Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Destroy pensions? They have a plan

If you're a fan of comedy or politics, you gotta love how the Illinois General Assembly has so adeptly manufactured and managed the financial mess known as the pension crisis.

Plan A: Ignore the problem, as well as some laws that require pension payments. That worked really well for a few decades until the Great Recession blew the house down. Time for

Dey's demeaning column not helpful

Almost 2,000 University of Illinois students of color reported feeling uncomfortable on campus because of their race. They encountered racial stereotypes and demeaning reactions in class and out, from students and faculty. Fraternity and sorority houses are a hot spot.

Black students reported the highest percentage of problems, though they make up only 19 percent of respondents.

Freer markets will make us poorer

I would like to thank Norm Pounder for his insightful letter on May 10.

He points out that with the development of technology replacing human labor, while it is possible to feed and take care of far more humans than ever before, far fewer are profitably employable. He foresees ever fewer people in the labor force, and ever more on the dole of one kind or another.

Let's discuss what Savoy can tax

In his May 11 letter — "Fuel tax increase better for Savoy" — Lowell Mennenga wrote in support of Savoy implementing a fuel tax increase as Urbana and Champaign have done.

The call for this has previously been noted in The News-Gazette because the fuel stations in Savoy have increased their prices commensurate with those in Champaign and Urbana.

Health changes unconstitutional

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled. The retirement benefits of state government employees cannot be reduced. Those benefits are protected under the state Constitution of 1970.

N-G should not buy Rauner's line

The editors of The News Gazette seem to accept without question Gov. Bruce Rauner's formula for improving our state's finances—cutting taxes, removing worker protections, decreasing support for social services and public education.

Durbin should oppose fast track

Congress is currently considering granting President Barack Obama "fast track" authority to negotiate trade agreements — widely viewed as a pre-approval for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Rauner would hurt middle class

In your recent editorial, you continue to advocate that Illinois aspire to be one of its lower-compensating neighbors. Despite your hyperbole, union "chieftains" such as Michael Carrigan are fighting for well-paid jobs that support the middle class.

Urbana needs business, not suits

I just read in the May 5 News-Gazette that the Illinois Department of Revenue has granted a property tax exemption to Presence Hospital and 58 properties located in Urbana for the years 2004, 2006, 2010 and 2013 for about $10 million.

Landfill threats to aquifer still exist

The recent settlement in DeWitt County represents a major victory in the continuing battle to protect the Mahomet Aquifer from the toxins, both currently in and proposed to be hauled in to AREA Disposal's Clinton Landfill.