Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

UI editor made lasting impact

It was fitting that the memorial service for Judy McCulloh, who died July 13, focused on music rather than the spoken word, but I would like to put on record what I would have said (probably more briefly) if eulogies had been in order.

It's the Senate that has not acted

I write in reply to Dennis Held, who asserts the U.S. House of Representatives have done nothing.

UI is no place for ex-terrorist

James Kilgore does not merit support for any position where he can influence university students or policy.

My concern is that faculty who support Kilgore without a real knowledge of his conduct will be unwilling to admit they have been misled. Felonies cover a wide range of conduct, but murder is special.

Ignore N-G stories on school proposal

Two of my sons graduated from Central, and a third started recently. I fully support replacing Central.

This issue has garnered more front page headlines in a shorter time than ever the Chief did. My perception is that this newspaper points out the flaws and accentuates the costs, while not giving adequate counterpoint or balance.

Prof really went around the bend

Since readers know the extreme positions Professor Eric Vimr espouses, I usually refrain from responding to his letters.

However, his Aug. 20 diatribe demands a rejoinder because, apart from his typical leftist disinformation and distorted characterizations, he simply lies.

Some paint would help roads in C-U

If Champaign-Urbana would paint some lines on the roads, maybe they wouldn't look so bad. I have lived here all my life, and I have trouble figuring out what side of the road I am supposed to be on sometimes.

Just think how the visitors in our town must feel.



OSHA story was real eye-opener

Congratulations to reporter Don Dodson. He outlined these violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements very, very well.

Phones just aren't what they once were

It had to happen sooner or later, but I have disconnected my landline and now use a cellphone.There is no longer a table phone and answering machine in my house. The sound of a phone ring that made me get up to go to the phone will never be heard again.

Prof's enemies rant was a real doozy

Eric Vimr's latest letter rant is a classic.

For the benefit of his right-wing enemies, he actually manages to cram a fully metabolized load of bologna into a miserly 250-word limit, all on the pretext of explaining what is going on in Ferguson, Mo. Impressive.

Great people will solve problems

As the world seemingly descends into chaos, we should all be reassured by the steady hand of John Kerry on the foreign policy tiller. He was born to be secretary of state. His father was a career diplomat. He chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He speaks French, the traditional language of diplomacy. His current wife was born and raised overseas.