Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Don't change Boneyard's name

A recent article in The News-Gazette indicated there was a contest to rename the Boneyard.

If this contest is one to give the Boneyard a yuppie name, then I am all on board. However, if the contest is actually to change the legal name from Boneyard to something else, then I am adamantly and diametrically opposed.

Jackson twists coach's statement

Interesting, isn't it, how the media responds to a challenge?

According to News-Gazette sports writer Marcus Jackson, "The role of the media is to gather and disseminate information."

Yet, he, or his headline writer, seems to have forgotten that role by claiming that Coach "Beckman takes shot at media." Nothing that Mr. Jackson attributed to Coach Beckman hinted at criticism.

Governor's plans won't help Illinois

I appreciated Tom Kacich's Feb. 4 column which identified important differences between Gov. Bruce Rauner's statements and Moody's Analytics' economic forecast for Illinois. Rauner's recent State of State Address included several other misrepresentations of fact.

Trade agreement a bad deal for U.S.

Please ask your senators and representatives to oppose the fast-track authority on trade, such as for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It will create specific tribunals with judges handpicked from corporations.

Anything that would potentially diminish their profits would incur huge fines. We and other countries would pay huge sums. It would gut environmental rules, even local ones.

Centennial doesn't benefit from plan

The name "Keep Central Central" acknowledges we are a community with two high schools. The location chosen by the current Champaign board of education is poor for many reasons, and alternative choices are available and in the best interest of the students and the community.

Governor, don't blame the workers

Since Bruce Rauner has taken office as governor, here is what I agree with him on: transparency, openness in government business. I agree with Mr. Rauner on term limits; Illinois needs to change its leadership on legislators and constitutional offices. I agree with him on fair maps for competitive legislative races.

Another side on two Urbana issues

Two recent letters criticized Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing for opposing the enormously profitable Carle system's tax break at the expense of Urbana taxpayers and for recommending the hardworking community activist Aaron Ammons's pardon and appointment to the city council. Both these criticisms are exactly backward.

Letter: Some policy suggestions for the Middle East

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan recently outlined his belief of why the U.S. will fail in the war on terror, that the religious-based motives of terrorists will always outweigh our government's desire for world democracy. If democracy is the goal, not individual freedom, Pat may be right; terrorists will simply win elections. I believe there are other answers.

Taxpayer has questions about trip to France

In the travel section of the Feb. 1 News-Gazette, Urbana Alderman Dennis Roberts writes about visiting our "sister" French city with Mayor Laurel Prussing.

A little history lesson for President Obama

In vapid defense of his unilateral prisoner swap of five vicious Taliban terrorists for U.S. Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Berghdahl, President Barack Obama ignorantly boasted what he did was "true for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln ... and FDR; this is what happens at the end of wars."