Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

PP has corrupted all of America

The Roch Ducey letter on Aug. 6 may have given us the correct information about Planned Parenthood services, even that only 3 percent of their services involve "the termination of unwanted pregnancies." He said most PP services help low-income women and families.

Better policing begins with God

There are two ways to solve the police/race problem. One is to hire white police officers to be responsible for white offenders, and black police officers for black offenders.

Lesson to learn from 1st president

After all the gobbledygook from the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, the president and the UI athletic department, it would serve them well to reread the story of George Washington and the cherry tree.



With ice cream or whipped cream?

In the Saturday, Aug. 15, News-Gazette, I found an article on page B-4 that should gives us all a feeling of hope.

The article stated that on Aug. 14 the Illinois Legislature passed a bill making pumpkin pie the state's official pie.

'Victims' faction undermined Wise

Chancellor Phyllis Wise has stepped down; a victory for those who tell us violence and incivility are necessary ingredients of social change. One might ask if their way is more effective than that of King, Ghandi and Mandela.

What do we show by game hunting?

In regards to the recent story about the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by a dentist from Minnesota, outrage, anger and sadness are some of the sentiments that resulted.

PP's attitude is stomach turning

Planned Parenthood is, in fact, a bloody business. They make a fortune killing babies and then turn around and make more money selling baby body parts. Furthermore, they are using nearly $1.5 million a day of our tax dollars to do so. Not for profit? Hardly.

Acts story about Peter's prejudice

This letter is in reply to Dick Harvey's Aug. 3 letter "'Redraw our map' on gay marriage."

Higher gas prices just more gouging

The price of gasoline has gone up again. "They" say it is because of a refinery issue in Indiana.

As I write this on Aug. 13, the price of regular unleaded in Champaign is $2.58. Yet closer to the problem in Danville, it's $2.29, and Decatur's is $2.39.

I think we have another case of price gouging. But the powers that be will blame the difference on supply. I say bull.

Unborn a slave to culture of choice

I own you, slave. You are my chattel, my property, slave. I can dispose of you and sell you, slave.

I own you, unborn child. You are my chattel, my property, unborn child. I can dispose of you and sell your body parts, unborn child.

History repeats itself. A nation who fails to learn from history is doomed. Period.


Gibson City