Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Student walkouts misunderstood

I'll preface this by saying that I'm a student at Urbana High School who participated in one of the walkouts that David Baker condemned in his Nov. 29 letter.

It's time to drain state Legislature swamp

A News-Gazette article on Nov. 20, entitled "This State's Costly Exodus," presented some interesting but somewhat depressing facts.

Apparently, not only are more people leaving Illinois than moving in, but those moving out are making approximately $20,000 more than those who are moving in. That differential has tremendous ramifications for the economic future of Illinois.

Gambling, drug addictions ignored

This is in response to the article "Gambling requests proliferate." The section everyone's a winner is false.

I used to know someone who worked for the state gambling division who worked in our area. He told me that everyone who goes into these gaming rooms is addicted. He said that whatever they win, they continue to gamble until they lose it all.

OSU attack result of Somali invasion

The nightmare brought on by the attack on the Ohio State University campus by a Somalian refugee is not an unexpected event but a given certainty.

To Trump haters: Hasta la vista

As Americans give thanks for our blessings, I am especially thankful that Donald Trump defeated the most despicably corrupt politician in the history of America to become president-elect. In doing so, POTUS-elect Trump has exposed the blatant hypocrisy of the "tolerant-preaching" leftists, who are in reality the most intolerant of all citizens.

Fire department must be changed

At one time, poorly paid state employees got relatively good retirements to ensure longevity and a living wage in retirement.

But super nice improvements have resulted in retirees often drawing more in retirement than they did working.

Now GOP has to govern, not talk

Last month, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan claimed his party was given a mandate in the election.

Mandate? His party lost two seats in the Senate. His party lost six seats in the House. His party lost the presidential popular vote by over 2 million votes. Hardly a mandate.

Greed be gone; common good only

Who will foot the bill for President-elect Donald Trump's recent $25 million settlement in the Trump University fraud case?

We will, because Trump will write it off as a business expense.

Lions Club can buy more eyeglasses

The Champaign Lions Club is happy to announce that our recent fundraising activities have netted enough that we will be able to purchase up to 18 pairs of glasses for those who cannot afford them.

Study a defense of Israeli policies

This responds to News-Gazette columnist Jim Dey's "Study ranks UI near top in anti-Semitic attitudes on campus" (Oct. 30), and to my friend Professor Brett Kaplan's promotion (Nov. 9) of the Program for Jewish Culture and Society as a means of countering anti-Semitism.