Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Are we violent or just lax on guns?

Who does the shooting? "It's not the guns, it's the people who shoot." We hear a lot of that, as in a letter to The News-Gazette on March 1.

Obviously it takes both a gun and a person to shoot someone to death.

Rethinking what it means to be safe

What constitutes safety is different for each of us. For me safety is a roof over your head, knowing there will be another meal, going to the dentist before you have a toothache, having someone care about where you are and what you are doing. Could that idea of safety catch on?

Don't want to see firearms at schools

I am writing this as a serious, sobering observation that my wife and I have been talking and thinking about concerning our own safety and those not only on school campuses but anywhere mass gatherings take place.

I have worked at a local school district for about 25 years.

I work in all school buildings as well as on school grounds.

Sorry animal clinic has closed

It is with great sadness and extreme gratitude that we read of the closing of the Animal Emergency Clinic in Champaign.

The practice helped us through emergencies and the end of life, which never happens on a 9-to-5 schedule.

Their kindness was beyond measure.


Some rallying cries really aren't necessary

If I remember correctly, the Republican candidate Sara Palin may have coined the "Drill Baby Drill" rallying cry. Of course, at that very time, we had a Democratic president in office, who the Republicans blamed for all of our domestic energy shortcomings.

The Chief controversy in a whole new light

It's time for a radical change in how we think about the Chief Illiniwek controversy.

There is a young man in our community who truly believes he is the Chief, even going so far as appearing in full regalia at university ballgames, Homecoming parades, etc. And there are many people who support his identity choice.

It's time to speak out against an unjust law

Pro-choice supporters often point to economic challenges as a valid reason for choosing abortion, thereby implying that economic constraints is a valid reason for killing another human being. If this is the case, why can't someone who loses their job kill their toddler or teenage child? That would certainly help their economic situation.

Hendricks' values make him the best

Todd Henricks has the leadership necessary to be the representative for the 101st Illinois House District.

The March 1 letter by Andrew Garrett supporting Dan Caulkins was inaccurate.

Garrett alludes that all candidates were interviewed by the Proft Group. This is patently not true.

To create a better school: Forgive

In 250 words or less: I, a teacher at Gifford Grade School, under the current administration, have been trained in fire drills, bus evacuation drills, tornado drills and law enforcement drills including training performed by the Champaign County sheriff's office.

I have faith in my abilities and my knowledge of these procedures that I have learned.

Board addressed building earlier

What was the point of the March 4 News-Gazette editorial claiming that the Unit 4 school board and Superintendent Susan Zola were unethical in their proceedings?