Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Immigrant ban displays cowardice

On 9/11, people's fear of flying stopped being irrational. I get it. We're afraid for our children. Anyone half-awake in this world would be.

But fear is not the same as cowardice, and I think Washington hopes we're too stupid to realize that.

Excellent program on addictions

We are very fortunate to have a public library system in the U.S., especially and including the superb quality of our community's libraries: Urbana Free Library and Champaign Public Library. I attended a very informative and insightful talk on Jan. 23 at the Champaign library.

Madonna wrong to make threats

I was outraged by the comments made by Madonna at the Women's March on Washington on Jan. 21.

Families depend on nursing home

I am saddened to read letters to the editor persistently advocating the sale or closing of Champaign County Nursing Home. The facility is clean and well-maintained with caring and dedicated certified nursing assistant, custodial and nursing staff despite being choked by our state budget impasse.

Ammons chooses Madigan over us

I hope the voters of our district will long remember the photograph of state Rep. Carol Ammons, D-Urbana, that appeared on the front page of the Jan. 26 issue of The News-Gazette.

Casino would help Danville prosper

Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer is working hard to try to make Springfield understand how valuable a casino would be for Danville and the counties around us.

But one of the main attractions would be the monies it would bring in from Indiana.

Election decided by slick Russians?

Oh my gosh. What bounds will the Democrats go to, to blame someone for their loss of the presidential election?

Now Democrats want to say that Russia was the cause because it hacked 'em.

Golly, what did the Russian President Valdimir Putin have his people say to the American voters to make them change their minds about voting for the then-presidential nominee Hillary Clinton?

What's already been accomplished

Ride the bus to a rally. Jump on the bandwagon. Let your voice be heard. Speak out for justice and equality. Dream of the day when a woman can be a mayor, governor, pilot, lawyer, doctor, construction workers, trucker, Fortune 500 CEO, business owner, MMA fighter and so on.

With enough push back against "the man," this may be an attainable goal.

Repelling 'tyranny of the majority'

Early in our election season, I was very upset that someone could "lock up" the race to the White House so early. I proceeded to do a lot of reading on the Electoral College. At that point, Hillary Clinton felt her strategy of "locking up" the Electoral College assured her of a win.

She and her fans lauded the Electoral College.

Oil pipelines threat to Illinois

Recently, U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, tweeted, "I support @POTUS Keystone&Dakota pipelines action. For yrs politics have been put above people& jobs it will create."

On the latter, I agree. However, supporting these pipelines and continued production of and reliance upon oil is shortsighted, greedy and dangerous.