Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Court order shows Urbana was right

I have read the April 25 order issued by U.S. Judge William Orrick that prevents the Trump administration from withholding federal funds to San Francisco, Santa Clara County and other jurisdictions offering sanctuary to immigrants.

Women's shelter needs our support

The state's budget fiasco is about to sink the oldest battered-women's shelter in the state of Illinois.

While the name Courage Connection may not be familiar to many, this organization provides shelter, safety and support to women and their children experiencing domestic violence and/or homelessness.

Harden can't do both for Parkland

So, what's with the top News-Gazette headline on April 27 about new Parkland College Trustee Rochelle Harden?

Are we supposed to be impressed that she can bully Parkland College to get what she wants?

Are we celebrating someone who chooses to ignore the rules that she knew were in place before she set out to thumb her nose at the establishment?

Issues in which the left ignores science

Max Kummerow's tone-deaf politicization of science and anti-conservative mockery (April 26) is precisely the sort of deplorable left-wing condescension which got Donald Trump elected.

Changing opinion on abortion is fine

I don't understand why so many people are surprised about Gov. Bruce Rauner changing his mind about abortion (if he did). People change their minds all the time.

Hopefully, he started wondering why so many people are against abortion and discovered that there is a living, growing, genetically complete human being in the womb instead of a blob of tissue, as some people think.

Illinois crisis due solely to Rauner

I've about had it with News-Gazette columnist Jim Dey and others who blame Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan for the state's budget crisis.

Let's talk about who really drove the state off the cliff.

Long history of election meddling

There is much ado about the possibility that Putin directed a cyberattack to influence our election for the presidency in November. I believe that there were/are many foreign leaders who wanted Mr. Trump to win, but they played their cards close just in case he didn't.

Politicians often work on next job

Why is it that some politicians just can't stay in the office to which they were elected?

On a regular basis the voters are told, "Elect me, and I will make things better." Then, after winning said election, the politician will decide to run for a higher office. So, during the time they are elected to an office, they spend their time preparing for another campaign.

March for Science deserved better

More than 2,000 people showed up for Champaign-Urbana's March for Science on April 22, and The News-Gazette didn't see fit to cover it beyond one photo buried in page B-3.

But repairs to the bells at the University of Illinois' Altgeld Hall were front-page material, apparently.

The organizers gave the paper plenty of notice.

C-U the winner after the marathon

Champaign-Urbana is truly a five-star, wonderful community. That was very apparent during the ninth annual Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, April 21 and 22.

Over 2,500 volunteers helped make this event one of the very best in Illinois, and neighbors came out of their homes in droves to cheer on the runners as they toured Champaign-Urbana on foot.