Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Both parties fail to work together

Regarding Kevin Northrup's letter on July 24: The Democratic leader of the Senate has passed many jobs bills that in fact have been sent to the Republican-controlled House, only to be voted against every time without even trying to add or make revisions!

Neither house of Congress has worked together on anything since the election, so don't put the blame on just one party!

Ryan Jackson shows poor taste

I want to let you know how disgusted and offended I was by Ryan Jackson's column in the July 27 News-Gazette. I also wondered if any of you read his column before printing it.

Protest child used to advance agenda

The News-Gazette front page picture on July 26 of an alleged Palestinian child holding a protest sign obviously written by an adult proves only that a picture of one cynically manipulated child is worth a thousand ideological lies.

Where are the non-staged pictures of Palestinian children with bombs strapped to their bodies or those used as human shields for propaganda purposes?

Competition for Carle is critical

Residents should have some choice in the health care they receive and not be forced to just use Carle or Health Alliance in this region.

Carle needs some competition. Many people aren't happy with health care in this area, I found out after I moved here.



Testing might distort education

I agree with Andrew Wilk's July 20 commentary that we need to address academic deficiencies as early as possible so students can master the requisite skills to be successful in and beyond the classroom. However, Wilk's view about educators' resistance to raising standards makes me wonder how recently he has been in a classroom or talked to teachers.

Website mugshots not fair to accused

Last week I noticed the "mugshots" feature of The News-Gazette's website.

Rodeo should not be invited back

Earlier this month, I took my wife and daughter to the rodeo at the Champaign County Fair. We try to attend each year and find it to be one of the most enjoyable events of the fair.

Good teachers an Urbana tradition

I read the recent commentary written by Andrew Wilk that was very critical of the public school systems in the area. I was an employee of the Urbana School District 116 for 33 years.

Farmers careful with land, animals

Responding to Kim Curtis' letter on July 20: Conventional and industrial farming are not synonymous. Almost 90 percent of Illinois farms are family owned; 80 percent of farms are less than 500 acres, not large scale.

ACA statistics can be deceiving

When a politician says that his or her policy is working, I want to know, "What is the policy?" and "What is the cause-and-effect reasoning leading to a conclusion that the policy is working?"

Of course, I never get answers to these questions.

Such is the case with the claim, "Obamacare is already working."