Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Klaus was fair, important judge

I am infuriated that Champaign County Associate Judge Richard Klaus got fired. I am speaking as a convicted felon who has had Judge Klaus.

I have watched and followed cases he has done and I cannot believe other judges lost "confidence" in him. Judge Klaus has fair trials and gives out fair sentences, he treats defendants with respect.

Independent map effort needs people

"Gerrymandering." The word even sounds slimy.

You may remember from high school that gerrymandering is the process whereby political parties draw legislative districts to favor their party. Each district's boundaries are contorted so the party can include this city block or exclude that township with the goal of locking in their candidate's chances of winning.

County fair book not mailed out

Are you a regular exhibitor in the Champaign County Fair? Wondering where the annual fair book is?

The fair is not mailing out the book this year; you must pick one up at the fair office.

The fair book used to be mailed at least one month beforehand to give exhibitors time to plan, get their forms completed and turned in on time.

Thoughtful speech is a worthy goal

Would Jim Dey devote a column to criticizing teaching high school students' table manners or proper conduct in school or other public places?

I doubt it. Yet his June 18 column attacks teaching university faculty about cultural sensitivity in language. Isn't all civility important?

Men care about the unborn, too

This weekend we honor all dads.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, is not pompous; it is not inflated; it is not rude; it does not seek its own interests .... It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails." (Corinthians 13: 4-8)

Bismarck museum needs support

On 2007, Pleasant View Congregational Christian Church in Bismarck was forced to close, due to declining membership.

Kids need love, not platitudes

In answer to two previous letters to the editor regarding abortion.

You say you are against it, but I don't see you lining up to take the unborn babes that you want to save — feeding, clothing and educating them into productive citizens.

So, don't tell me about agencies and homes that are ready to help. That isn't the same as a good home to raise a child and you know it.

Local athletes should be playing with Dans

Shame on Jeanie Cooke, Rick Kurth and the Frickes for overlooking local talent for this year's Danville Dans baseball roster.

Letter: Personnel policy would be an insult to workers

Being a retired county board member and enjoying my service, I have felt disturbed by recent reports of happenings on the current board. I was concerned enough to attend the June 9 meeting.

Don't waste money on another bike path

In regard to two articles in the June 2 News-Gazette, the Kickapoo Rail Trail has enough funding to start the first phase if the state's $200,000 grant is released.

Another article in the same issue — by columnist Jodi Heckel — states that there are already plenty of bike paths in central Illinois.