Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Why not appoint a woman as judge?

The recent selection of a male candidate to replace outgoing Associate Judge Holly Clemons is perplexing, given the fact that there have been eight male judges and three female judges.

With the retirement of Judge Clemons, the numbers will now be nine male judges and two female judges.

Paper over plastic for dog cleanup

In response to recent letters complaining about dog owners allowing their pets to soil neighbors' yards, I write to suggest the "newspaper method" as a solution.

When walking your dog, carry a few pages of yesterday's News-Gazette with you.

Refreshing to read positive C-U news

I enjoyed seeing the article posted Saturday on The News-Gazette's website about all the donations ReStore is getting in Champaign.

Sometimes when I go to look at the news, all I find are stories about how bad things are, but it is refreshing to read an article that is about something good.

Writer through the looking glass

At last, literally, Henry Seiter Jr. reveals the truth.

In his letter of June 23, his last sentence is as follows: "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Who, Mr. Seiter, is being deceitful, and who is telling the truth?

Look in the mirror before you answer.



Dey's 'comedy' is really racism

Recently deceased Bill Dana made money from belittling immigrants by their speech, by their ignorance and by their ineptitude.

It's not "universal comedy" as Jim Dey said in his June 22 column. It's racism.

How's your accent in your second language, Jim?

When a white man mocks a character he names José Jiménez for entertainment purposes, it's racist.

U.N. setting loose the culture police

We are never surprised when radical activists threaten our rights. But when the United Nations, Democrat politicians and media take demagoguery about cultural appropriation seriously, our tolerance of politically correct fools morphs into alarm.

Only our pesky U.S. Constitution and national sovereignty stand in the way.

Senate bill would harm health care

As the U.S. Senate considers legislation (Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017) to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and make devastating cuts to Medicaid, the Illinois Health and Hospital Association has serious concerns about the harm to patients, hospitals, the health care delivery system, and our state budget and economy.

Republicans have sabotaged ACA

The ACA has been sabotaged by Republican politicians and activists, who cynically claim that the consequences — premium increases, withdrawals of insurers from health insurance marketplaces, declining enrollments, and overall uncertainty in the health insurance market — are a result of fundamental failures of the ACA and its implementation under the Obama administration.

Dog problems beyond their 'toxic dumping'

I am joining in with neighbors who are concerned about dog poop, or toxic dog waste dumping, usually done in a place other than the dog owner's yard.

Opposing policies much different than violence

I'm writing about something that has struck a chord with all of us — Democrat and Republican: the Alexandria shooting.

Whether we love Congressman Rodney Davis' policies or dislike them, we can all agree that violence solves nothing.