Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: It's time to consolidate Central and Centennial

Since the Champaign school board has already bought land for a new high school north of Market Place Mall — probably overpaid for it — clearly it intends to build there. The sign says future home of Central.

But why not build the school larger, consolidate Central and Centennial, and have one school? The Centennial site can return to park land.

Americans losing faith in President Obama

Five years into Barack Obama's presidency, he's losing the American people. For good and ample cause, they're reluctantly withdrawing their trust, confidence and approval.

Obama's collapse has been developing and is almost wholly self-inflicted.

The reasons are many:

Cut evolutionism out of schools and teach truth

Why do people promote the fable of evolution even though it has been debunked and every statement used to promote it exposed as being based upon fraud and deception?

Many will vote no, regardless of site

How about the person facing the dilemma of the prisoner's choice? Would you like to be shot or hung? But what if you didn't want to choose between those two options?

More firearm laws are not the answer

In response to the June 19 letter from David Kuehn concerning mental illness and guns: It's a good bet that Mr. Kuehn is not a gun owner or he would know that in Illinois to buy a gun, you must first possess a firearm owners identification card.

Changes to comics page not welcomed

The recent letters complaining about the change in the paper's size, specifically the comics, mirror my thoughts as well. I have already emailed the publication and received a canned response.

Dey takes unfair swipe at Angelou

How surprised I was to see recently deceased Maya Angelou's photo in Jim Day's column on June 3 next to the headline "Not to speak ill of the dead, but ...."

Smaller format harder to read

As a now senior citizen, whose eyesight maybe isn't as great as it once was, I want to ask about the recent change in the newspaper format. I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to narrow the pages by 2 inches?

Dear Abby doesn't belong on comics

It is extremely disturbing to me to see how you have now moved Dear Abby's column onto the comics page. You have shrunk the comic panels once again.

One paper drops offensive Will

Salon.com on June 19 observed that "one major newspaper has taken a stand against Washington Post columnist George Will, who last week published a deeply offensive article in which he wrote that alleged sexual assault victims enjoy a 'coveted status that confers privileges' on college campuses. In a small but significant victory for feminists and critics of rape culture, the St.