Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Davis has chance to bridge divide

In an article about his refusal to conduct town halls, U.S. Rep Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, is quoted as saying, "It's sad that we have a consistent campaign of politics that I think the American people and the folks in central Illinois are sick and tired of."

Agreed. May Mr. Davis be a leader in overcoming this divisive partisanship.

Unhappy about trophy viewing

I just wanted to get my 2 cents in on the way the Cubs World Series trophy pictures were handled.

My intention was to take my parents. Because they are in their 80s I couldn't expect them to stand outside in line for no telling how long.

Canadian asset: Its health care

I have worked in the field, paid taxes and been a patient under both the Canadian and U.S. health care systems — for 22 years in Champaign and then 13 years in British Columbia, Canada.

Same standards for all secretaries?

Several area school administrators, teachers, teachers' union officials and a school board member are quoted in the Feb. 6 News-Gazette as giving Betsy DeVos an "F" as a nominee for secretary of education (the next day she was confirmed 51-50).

Keep focus on Trump's victims

The unholy union between the politically disgruntled and the single-issue, special-interest groups has now produced their love-child, the Donald Trump presidency.

While it is not worthwhile to pay attention to the antics of Trump himself and his coven of appointees, it is critical for people of conscience to focus their energies on the victims of this band and its policies.

More than 51 votes would help

Regarding the Feb. 6 News-Gazette editorial "Senate Dems looking for scalp":

Democrats and Republicans may share responsibility for the deteriorated process for selecting Supreme Court justices, but Republican senators' outright refusal to consider any Obama nominee to fill the Scalia vacancy was not politics as usual.

America deserves better than Trump

At high noon Jan. 20, the blissfully benighted celebrated, embarking on that happy trail to make America grope ... grate ... GREAT again, disengaging from the perplexing and perpetual consternation of the real world to escape to a chimerical realm of pseudo realism as embodied in our celebrity apprentice statesman.

The Scripture says we should love our enemies

It is amazing, in reading some of the letters to the editor this past week in the newspaper, how hateful individuals can be when things do not go the way they think they should.

Hate begins in the heart. In Jeremiah 17:9, it says, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" God knows our heart.

Diane Wolfe Marlin cares about people

On Feb. 28, I will vote for Diane Wolfe Marlin in the Urbana mayoral primary, having worked with her for years in the Lierman Neighborhood. Marlin has been a force for good, not only at city council meetings, but in her hard work between them.

Trump continues assault on people

Those who identify with the political left and progressivism (not the same) need to consider several perspectives.

President Donald Trump will likely extend the depredations that neoliberal capitalism has inflicted on the American working class for four decades, but at no greater velocity than his predecessors, Republican or Democrat.