Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Local group looks at funeral trends

New trends in funerals are on the horizon across the country and as has been said before "necessity is the mother of invention".

There are three driving forces for these changes: 1) environmental concerns about current methods of embalming and burying, 2) cost of services, and finally, 3) a return to traditional self-care rituals.

Anti-union ideas the real roadblock

In an editorial dated Oct. 19, the editor wrote about the "idiotic political standoff," regarding the lack of a state budget.

I believe that every average wage earner and all citizens who depend on government funding to perform their tasks have real concern about this issue. They see their lives being dramatically affected by the standoff that has dragged on with no end in sight.

No COLA in 2016 hardship for many

I hope the 70 million people affected by the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment that we will not be getting are as excited as I am.

If any one of you believes that the price of gas is to blame, I have some oceanfront property in Villa Grove I would like to sell.

Blaming the low cost of gas is the most lame excuse they could have used.

Madigan has votes to pass a budget

There have been several letters recently about the Illinois budget, or rather the lack of one. I have seen people blaming Gov. Bruce Rauner, blaming the Legislature, blaming just about everyone.

Who wrote that? Dey or Foreman?

So has it come to this? That Jim Dey, whose opinions usually appear in the "local news" section, is writing editorial columns under the name of John Foreman?

Dey should back social programs

Given Jim Dey's analysis of over-representation of African-American men in the Champaign County Jail (Oct. 22), I look forward to his vigorous endorsement of a variety of social programs that are likely to be proposed as alternatives to incarceration.

Sunday Extra: Professor's tale full of inaccuracies

By Vince Koers

Professor Sundiata Cha-Jua's Oct. 4 introduction of Nat Turner as the "most significant slave insurrectionist" who led the "most successful slave revolt (1831) in U.S. history" should have been accurate information. Not so.

Time to bring back Chief Illiniwek

Really, University of Illinois administrators? Chinese language broadcasts will bring the student body back to Memorial Stadium to watch the Fighting Illini. Really?

This "feel good" story has been published in newspapers all around the world as well as recently making that ultimate "feel good" venue NPR.

The Bible offers a different explanation

"Excited delirium," as discussed in a recent "The Health Reporter Is in," is explained in the Bible in Luke chapter 8, verses 26-39.

The man in this passage was naked, had supernatural strength and was extremely violent. This man was not mentally ill, but he was possessed by many demons.

Letter: Email regulations are made to be followed

I find this email issue by Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, to be very interesting. The folks on her side of the political world say it was OK and really no problem. Even the president indicated there was no concern with any possible attack to her server to gather classified information.