Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

UI's Ebel will fight for middle class

Every election cycle we hear repeated promises from both parties to "revitalize the middle class." To date, our elected officials have failed abysmally in fulfilling their promises. The result? An unbridled accumulation of wealth in the hands of only a few of America's wealthiest.

Why does BTN listen to one guy?

Once again I am outraged that anyone would even listen to Mr. Stephen Kaufman. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt when I call him "mister."

At the very least he should check his facts which he apparently never does. To be a professor one would think that one's IQ would be high. Can't figure what happened to him.

George Will sums up state problems

Whatever your political orientation, George Will's column in the Nov. 19 News-Gazette, "Looming battle over bankrupting blue model" is worth reading.

As the article states, Illinois "is approaching a death spiral — departing people and businesses suppress growth; the legislature responds by raising taxes; the exodus accelerates."

Election database is not reliable

U.S. intelligence agencies informed election officials in 21 states, including Illinois, that elements of the criminal billionaire group that controls the Russian government hacked their systems before last year's presidential election. Yet, Trump and his Republican Party ignore this threat.

Russians cleverly influenced election

Is the only question about how much money Russia spent on advertising versus what Hillary Clinton's campaign spent?

Or is it about how Russian ads were targeted to maximize their effect, and how that was coordinated?

Reportedly Russian ads reached 126 million Facebook users. But the election was decided by some 107,000 votes in three states.

Publish holiday greetings on A-1

I wanted to wish The News-Gazette a "Happy Thanksgiving" since it didn't appear on the front page of the paper for probably the first time ever.

I don't know if you ran out of ink or just wanted to be politically correct and not offend any American Indians, Pilgrims, students, professors or whomever.

I am offended, if that matters.

Malcontents now set UI's standards

Just when I thought it couldn't get crazier for the University of Illinois administration, I recently opened The News-Gazette and saw their latest endorsement of our local bullies.

It now seems that the UI will cave in to any very small, but very loud minority. I am referring to the further attempt at gagging any reference to our honored symbol, Chief Illiniwek.

Faculty title not relevant to debate

Stephen Kaufman is offended by anyone displaying the Chief and has forced the Big Ten Network to avoid anyone or anything with the Chief.

I am offended by Kaufman continuing to use his academic title of "professor emeritus" in public forums not related to the university. I request all media immediately cease to use the title before his name unless it involves academics.

Enough paper to sink teeth into

On Nov. 22, I received four checks from Delta Dental, the state of Illinois' dental insurance plan.

These four checks cover dentist visits for my family from December 2015 through June 2016. They came with four interest checks.

The envelope the checks came in was a large one, 8 x 11 inches and three-quarters of an inch thick.

A sucker is born every four years

One sentence can explain the current political climate in Washington.

Elect a clown; expect a circus.