Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Danville citizens highlight of event

The Gao Grotto greatly appreciates the Danville Area community for its support at our recent fireworks display on our rain-out date of July 9.

After not having fireworks over the past few years and then needing to move the fireworks display to our rain date, we weren't sure what quite to expect.

Objective support lacking in column

I learned the verses to the "Star-Spangled Banner" in 1940. We never sang the third, and it is omitted from the 1940 edition of Songs We Sing. I gathered it was because of its frankly anti-British content. I think "hireling and slave" refers to minion of British tyranny as opposed to free man of the U.S. republic.

Desperately seeking clothes that fit right

Women over 65 unite.

Is there a designer for clothes and shoes for women after age 65? We want a high neckline, at least crew neck.

We want sleek. At least three-quarter length. We do not want or need skin tight clothes. Only models look good in them. We want skirts below the knee, three-quarter even better. Some quality to the material or classic and/or practical sport clothes.

Sunday Extra: The summer of our discontent

By Joseph Bauers

In this endless political summer, we wilt more from duplicity than heat.

16-hour course offered to local fundraisers

As you know, many nonprofits in our community are struggling to make ends meet due to the Illinois budget crisis. Critical social services have been cut or reduced, program staff have been let go and fundraising dollars are being stretched to bridge the gap.

Each of these nonprofits has a volunteer board of directors charged with supporting the fundraising effort.

Clinton deserved better coverage in newspaper

How is it that nowhere in Wednesday's News-Gazette is there a story about Hillary Clinton being the first woman in our country's history to be the official nominee (by acclimation) as candidate for the presidency?

I see only photos and coverage of Bernie Sanders and his supporters and Bill Clinton's speech in support of his wife.



Letter: Democrats weren't in favor of a socialist

I like Bernie Sanders, even though he is further to the left than I am; but, yeah, I could vote for him.

Film will not lead to reconciliation

The documentary "Racial Taboo" — screened at the University of Illinois, Parkland and local churches this year — is billed as "a white man's journey to racial understanding" and a useful tool for racial healing.

However, I found the "Racial Taboo" screening at Stone Creek Church more disturbing than helpful to the cause of racial reconciliation.

Vermilion politics distorts good work

This letter is in response to the negative letters that have been in the newspaper regarding current Chairman Michael Marron and the Vermilion County Board.

These letters are accusing Chairman Marron and the board of sending Vermilion County to the poor house. This is not the case and people need to know this is just a political ploy.

Drivers, please give cyclists room

Today, I'm thankful for being alive. Actually, I'm thankful for that every day, but recently I got side-swiped by a sedan (late model, white, temporary plates) while riding my bike with friends.