Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Carle fails when it bills its patients

Carle has a reputation as a first-class medical facility. However, the reputation of their billing system does not achieve that high standard.

Here are some reasons why:

1. The front page of the bill needs to show the previous month's amount and date paid just like any credit card or utility bill.

Clinton-Lynch theory has big flaw

If former President Bill Clinton put the fix in with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, then why did she subsequently state that she would accept the FBI's recommendation regarding the prosecution of Hillary Clinton?

FBI Director James Comey happens to be a Republican donor, by the way.



Stop whining and create a budget

Poor Chad Hays. The Republican state representative had to borrow $5,000 from his campaign fund because the state budget impasse means that he's not getting paid and "the car payment people want their money on the first of the month."

I'm so glad that Hays has a campaign fund where he can get the money to make sure his car isn't repossessed and his son can go back to college.

Oh, gasp! Checks aren't in the mail

I was simply shocked to hear that Comptroller Leslie Munger decided to delay paychecks to our august legislators for the past three months.

Sounds like someone knows what they are doing for the good of the state.

May she continue her practice until the Illinois state budget is resolved.

Perhaps this practice should be codified into state and national law.

Murray Scottish, not an Englishman

On July 11, The News-Gazette carried the Associated Press story on Wimbledon Men's final result with the headline: "Murray's moment, Englishman captures event for second time in four years."

Andy Murray is a Scot. To call him English can be deemed offensive.

Good lawmakers need their salaries

Rep. Chad Hays, R-Catlin, and other legislators should be paid.

The millionaires like House Speaker Mike Madigan don't care if they or others get paid.

If we want to continue to have common, down-to-earth legislators represent us, then Chad should be paid like most of his constituents who rely on their paychecks.

Map amendment should be on ballot

Are you tired of the political situation in Illinois, where most candidates for the state House or Senate run unopposed because of voting districts with boundaries that are gerrymandered by the incumbent legislators themselves to ensure that a candidate from the other party (whether Democrat or Republican) would never stand a chance at getting elected?

Sunday Extra: Road of indifference is wrong way

By Paul M. Weichsel 

Lynn McLinden's Sunday Extra in the July 10 News-Gazettte focuses on black communities in America in order to explain the sorry state of race relations in our country. He misses the point by a country mile. First some facts.

N-G story ignored complex questions

I was surprised that your article about local towns' restrictions on door-to-door solicitation scarcely mentioned the constitutional implications of some of those restrictions.

Many don't respect the U.S. flag any more

I was looking at news-gazette.com for obituary information when the "Most Viewed News" caught my eye. "Urbana flag-burner won't be charged."

I am so angry and sad about this case and don't know what is wrong with America. Our country is being taken away from us, little by little.

What happened to the flag standing for Americans and being proud of the U.S.?