Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Progressives do not help people

I want to dispel the myth that progressives are compassionate and care about people. The exact opposite is true.

1. They have murdered 60 million babies and sometimes sell their body parts.

This was done in the name of "choice," but what about the baby's choice?

Town hall about accountability

Apparently, U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, doesn't understand the meaning of grandstanding as reported by Tom Kacich online on Feb. 3. I rather doubt if anyone expects him "to perform ostentatiously in order to impress the audience."

However, he is responsible for accountability to all the constituents of his district, not just those who voted for him.

If we lock houses, why stop there?

It has come to my attention that many residents throughout the Champaign-Urbana area are locking their doors and windows every night. It is important to realize that the criminal element is a very determined lot and you people "are playing right into their hands."

Editorials selective on free speech

I was surprised to see The News-Gazette editorial board's staunch defense of professional provocateur Milo Yiannopolous.

I suppose I shouldn't have been; after all, The News-Gazette has always been a strong supporter of First Amendment rights.

GOP leaders need to be independent

I have a lot I could say, but it would be a waste of my breath.

I would like to know why the Republicans don't stand up to President Donald Trump when he says and does terrible things.

Are you afraid he's going to say "you're fired"?

The people voted you into office to do the right thing (which you haven't done for a long time) so he can't fire you. What's the problem?

Privatizing VA won't help the vets

There's been a lot of discussion about privatizing the Veterans Affairs' facilities. What could come of the VA system if privatization were pursued?

The VA is the largest health care system in the U.S., serving more than 8.9 million veterans a year at 1,233 facilities.

Yemen was where USS Cole was hit

Is there anyone left in America that remembers the attack on the USS Cole in the port of Yemen — one of the seven places that President Donald Trump wants to monitor more closely for immigrants.

Seventeen American sailors killed. Are you kidding me?


Fort Pierce, Fla.

Author's talk on addictions timely

I would like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the recent Great Authors series event featuring David Sheff at the Champaign Public Library.

DeVos an example of 'sad' Cabinet

Newly confirmed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos should be ashamed of herself for accepting a job for which she is grossly unqualified.

Educators all over the country protested this nomination to no avail. Only two Republicans (both women) had the guts to try to do the right thing.

Unhappy about trophy viewing

I just wanted to get my 2 cents in on the way the Cubs World Series trophy pictures were handled.

My intention was to take my parents. Because they are in their 80s I couldn't expect them to stand outside in line for no telling how long.