Letters to the Editor

Courts, society are not serious about DUIs

When I saw the article in the May 16 Local section entitled "5th DUI draws judge's ire: 13 years in prison," I was so disgusted. Not with the judge's sentence, but with the fact that someone is still drinking and driving after FOUR previous convictions!

Kennedy right about UI's hiring decisions

It is a pleasure to read University of Illinois Board of Trustees Chairman Chris Kennedy's opinions on the Ayers and Kilgore situations. Finally, there is someone at the university level who knows the difference between academic freedom and politicizing.

Schools should adapt to learning styles

Alfred Adler, founder of the school of individual psychology, describes school as the place to "educate and not merely give instruction" to a child. Consequently, children in our schools are not getting equally treated when it comes to learning styles in education. Every child learns differently and should have the resources based on how they learn.

Kennedy's comments on Kilgore spot on

Could it be an adult has finally entered the room at the University of Illinois? Thank you, Mr. Chris Kennedy, for your comments on the hiring of a domestic terrorist to teach our young people.

Your voice of reason is refreshing.



What police need to do to regain trust

Looking at our community today, I see ignorance and insecurity. Our generation is more scared of the police than any generation. They either hide from them or run from them.

Ex-offenders should become good citizens

There was a time when the Illinois statute creating the Department of Corrections said that its purpose was "to restore the offender to useful citizenship."

Perhaps those people who are against James Kilgore believe "useful citizenship" should consist only of washing cars or making hamburgers.



Adam Smith quote fits Kilgore situation

Forgetting the current sanctimonious twaddle concerning "academic freedom," why was James Kilgore hired in the first place?

Was there a shortage of applicants for the position — applicants who were not robbers, accessories to murder and fugitives from justice?

Adam Smith once wrote that "mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent."

I think the fellow was right.

Local road 'repairs' hazardous for bikes

Although I am an avid cyclist, I will not be participating in Bike to Work day because of the atrocious condition of the roads in Champaign-Urbana and in the county, conditions exacerbated by misguided maintenance practices. I ride mainly for exercise, mostly on the county roads but occasionally on highways such as Illinois 47, U.S.

Kennedy's reasoning on Kilgore is flawed

Chris Kennedy's confused attempts to justify a denial of James Kilgore's employment should be alarming to all.

Kilgore a thorny problem for UI board

The imbroglio over James Kilgore, stemming from News-Gazette columnist Jim Dey's Feb. 9 article, continues to grow.

Charging "yellow journalism" as the Kilgore rock was so publicly turned over, his supporters are furiously mounting a multi-pronged push-back campaign.

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