Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Faculty member opposing strike

I would like to respond to the article about the strike-authorization vote by the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Local 6546 at the University of Illinois.

This article states "that union members 'overwhelmingly' endorsed forming a strike committee." This is a misrepresentation, as the union made no attempt to poll all NTT faculty they supposedly "represent."

Reaction on recent letters, local news

If letter writer Luis Cuza (March 25) thinks Cuba is so great, why doesn't he go back? Nobody is holding him here.

Also, does letter writer Eric Vimr (March 28) ever say anything good?

Why must we be so politically correct that business people must serve people they don't want to serve? It's supposed to be a free country.



Conventions could be wild and angry

I shudder to think that, of the remaining candidates for the White House, none would normally be in the race in any other previous year.

Whoever wins will send this country into a tailspin that it may not pull out of.

Are homeowners forced to reroof?

Have you ever had your insurance company threaten to cancel your homeowners' insurance unless you agreed to replace your roof within 30-60 days?

I have learned that this is becoming common practice in central Illinois and have run into this myself when I switched insurance companies to get more competitive rates last summer.

Sunday Extra: Urbana council trivializing use of drugs by reducing cost of fines

By Ron Gore

While I agree prison is not a good place to cure drug addiction, neither is the crazy notion that we should release nonviolent criminals to drug rehab or to community corrections. Nor should we trivialize use of drugs by reducing the cost of fines, as the Urbana City Council has done.

Lovie hire isn't going to help

Let me be clear, I could care less about the Chief, but on the other hand I am sick of people crying about him being gone. My response to letter writers Doug Rokke and Dayvon McCarrell of Rantoul is this: The Chief is gone — get over it, get a life. You all need to worry about the bad football that is going to be here for years to come.

Hillary feeling the heat from Sanders

Hillary Rodham Clinton's current journey toward her expected coronation may soon be deja vu all over again.

A charismatic, silver-tongued young black man aced her out in 2008. There's a growing chance a curmudgeonly, sincere old white man may do the same in 2016.

LGBT political agenda infringing on rights

I think the Christian community is waking up to the fact that their rights are being taken away from them because of the LGBT political agenda. States are deciding it is mandatory to allow anyone of any sex into public bathrooms. In Illinois, it is against the law to counsel children if they are confused about their sexuality.

LETTER: All problems being blamed on Rauner

I have noticed an almost-daily letter blaming Gov. Bruce Rauner for Illinois problems. I wonder, how many times has a lawmaker tried to advance a bill that House Speaker Michael Madigan refuses to bring up for a vote because it would maybe help all of Illinois instead of just Chicago?

Try looking at both sides.



Letter about GOP convention disturbing

In light of his latest malignant letter to the editor, it may behoove Joseph Bauers to seek some professional help, or possibly a sanitarium, for his decades worth of pathological hatred for Republicans, Christians and conservatives.