Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

New law a decent measure for girls

I was disappointed to read the negative reactions of several school leaders to the new law requiring schools to provide free feminine products in their bathrooms.

It seems memory starting to fade

It's often recognized that if two people observe an accident their accounts will differ. Then too, after a period of time, what they remember widens. Heck, even sometimes we forget what we had for breakfast.

Editorial misstates state pension raise

As a 20-some-year State Universities Retirement System retiree, I am puzzled by The News-Gazette editorial board's continued misrepresentation of the state's pension situation.

Public nursing home is better choice

There recently was an unexplained death, this time at Helia Healthcare, a privately run nursing home on South Mattis Avenue in Champaign.

I hope all of you in Champaign County are paying attention to the upcoming vote to sell the Champaign County Nursing Home to a private company. It wasn't too long ago that CCNH was rated the best in the county.

Population loss can't be ignored

A Dec. 22 editorial was entitled, "Where have all the people gone?"

The title sounds a little like a musical tune; however, there is nothing harmonious about the gist of the article. While the national population is increasing, Illinois' population is decreasing.

Wicked leadership has consequences

Following is a list of qualifications for leadership in our legislatures and judiciary, according to Elizabeth Hess and her ilk: 1) One must be an atheist; 2) one cannot have a moral compass; 3) one must be willing to murder babies and sell their body parts; 4) one must pretend to play God; 5) one must hate the Holy Bible and the Ten Commandments; 6) one must ignore the Sixth Commandment, "You

Math competition deserves support

Each February, middle school students from across Champaign County and the surrounding area come together for the Champaign County Illinois Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE) MATHCOUNTS Competition, the only in-person math competition of its kind.

University officials must reassert control

I can't believe how little emotion football coach Lovie Smith shows on the sidelines. Is he asleep?

His Fighting Illini football team is a joke, as is the basketball team. What's the problem? It's the curse of Chief Illiniwek.

I hope it continues until the University of Illinois turns its back on all things politically correct.

Casting your vote early is very easy to do

I wonder if registered voters in Champaign County know they can vote in their pajamas?

All they have to do is request a mail-in ballot by phone or online, and they can vote by mail in the March 2018 primary election.

They don't need any special excuse to vote by mail.

Demagogues pose a great danger to society

The "ruling classes" in the ancient world believed in the value of a classical education as a means of gaining the wisdom of what was recorded over the centuries of civilization.