Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter writers hit the right notes

I am thanking William Schuh and David Marrone for the very good letters that were published this month.

These were written in perfect time for this season.

Too many things don't make sense

"Ours is not to reason why; ours is to do or die."

The public is not bound by this soldier's lament: no one should accept governance without being allowed to reason why.

For instance, it was reported that Illinois lawmakers were befuddled about how to equalize district expenditures for education. Current per pupil-year costs ranged from $25,289 in Seneca to $6,016 in Paris.

Back up charges with a few facts

Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing (mayor for life) recently stated "Carle does not pay its taxes."

I do not believe this statement is correct. I request the MFL to show evidence that Carle has not paid the taxes it is legally requited to pay.

Common Core will benefit students

Zach Trueblood, in his Dec. 10 letter, excoriates the Common Core State Standards because they require testing, represent government intervention, and were hastily written by noneducators who have "likely never" been in a classroom.

Rape is constant on college campuses

The recent editorial, "Rolling Stone gathered no facts" said that (Rolling Stone magazine) needs to explain itself. Indeed. it does. The N-G said the magazine and the UVA president need to get their facts straight. Indeed they do.

Senate Dems have credibility issue

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee issued two reports on CIA interrogation techniques after 9/11. Basically, we have a Democratic report and a Republican report.

Events at schools source of concern

In the wake of the current events in our high schools in Champaign, it is time to bring a very important issue to light and begin addressing it, as it is becoming further out of control by the day.

Facts are ignored in two death cases

People love the lie. They love living in the lie. Such is the case with the recent race-baiting cases.

Michael Brown was not killed for being black. He had just stolen high-value cigars used for smoking marijuana. During the encounter with the Ferguson, Mo., police officer, he tried to take the officer's gun.

No need to include unflattering details

I'm writing in regard to the recent "Life Remembered" about the death of John Hirschfeld, written by Tim Mitchell.

Student demonstrations should be encouraged

I am dismayed and disappointed that The News-Gazette would take such a dim view of the First Amendment right of free speech from emerging citizens as well as some of their hardworking teachers.