Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dem Londrigan is superior to Davis

I'm ashamed of Rodney Davis. He and his fellow Republicans were positively giddy to be able to deliver a Christmas tax cut to their corporate masters (oops, I meant donors). Apple Corp. has $250 billion in cash assets, but Davis and friends delivered $40 billion more.

Get ready to apply for tuition aid

Urbana public school students qualify for special priority consideration to obtain tuition scholarships to private schools.

Last fall, the state of Illinois passed the Invest in Kids Act, a scholarship fund for families who choose to send their children to private schools. Scholarships have the potential to cover up to 100 percent of tuition beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.

Retirees had great impact on others

The News-Gazette recently ran the stories about the planned retirements of two prominent local residents — former university wrestling coach and current local YMCA executive Mark Johnson and WDWS broadcaster Jim Turpin.

These two men have touched countless lives during their respective careers. Mine is one of them.

Actually, Illinois has low state taxes

Hard as it might sound to write 550 words, all backwards, the Illinois News Network's Dan McCabe does an impressive job in a recent column.

Heavy car traffic at new Central?

Since the Champaign City Council doesn't care what I, and a lot of other citizens, think about the Burnham building and is allowing the school district to tear it down for a stinking parking lot, why should I care about this school?

Those buildings they're planning on destroying are a part of this city's history. Everything important is torn down for new.

What's going on with new assessor?

Recent events in the Cunningham Township assessor's office in Urbana make me so glad I don't live in that township.

Two experienced employees were dismissed and replaced by the new assessor with a person who lost his last job due to fraud.


rural Danville

Speeders: Slow down, save lives

In the past 55 years I have been driving, I have noticed that people like to drive down streets and highways at high rates of speed. This tells me that the speeders are in quite a hurry to get someplace. They are not at all interested in what speed is posted.

I am not telling these people how to drive. They will never listen, because they do not care.

Londrigan great candidate for 13th District

Early voting starts on Feb. 8.

Of the candidates in the Democratic primary for the 13th Congressional District, I recommend Betsy Dirksen Londrigan. Why?

She grew up and lives in Springfield and knows the struggles of our large and small communities to maintain educational and commercial viability.

Madison, Cook counties top list

Illinois has once again secured its place as the "Lawsuit Abuse Capital of the Midwest" and is home to two of the nation's worst "Judicial Hellholes," according to the recently from the American Tort Reform Foundation.

The report named Madison County and Cook County to the ignominious list of the "Worst Judicial Hellholes in America."

Why big demand for intoxicants?

After reading about 850 opioids deaths in Cook County in 2017, I decided to write this missive.

The United States is considered to be the greatest country in the world. But many of its citizens apparently must use alcohol, drugs and many other substances to live in it.

Why do our citizens seek addictive substances to get through each day in a great country?