Wilson

By David Green

On the evening of Saturday, May 7, a controversial altercation in Mahomet between a police officer and Dracy "Clint" Pendleton led to a gunfight, after which Pendleton fled toward I-72. Pendleton died a week later in the midst of a shoot-out in southern Illinois.

Sugary drink tax is healthy option

While the American Heart Association disagrees with The News-Gazette's editorial against a proposed state tax on sugary beverages in Illinois (Beware the Zealots, 6/20/16), one sentence was particularly compelling: "Most people have been educated about the health risks, the consequence being that only a relatively small percentage of the population still smoke."

Disabled veterans' group still raising funds

I would like to get the word out there to the people who followed the fiasco that happened at the Champaign County Fair with the Disabled American Veterans. The DAV has decided to go its separate ways with the fair.

LETTER: Stricter curfew won't solve youth violence

Regarding the recent articles on local curfew laws and violence: The claim "curfews will reduce crime, violence and alternative risky behaviors" should not be supported and even borders the line of irresponsible.

Curfews will not foster the necessary changes and may even exacerbate the increasing trend of unlawful behaviors.

Is the rifle really the cause of all misery?

What? Right on the front page of The News-Gazette, the rifle did it.

It must have walked into the club in Orlando all by itself.

But it was the rifle, as in many of the other mass shootings. Or its availability. Lee Harvey Oswald got his rifle in the mail. And at that time in history, you could get handguns mail order.