Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Radicals find home in Illinois

I read Jim Dey's history lesson on this domestic vermin (James Kilgore at the University of Illinois) on Nov. 23, and I was left wondering about the sad state of what passes as higher education in Illinois.

Dey tangled in corporate UI

Regardless of James Kilgore's rehiring, Jim Dey needn't worry himself about political radicalism at our local knowledge factory.

Hotel prices key to IHSA tourneys

I commend the people in Champaign County for wanting to host the Illinois High School Association basketball championship games again, but does anyone remember why they left Champaign?

Doctors leave; patient does too

This is a eulogy for the now-deceased Carle Clinic which provided excellent health care to our family from 1961 until it became Carle Physicians' Group.

With four children needing surgeries, hospitalizations and office visits, we always had a running bill at Carle. Money was tight so we paid $25 a month on that bill for many years and never received a dunning letter or call.

One way to give thanks: Buckle up

Surviving your Thanksgiving drive this year, and making it to next Thanksgiving, can be as simple as buckling up. In the last decade, seat belts saved the lives of more than 100,000 people in the United States. Those people are thankful they wore their seat belts. Won't you wear yours?

Oh, to be a fly on the trustees' wall

I would like to have been in the room when Trustee Patrick Fitzgerald, a former U.S. attorney, was telling  Timothy Killeen, the University of Illinois' next president, about corruption in the state.



Higher taxes hit hard in Urbana

Writing about those who have criticized Carle, David L. Laker of Philo writes: "I suggest that these detractors get on with their lives, and let Carle and its staff continue with the practice of high quality medical care."

Thanksgiving fine without turkey

This week, President Obama will pardon two turkeys to promote the turkey industry. Every one of us can exercise that same pardon power by choosing a nonviolent Thanksgiving observance. It's a most fitting way to give thanks for our own life, health and happiness.

Ex-QB's action speaks loudly

I see where even former Illini quarterback Kurt Kittner can't bear to watch anymore.