Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter on Peltier a distorted view

I am writing to contest Peter Buckley's opinion in his Sept. 11 letter that Leonard Peltier's petition for clemency should be denied. Buckley's account of Peltier's involvement in the 1975 shoot-out in Oglala, S.D., is selective and distorted.

Being loudmouth qualifies Trump?

The elderly people running for president have both been around for a long time.

We have watched Donald Trump, who is all flash and no substance, go through three wives, all above average in beauty. In the past, the first divorce would have disqualified him as a candidate. Two former wives were immigrants.

Muslim revelers pay for breakfast

On Monday, Sept. 12, we went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast. The back room was full of college students celebrating the Eid Muslim holiday — the so-called Sacrifice Festival.

The students were very excited and enjoying themselves. My husband and I were the only non-Muslims in the back.

Man should back off video protest

Regarding the Sept. 8 story about Social Security Administration employee David Hall: I would tell him to not take the training video personally. The law is the law. You have to respect all types of people: Muslim, Jews, Christians, LGBT, etc.

Working with them is not the issue. Remember that with Christians there might be offensive things with Muslims and vice versa.

Election chance to set U.S. straight

This 2016 election is a vast decision-maker. Our deadlocked Congress needs to listen to Americans.

The media are luring voters minds toward Hillary Clinton. On Aug. 23, columnist Jim Nowlan said the Illinois presidential race has been ceded to Clinton. Who promised this? King Madigan?

Laos should hand over MIA remains

When the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was recently in Mahomet, I randomly picked a flag bearing the name "Capt. Roger Danny Helwig."

Going to the vvmf.org website, I was surprised to learn that he and his co-pilot, Capt. Roger Stearns, were killed on Sept. 11, 1969 — later to be Patriots Day and the day of attack against the United States.

More examples of bad driving habits

About Mel Fros' Sept. 2 letter concerning people making illegal turns.

Yes, I see it all the time. I have even seen police officers do it.

That driving habit doesn't bother me much.

What does bother me is people who tailgate, use turn lanes as driving lanes, cross double lines, drive on the wrong side of the road and especially all those idiots that run red lights.

Big salaries show mixed-up values

What does it say about our values when we pay our athletic coaches multimillion-dollar salaries while families are homeless, hungry, lack adequate health care and cannot afford the cost of higher education?



Regular coverage for Libertarian

I and others like me would like to see more news coverage and articles about our Libertarian candidate for president of the United States, Gary Johnson.

Let's give Americans a choice.



N-G letter writer wrong on Clinton

I've seen Paul Hayes' name come up in The News-Gazette's letters a couple times lately, each time spouting utter drivel (Hillary Clinton the devil's handmaiden? I may think Trump is an incompetent buffoon with the intellect of a lemming, but at least I don't claim he's the spawn of Satan.)