Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

AR-15s are being unfairly targeted

A few months before Parkland, Fla., an attacker with an AR-15-type rifle shot up a church, 26 people killed, including six children, yet calls for banning guns were muted at best. Perhaps because the hero, a civilian NRA instructor, used his own AR-15 to end the massacre before police could arrive?

State needs public campaign funding

Whether it's questions surrounding the National Rifle Association's use of foreign funds for elections purposes to the head of the Environmental Protection Agency's $50-a-night rental agreement for a Washington townhouse that is owned by the wife of a prominent energy lobbyist, it seems that stories about money and politics are dominating our headlines.

Another term for county Dem chair

Maryam Ar-Raheem is the first female and African-American person to chair the Champaign County Democratic Party.

Such a remarkable accomplishment for our county since the nation recently marked Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, Black History Month and the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination.

Be careful where energy projects go

Please encourage our Champaign County Zoning Board of Appeals to carefully consider their choices when forming regulations for allowing large scale solar and wind projects in Champaign County.

Some taxes in the state of Denmark

In the comments of Mike Woods that appeared in The News-Gazette on April 4, he spoke of the "characteristics of a civilized society" like that found in Denmark.

Everything he mentioned sounds great. However, he failed to mention how Denmark pays for all of those perks.

Ammunition laws are long overdue

"If you see something, say something. But expect nothing."

Finally, the younger masses have helped us to understand the true nature of the trite phrase we have falsely sought as comforting. But sadly, even they are still addressing the symptoms of the problem rather than the lingering disease.

Just drive: Distractions can be deadly

Distracted driving — that's a teen issue, right? The Illinois Insurance Association wants you to rethink that assumption.

Image wasn't suitable to run on Good Friday

I am writing about the picture on the opinions page of Friday, March 30, in The News-Gazette. The "political views" of the man on the cross was love and forgiveness, and that message remains true and unchanging throughout these many generations from the time it was given.

Ending online comments was a bad decision

The decision by The News-Gazette to discontinue its online comments feature is an unfortunate mistake. Unmoderated comments, such as those used by Yahoo, do more harm than good since they are full of incivility, abuse, bullying and trolling. Moderated comments, such as those that were used by the paper, largely ameliorate such excesses.

Community has lost an important asset

I read with interest your article on Donald Dodds. Like many in the community, including Tom Ramage, I had the privilege of knowing and being mentored by Donald.

I worked for Doddson Travel during college for a number of bowl trips. I developed a relationship with Donald and Newt that endures today. In fact, Newt has built all but two of our buildings in the past 34 years.