Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Students should be applauded for rite

It appears a few "squeaky wheels" are at it again. This time, I must respond.

I wish to commend both the Champaign Centennial High School teacher and the "good number" of students who were so self-aware, thoughtful and loyal to their beliefs they planned ahead and requested to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday.

Letter: Good Samaritans act on nice story

In the Feb. 6 News-Gazette, there was a wonderful story of a homeless mother and her daughter. The article highlighted many of the struggles that the mother and her fourth-grade daughter have gone through over the years.

Comcast customer cites poor service

I just finished reading a letter to the editor regarding Comcast. I couldn't agree more with Kevin Collins' displeasure with Comcast.

I have been a customer since 2005 and have called more times than I can count in that time to complain about our Internet service and am always met with a nasty response by the customer service. Our Internet goes out on a regular basis.

Central High plan too complicated

I think that for all the grief that has been given to Champaign schools Superintendent Judy Wiegand, she deserves to be applauded for demonstrating a willingness to reconsider the board's position on the location of the new Central High School.

President Obama is unfit for office

An unsolicited bit of advice for our irresponsible, peevish and childish president. At least act like you give a damn about anything besides yourself. Resign now; take your millions of dollars and just go away, mad or otherwise.

Bullying starts, ends with adults

Teachers should stop with telling us about bullying because it won't ever end, in my opinion. Even if you stand up for someone, they could turn around and bully someone else.

Looking at Salaita case another way

Wise up, Morton K. Brussel (Letters, Feb. 16). There is often more than one side to an issue.

You seem to think that top applicants will avoid applying to the University of Illinois because of the position of the UI Board of Trustees and Chancellor Phyllis Wise regarding Steven Salaita.

Uber evades local, state regulations

Regarding Uber (app-based driver-for-hire service):

1. No car inspection.

2. No liability insurance.

3. Why not bound by city ordinance?

4. Why no posted rates?

5. If the foregoing do not apply to Uber, why do they apply to us?

WDWS/N-G team stayed on the story

I would like to respond to comments made by Nancy Westphall in her Feb. 6 letter, about the lack of media updates on a local television station with regard to a tanker crash on Interstate 57 and subsequent evacuations of numerous homes.

Coroner's office lacks competency

In a front-page article in the Feb. 15 News-Gazette, Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup, an elected official, claims he can't keep up with his duties because people keep dying.