Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Hillary Clinton should be the next president

In fresh perspective of our current presidential election, I think we need to take more of a rational look at the two major candidates and, aside from all the mudslinging, see what they really have to offer. Any candidate we elect will have flaws, and the good they have done also needs to be carefully measured to see if they have enough to offer.

Take time to admire a rare sycamore in area

Just south of Savoy on U.S. 45 between Airport Road and Monticello Road grows one of the largest and tallest American sycamore trees in this area. This giant stands alone a short distance off the west side of the road in front of a former farmstead. It's height and branch structure are massive.

Lyme disease can be tough to diagnose

Thank you for the article earlier this year about Chris Corrie, former mayor of Monticello, who has Lyme disease. Like Mr. Corrie, I too have Lyme and was told by different doctors they would not test me for it before I found one who did.

SSA worker doing the right thing

More Christians need to stand firm like Social Security Administration employee David Hall.

Best quote I've heard in ages: "Tolerance is a two-way street."

What has happened to the white Christian heterosexual's rights? He has not said he won't serve the LGBT community. He is doing his job and should be commended for it.


Party affiliation bothers professor

In response to Michael H. LeRoy's guest commentary on Sept. 11: Doesn't the president headline many fundraisers for Democratic candidates up for re-election? Isn't that the same as donating money himself?

Letter on Peltier a distorted view

I am writing to contest Peter Buckley's opinion in his Sept. 11 letter that Leonard Peltier's petition for clemency should be denied. Buckley's account of Peltier's involvement in the 1975 shoot-out in Oglala, S.D., is selective and distorted.

It's time to ditch phony definitions

I'm an old man — though 75 isn't so old to, say, a nonagenarian — but old enough that the young think that people like me are stupid when it comes to computers, despite the fact that those who invented computers are old enough to be dead.

But we have our own bigotry: The young are destroying the English language, with bad grammar and an inadequate vocabulary.

Election chance to set U.S. straight

This 2016 election is a vast decision-maker. Our deadlocked Congress needs to listen to Americans.

The media are luring voters minds toward Hillary Clinton. On Aug. 23, columnist Jim Nowlan said the Illinois presidential race has been ceded to Clinton. Who promised this? King Madigan?

Laos should hand over MIA remains

When the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was recently in Mahomet, I randomly picked a flag bearing the name "Capt. Roger Danny Helwig."

Going to the vvmf.org website, I was surprised to learn that he and his co-pilot, Capt. Roger Stearns, were killed on Sept. 11, 1969 — later to be Patriots Day and the day of attack against the United States.

Man should back off video protest

Regarding the Sept. 8 story about Social Security Administration employee David Hall: I would tell him to not take the training video personally. The law is the law. You have to respect all types of people: Muslim, Jews, Christians, LGBT, etc.

Working with them is not the issue. Remember that with Christians there might be offensive things with Muslims and vice versa.