Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Torture report was damaging to America

Would Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., explain her reasons for endangering all Americans by releasing a one-sided and veracity-challenged report about CIA "torture"? Who cares if mass murderers were physically harmed or developed psychological problems from the "torture"? Didn't they already have psychological problems? Should Feinstein herself be considered to be a "stain on the nation"?

Letter: Citizens should have faith in the system

In 1964, when I was part of a team beginning east Pakistan's first program in architecture, a group of my students recalled that it was the anniversary of a negative mishap. They were on the verge of joining marchers down Dacca's main thoroughfare to disturb and yell, carry brickbats and possibly destroy private property to show their displeasure.

Protesters should say that all lives matter

All lives matter. Recent events that are shown on TV and in the newspaper feature protesters carrying signs reading "Black lives matter." All lives — black, white, Asian and any others — matter.

What about the black lives in Chicago, maybe here in Champaign, Urbana, Springfield, Danville and any other city where black — and many times young — children die. Don't these lives matter?

Dave Benton is a great role model for everyone

As I watch the evening news and have seen so many articles, I am so proud of WCIA-TV newsman Dave Benton for the way he is handling the grave situation in his life, and the strength of his family. I can't imagine what they all are going through, with his illness.

He is doing a fabulous job of showing his belief in God, faith and love for his family.

U.S. used to stand against torture

It is very difficult to comprehend our current national conversation about torture. We have moved beyond President George W. Bush's 2005 assertion that "we do not torture" to admitting that we did torture but that it was legal and effective.

Slams against Prussing tiresome

Mr. Donald Aldeen's characterization of Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing as the "mayor for life" is getting very tiresome. So much so that other letter writers are now copying him (how original).

Stain of slavery is still with us

What was the ignoramus who tweeted "we should never have bought you" thinking?

Was the "student" really saying, "We would've never begun importing you to the New World in the first place had we known 400 years later you'd remain indignant at having had your ancestors separated from family prior to being shackled and packed sardine-like in the fetid holds of slave ships."

Senator selection needs to be open

Our area needs someone with a strong and independent voice and progressive ideals to represent this part of Illinois in the state Senate.

As concerned citizens and committed Democrats, we hope that the candidate selection process for the state Senate seat in Illinois' 52nd District will be transparent and open.

Business owners' rights violated

During the recent unlawful demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo., rioters looted and committed more than 30 acts of felony arson against innocent neighborhood business owners.

Since those business owners had acted in no way to provoke such violent destruction of their property and livelihood, it would appear that perhaps there had been a major violation of their civil rights.

Outrage really stems from racism

Dan Miner's most recent attempt (Dec. 3 letter) to cram everything into an argument against evolution may be the silliest yet, blaming evolution for ideas of race and for outrage in Ferguson.