Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Vargas shows poor judgment in ad

George Vargas's recent ad in The News-Gazette referred to Shamario Brown as a dangerous criminal, "released into our community to commit serious crimes, including murder."

Keeping nuclear power makes sense

The development of the nuclear reactor-powered generator nearly a generation ago still delivers today. These plants have prevented the consumption of millions of gallons of oil, tons of coal, and millions of therms of natural gas — all while minimizing the carbon footprint on our atmosphere.

To reverse this action seems imprudent.

A few facts about the boys on the North Side

Here are a few baseball facts: The Chicago Cubs most recently won a World Series in 1908. Wrigley Field opened on April 23, 1914.

If the Cubs win the World Series this year, it will be the first time the team has won the Series in their "new" field.



Reader wants answers to several questions

I was wondering:

— Will the editor leave in the reference to the headline, "Fine China," that asked if the Clintons go into the White House again, will they leave the silverware, china and portraits there this time?

— If my grandparents had to have a sponsor to come from Ireland with my dad and his siblings, why don't all immigrants have to do the same?

Get the facts straight about Hillary Clinton

About the "Basket of Depolorables" Charles Blow wrote in the New York Times on Sept. 12 that it is unwise to attack a candidate's supporters, but goes on to show how true Hillary Rodham Clinton's pejorative describes at least half of Trump's supporters.

2 N-G headlines sent ugly message

I thought the two headlines on the front page of the Sept. 17 News-Gazette were in poor taste.

The first headline is "Rape nearly drove her to suicide." The headline of the article right below it read, "It's all fun and games."

I think you could have shown a little more compassion to Angie Davenport.



Employee right to not watch video

In response to the Sept. 8 article about David Hall not wanting to watch a Social Security video about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community: I do not believe in political correctness. I too have the privilege of not viewing something against my religious convictions.

Writer's essay not worthy of print

I am writing to express my dismay that Joe Gerber was given space in the Sept. 18 News-Gazette to write an essay advocating a form of "treatment" for gender dysphoria — conversion therapy — that cloaks his bias against transgendered individuals in the guise of being "loving and helpful."

Not enough Urbana officers on street

As a 20-year member of the Urbana Police Department (recently retired on disability), I can attest to the lack of staffing on the street there.

Our old language needs new updates

John Buckmaster is an old man, as he admits in his letter of Sept. 16. Old people generally dislike changes in the language they knew when they were young. But if they had their way, we would still be speaking Old English.