Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Go healthy route and choose a plant-based diet

A just-released Harvard study of 88,000 women confirms what prior research has already shown: Eating red meat increases breast cancer risk. Media outlets around the globe have been quick to publish the study and inform women about the danger of eating red meat. But if women are thinking about just trading out burgers for chicken and fish, they need to think again.

UI officials should take a hard look at values

Are the University of Illinois values messed up?

Domestic terrorist James Kilgore was not sorry for his misdeeds for a couple decades, not until he was arrested in South Africa. He only claimed to be sorry after he got caught. Gee, that sounds all too familiar in today's society.

But the UI hired him in spite of his very dark past.

LETTER: Tired of grumps who like to bash the president

It seems it's pretty easy to be a Grumpy Old Person these days. Whatever President Obama does is wrong. No lengthy research or thinking of any sort is required. He's just wrong. That's all.

Central discussion is a confusing mix

As a Champaign Central High School graduate, I find all the discussion about building a new Central very confusing.

First, the community was told the building couldn't be updated to allow computers in all the classrooms. Then we were told that the district planned to move Edison Middle School into Central? Then it was suggested the district might lease it out for business offices?

Mental illness, guns just too prevalent

An exercise in probability suggests that mass gun killings could occur anywhere in this country, including in our own community.

Obama's leadership is woefully inept

The recent release of five top Taliban terrorists, who will kill again, in exchange for one U.S. deserter is another prime example of the arrogant Obama regime recklessly bypassing Congress and undermining our country and military. Although soldiers were killed searching for Pvt.

No need to pull police from schools

If having police officers in the Champaign schools is working, let's leave it alone.

Critics like Hattie Paulk and Terry Townsend need to admit that the problem is in fact with whomever is arrested — white or black.

Instead of blaming racial profiling or blaming whites, they should talk to the young people causing the problems and tell them to clean up their acts.

Doesn't understand 'low information'

Henry Seiter Jr.'s recent letter is headlined, "Government's growth is a threat to liberty."

His last sentence ends, partly, as follows — "... and low-information voters who see bigger government as their personal savior."

Trade with Taliban was a big mistake

We should not negotiate with terrorists. It was our country's policy for years until President Obama changed it.

Politics remains signature issue

The Illinois State Board of Elections is trying to invalidate the majority of the 500,000 signatures collected by the bipartisan Yes for Independent Maps campaign. Board of Elections Chairman Jesse Smart has been quoted as saying that the petitions he saw were "sloppily handled" and included scores of unreadable and duplicate signatures.

So now voters need perfect penmanship?