Letters to the Editor

Community heroes step up to assist those in need

In this world of greed, envy, jealousy and skewed power, it is especially refreshing to look around our community and see so many people who reach out to others in need. These are our heroes who sow seeds of hope to those with no hope. And even as they listen to the powerless, they help them as listening becomes healing.

Texans get what they paid for — nothing

Not only does the average wealthy person think a progressive income tax is unfair — i.e., "socialist" — but apparently even a flat income tax is repugnant.

Case in point: It was well-known that Mitt Romney paid a 14 percent tax rate on his income — about half the rate that his secretary probably paid.

That Texans pay no state income tax is hardly an endorsement either.

Scientists politicizing climate science

In his letter of April 6, University of Illinois Professor Donald Wuebbles says that "the idea that politics influences our (climate) science is totally ridiculous."

UI cowardly rejects sanctions on Israel

As a Jewish activist in the Palestinian justice movement for the past 17 years, I have seen this movement grow into a self-confident global anti-apartheid movement. This movement is as truthfully and morally grounded as the anti-apartheid movements in relation to the American South and South Africa.

Please vaccinate your tots; no link to autism

Recently there has been increased discussion regarding supposed links between infant vaccination and autism. Some celebrities, without medical backgrounds, have even advocated against vaccinations for this reason. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. As a nurse, and soon-to-be nurse practitioner, this spread of false information is concerning.

Pharmacists seeking to give required shot

As of Jan. 1, 2014, Illinois requires all seventh- and 12th-grade students to receive a meningococcal vaccination. This necessitates adding it to the current list of vaccines pharmacists can administer to those ages 10 to 13 years of age and older without a prescription.

Current flat-rate income tax is fair

So now uber-liberal Naomi Jakobsson clamors for a graduated income tax in Illinois — now that she's leaving office, of course, and won't be subjected to the (gerrymandered) ballot box that elected her. The basis for this pipe dream is claimed to be "fairness" to Illinois taxpayers.

Candidate thankful, ready to move on

I personally thank you for your support in our bid for governor. The outcome was not what we hoped, but I am proud of our effort. I appreciate the people throughout the state who stood behind us.

I am grateful to Steve Kim, my lieutenant governor candidate. Steve was a wonderful running mate who, along with his family and friends, worked hard across the state.

Astronaut's work in space is not routine

In response to John Buckmaster's letter criticizing the University of Illinois' selection of astronaut Col. Michael Hopkins as its graduation speaker: Buckmaster writes in part that "today's routine visits to the space station" are not worthy of the world's attention.

Faithful must oppose same-sex marriage

Where is the church? Rather than seeking his kingdom and his righteousness, she sought after the things of this world. Her light grows faint. She remains in the shadows on the watershed issue of our day — same sex "marriage."

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