Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Magnets show disdain for Davis

The "Unseat Rodney Davis" car magnet campaign began as a Sunday Extra in the Feb. 12 News-Gazette. My husband and I wanted to express our displeasure with Davis, so we commissioned 500 magnets and offered them for free to anyone willing to display one until the midterm election.

EPA's work too vital to be gutted

In my family, the bedtime bath routine is something I do for my kids without much fanfare.

However, the water in which my daughters bathe and the air they breathe has me thinking about protections we take for granted.

Equal Pay Day: Time to close gap

On average, women have to work three months longer than men to earn the same pay.

Equal Pay Day, the date when women's wages catch up to men's wages from the previous year, is "celebrated" this year on Tuesday, April 4.

U.S. team in WBC deserved coverage

I have found it extremely interesting over the last couple of weeks that there hasn't been any coverage of the World Baseball Classic, not one article about how well the USA team has played and in fact won the title game.

I realize there are lots of sports happening, but would a little recognition for the USA team be too much to ask?



Show of support for nursing home

I am submitting this letter to encourage support for the Champaign County Nursing Home. I plan to vote yes to approve a modest tax increase to support the home, and to vote no to sell or discard it, and I encourage anyone who values public services to vote the same way.

Cox should stay as road commissioner

As a longtime resident of Newcomb Township, I have had the opportunity to personally observe how things are run within Newcomb Township as well as watch progress through the years. We have had many road commissioners in my time as a resident, and my family and I have lived in several places throughout the township.

Looking to help people of Urbana

On April 4, the voters will have a chance to change the direction of Urbana. My opponent just wants to be mayor. I do not want to be mayor just to be mayor. I want to be the guy using the authority of the job of mayor to help the people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Republicans seem unable to govern

On 12/2/16, The News-Gazette published a letter of mine where I stated the GOP must now govern. From their recent actions, they don't seem to be able to.

La Due has proven council experience

I have several questions for prospective Champaign council District 2 voters before the upcoming municipal election.

Do citizens prefer the current nonpartisan city council of Champaign, or do they want to follow Urbana and the Champaign County Board into the divisive morass of "real urban politics"?

Add native plantings to your landscape

People concerned about the plight of elephants, whales and the rain forest can take action in their own communities and yards to help protect many Illinois species from further decline or extinction.