Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dreamers need path to citizenship

Congress is still struggling to protect the Dreamers in our country.

As human beings, we feel the frustration and heartbreak of families being torn apart with no fair or clear path to citizenship. We know that DACA recipients contribute to our country, and yet we have failed to give them a clear path to citizenship.

Protesters not 'naive' students

The News-Gazette editorial board got it wrong in the Jan. 30 editorial related to the rally at the University of Illinois College of Law.

They refer to those supporting Professor Francis Boyle and those protesting the dean bringing Malcolm Stewart to speak at the college as "lemmings," and a "handful of naive and gullible students."

Not nearly enough women as judges

Recently, I read a News-Gazette article on the 10 local attorneys who have applied to fill a new judge opening.

Caulkins too tied to Chicago's Proft

On March 20, we voters have the responsibility in choosing a candidate for state representative in the 101st Illinois House District. With the recent increase in our state income taxes, thanks largely in part to Rep. Bill Mitchell, R-Forsyth, it is important to choose a candidate who accurately and faithfully represents us rather than playing Chicago politics.

Would UI actions still be the same?

Imagine this scenario: A well-known conservative professor (OK, that really does take imagination, but bear with me), let's call her Jane R., believes that the end justifies the means, smugly asserts that her conscience should be the standard for everyone, heaps disdain and embarrassment on the university that employs her and hates, absolutely hates, a particularly vocal liberal cause.

Is UI staff helping pro-Chief forces?

For anyone paying attention to the incident at the State Farm Center resulting in Jay Rosenstein's arrest, the dismissal of charges made clear there was zero inappropriate footage shot.

Rietz once again fails to do her job

I just want to congratulate Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Rietz for once again doing the complete opposite of what she was elected to do.

Based on the State Farm Center incident, every pervert in the county is now free to take video of young men in the restroom without fear of charges. We are all now less safe.

Dreamers benefit the U.S. economy

I was fortunate to spend my 78th birthday with old and new friends uniting to protect some of our most vulnerable neighbors, the Dreamers.

Rosenbaum is more qualified

I am writing in response to Tom Kacich's Jan. 21 article about the Republican primary race for judge between Judge Randy Rosenbaum and Sami Anderson.

Danville casino needs House OK

I saw a news story on Jan. 23 that casino-expansion legislation, which includes Danville, has passed the Illinois Senate and awaits House action.

This would benefit Danville.

Some people just don't understand the jobs and businesses and help do away with all the blight areas in our town.