Letters to the Editor

Reducing school bus service bad for safety

The Illinois Senate is considering legislation that will put thousands of school children at risk, increase traffic congestion and harm the environment.

Many contributed to annual autism walk

The sixth annual C-U Autism Network Walk and Safety Fair was a huge success at Hessel Park on April 27. Thank you to everyone who came out to help raise autism awareness! Whether you were a sponsor, a member of our resource fair, a volunteer or a family who came to learn about autism, we thank you.

Raising minimum wage part of solution

The American middle class is no longer the wealthiest in the world. Recently, The New York Times found Canada's after-tax median income to be higher than the median income in the United States. Yet, the United States is experiencing a similar economic growth rate as Canada. The American middle class is lagging because economic benefits are concentrated in high-earning households.

Power Smart Pricing an expensive choice

I am interested to know if other people in the community are aware that people on Ameren's Power Smart Pricing were paying a lot more for their energy this winter than regular Ameren customers.

Ethanol commentary had inaccuracies

It's amazing that a publication of your caliber would publish a letter with facts approaching tabloid status. The author of "Outdated ethanol policy isn't working as intended" needs to do some more research.

Ethanol commentary wrong on mandate

A commentary on ethanol in the paper recently was alarming in its inclusion of exaggerations, inaccuracies and flat-out falsehoods.

Keystone XL pipeline about dirty fuels

A recent letter complained about a California billionaire spending money fighting against approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, talking about all the jobs it would create.

Doctor's letter misses impact of tax loss

Joseph Shumway, a physician who gives his address as St. Louis in his April 24 letter, chastises the people of Urbana — or as he charitably calls them: "you" — for their "trivial" concerns that Carle is not meeting community or citizenship standards by refusing to pay taxes to the community that supports it.

District properly managing habitats

I want to applaud the Champaign County Forest Preserve District for managing our natural areas in such a way that closely mimics what used to be normal and regular ecological processes. Their periodic controlled burns, removal of invasive species, and planting of native species greatly increases the natural diversity which supports the native insects that feed our native wildlife.

Money for Obama library but not vets?

Gov. Pat Quinn, Speaker Michael Madigan and Illinois Democratic legislators thumb their noses at Illinois veterans and Illinois educators while embracing a projected $100 million expenditure for an Obama presidential library. The projected expenditure for the Obama library equals three years' worth of college tuition for Illinois veterans.

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