Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

C-U has monthly alternative paper

It is very unfortunate that The News-Gazette is our only local daily print newspaper. Its right-wing editorial policy along with one of its most prominent columnists continues to severely alienate a large portion of the Champaign-Urbana community.

I suppose that vilification of respected people sells newspapers, but it only obscures the real issues and shuts down debate.

Customer upset with Comcast

Someone needs to take Comcast to task for ruining the cable in this town.

I live on the edge of Urbana, and Comcast is my only option for Internet and TV unless I want to split them up and pay twice as much.

Recently, Comcast vans were in the neighborhood working around 4:30 p.m. When I get home from work, our Internet and TV service were not working.

Dirty cop's picture not appropriate

I have a son who was a Sacramento deputy sheriff for nearly 20 years so I am very pro-police and follow most stories dealing with law enforcement personnel.

Mental health needs donors, too

Recently the local Fur Ball raised over $100,000 for pets in need.

But when the National Alliance on Mental Illness attempted a fundraiser to assist in the advocacy for the mentally ill, despite the best efforts of a dedicated group of parents, the group was barely able to make $1,000.

Shootings hitting too close to home

Recently, the shootings in Champaign-Urbana have caused great concern for me and my family. Growing up here, I have always loved this community, attending school from preschool to graduate school here at the University of Illinois.

Farm group backs independent maps

Illinois needs to change the way it does business, including changing the way legislative districts are drawn.

Last November, only one candidate was on the ballot in 60 percent of legislative districts. This is a result of legislators drawing a map over several years where they choose their voters, instead of the other way around.

Balance of power key to world peace

The current chaotic refugee mess in Europe is a result of the loss of a balance of power in the Mideast. The globalization theories are also a heavy contributor to current and future chaos.

As a junior high and high school student who was fortunate to have had excellent history teachers, I developed a strong appreciation for the concept of "balance of power" for an area.

Native people are not fans of Chief

Recently, there have been many letters to the editor supporting the use of indigenous American imagery in Illinois athletics.

Politicians failing to work together

Since the Illinois state politicians can't come to a budget compromise plan, here is a wild-hair thought from a voter: Freeze all future budgets on last year's actual, then close the state Capitol.

Put local politics on funny pages

Here is a novel idea: Label a section of the paper as "humor." Then put in it the comics, letters to the editor and all local news of the Curly, Larry and Moe show of the politics of Urbana, Champaign and the University of Illinois.

They have become the laughing stock of eastern Illinois.