Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Kirk condemns Army Corps project

Early this month, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., called on the Army Corps of Engineers to put a swift end to the highly destructive New Madrid Floodway Project that, in the senator's words, could cause "irreparable harm to families," "devastate the economy of southern Illinois" and threaten "the precious natural resources of the Midwest."

Outlook on Illini much too negative

I just read Michael Reid's Aug. 5 letter citing his opinion of the Illini football team. He calls the team a "bunch of stiffs."

Maybe he would like to visit the team's locker room and express himself in person? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Riding bikes on the sidewalk is fine

In response to the Aug. 2 letter by Mel Fros about not riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, I have to disagree.

It is very legal to ride on the sidewalk.

In the area that I live in, I prefer to ride on the sidewalk. It is a lot safer. Along Philo and Windsor roads, there are no bicycle lanes and there is very heavy traffic.



Primaries not suited to all voters

My sentiments exactly, James Winston, who wrote an Aug. 3 letter on election judges. I too, I feel, have been denied my voting privileges.

I also vote for the best candidate instead of along party lines.

I have tried several times to vote in the primaries and have been denied because I refused to choose a party.

Physical causes for mental illness

The use of the phrase "mentally disturbed perps" by a letter writer in the Aug. 2 News-Gazette shows vivid, extreme ignorance on the subject of mental illness.

Using parties good for fair elections

Party declaration to serve as an election judge is in the interest of oversight and trust with voters as well as among the judges themselves.

Sanders' tax ideas appear extreme

Nothing Donald Trump has said, nothing pornographic either, caused honest sputtering horror — among the debate mediators themselves — as did Bernie Sanders talking about taxes last spring.

Public should ask for more officers

I've been with the Urbana Police Department for over 18 years. Many things have changed during those 18 years, and current events in society have shaken the world, and policing in general.

Many of you have sent many good letters to the editor, thanking officers, or sending food and thank-you letters to police departments, or organized thank-you dinners/luncheons for police.

Urbana first responders did great job during fire

Recently I had a fire at my house which was put out quickly and very efficiently by the Urbana Fire Department.

I offer high praise for the excellent work of the fire department and all the other amazing services that appeared on the scene. Brian Nightlinger, the fire chief, showed up and was personally helpful in attending to my needs.

Reasons why GOP should not back Trump

I am deeply troubled by the behavior and statements made by Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the presidency. His attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, fire marshals, Megyn Kelly, protesters at his rallies, a disabled reporter, Sen. John McCain and so many others make him unfit for the presidency.