Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Crisis Nursery story disturbing

As a volunteer and supporter of the Crisis Nursery for the past 22 years, I was appalled and heartbroken to read about the abuse at the nursery in 1998-1999.

UI doesn't need 'Purdue Pete' type

Pleeeasse, do not bring in one of those big-headed, shiny-faced, big-eyed goons like the mascots displayed at Michigan State and Purdue.

They're disgusting, and we are the Illini.



OK for 'unheard' to silence speakers

There's an old phrase in Latin: reductio ad absurdum, which means, reduction to the absurd. This seems to be the official policy of The News-Gazette's editorial board.

Can we trust President Trump?

Do you want President Donald Trump's hand on the nuclear trigger?



Prison transition poses a dilemma

I appreciated U.S. Attorney Jim Lewis' guest commentary about the need for change within our criminal justice system. He drew attention to the challenges of reentry.

UI mascot plan is a nonstarter

Regarding the proposed new University of Illinois I mascot, I say not until Chief Illiniwek is reinstated as the true symbol of our great school and is not some distant memory.

As a 1972 UI engineering graduate, I say a "mascot" is not needed. We are better than to have just an athletic mascot. Illiniwek is a respected and revered symbol of the UI and the state.

UI missed out on local hoops star

I read with more than a little frustration that local basketball star Matt Chastain (LeRoy, 1A state champs) accepted a scholarship offer to play for Loyola.

I congratulate Matt and wish him the best.

Central building must be preserved

Because I have lived near Champaign Central High School since 1973, I have observed a lot about the use of the school building and surroundings in the city as a whole.

Rich don't care about other people

At a recent meeting with local social service providers, I heard distressing stories about the impact of nearly a year with no state funding. These agencies who care for our most vulnerable populations (the mentally ill, homeless, those with disabilities, victims of rape and domestic violence) have cut services and eliminated programs.

Halftime dance issue is very clear

As an alumna, I have something to say about the Chief: Sure, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign should have a white man dress in Native American garb and do Native Americanish dance steps.