Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Tatelines is more than just a column

I'm just an everyday News-Gazette reader of 50-plus years.

Loren Tate's sports columns are not typical sports columns because they transcend sports. His columns have meaning beyond the stats, numbers, records and names typically found in a sports column.

His columns will endure well beyond the last paragraph, the last sentence and the last period he writes.

Davis only has time for campaign donors

Let's look at what we know about Congressman Rodney Davis: no town halls, censors constituent comments online, only allows prescreened softball questions during his rare tele-town halls and holds laughable (and even rarer) "open" office hours, in which constituents are asked to take three-plus hours off work to stand in line, only to be crammed in a room with eight other people for 10 minutes.<

Green's letter to editor is more of the same

Every now and then, I poke an eye into The News-Gazette to see what's going on in my favorite former stomping grounds, what's new and what's different.

But if there's one thing you can count on never to change, it's the narrow view of the paleo-chomsky-sauruses, as represented by David Green in his latest letter.

Smoking-access door is unlocked

Reading the Sept. 1 article "Heat killed elderly woman," I was appalled. Why the entire staff of the Champaign County Nursing Home wasn't fired is beyond me.

Shimkus has been in House too long

Congressman John Shimkus simply isn't working for any of us, regardless of political affiliation.

Once upon a time, the Collinsville Republican, was a term-limiter and even promised to term limit himself. He's now on his 11th term. So much for promises.

U.S. election panel threat to fairness

I am deeply troubled by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. The commission owes its very existence to the lie that "millions" of illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Flag-burning pay should be donated

While eating dinner on Sept. 18, I nearly choked when I heard a young man was paid $15,000 for wrongfully being arrested for burning the United States of America Flag on Independence Day.

While I am a firm believer in our freedom of speech and due process in the justice system, I do not feel money should have been involved.

County exec pay a budget killer

A political action committee run by the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce and Champaign County Farm Bureau insisted last year and as recently as last month that the position of county executive would not increase the cost of county government (Champaign County Board meeting, Aug. 15) because the position would combine and take the place of the positions of chair and county administrator.

County exec plan not budget neutral

Tonight, the Champaign County Board will take a final vote on the $117,269 county executive salary.

Our county is facing budget issues. We've asked department heads to make do with 30 fewer staffers, and we've considering selling the nursing home. Yet we're talking about paying the county executive $117,269.

Only God's final judgment matters

I felt compelled to write this missive after the Rev. Jessie Jackson questioned whether or not President Donald Trump is eligible for the kingdom of God. That's for God to decide, and isn't for Jackson to debate.

Moreover, some church leaders have mislead God's people for their profitable purposes.