Letters to the Editor

UI's Arboretum is a sight to behold

I want to recommend to lovers of beauty that they get to the University of Illinois' Arboretum and Sunken Garden just off of South Lincoln Avenue — as soon as possible. I have never seen such gorgeous varieties of texture, color, form and size in the plantings there (though they're not likely to last long).

U.S. should play its energy card

President Barack Obama has a game-changing trump card to play against Russia's Vladimir Putin, one which Obama steadfastly refuses even to acknowledge.

Ancestors didn't get any handouts

When I hear the current illegal immigration on our southern border compared with immigration of the past, it reminds me of a little family history.

California robbery brings up question

In regard to the horrific bank robbery and shootout on July 16 in Stockton, Calif., I feel a statement from James Kilgore is in order. Perhaps he could explain to us the difference, if any, between this incident and his own "political act."

And isn't the University of Illinois' new hire Steven Salaita, a gem? Why in the world would the UI employ a hate-spewer like that? Ugh.

Rodeo should cut ties with clown

I read C-Bar Rodeo owner Kevin Crain's letter to the editor on July 31, and the wording struck me as odd. Crain states that the clown "will no longer be performing at any Champaign County show."

That is simply not good enough, as it implies that there are audiences where the clown's racist act is acceptable, and the clown will continue to be used by C-Bar Rodeo.

Virginia Theatre speakers too loud

We were at the Virginia Theatre recently for "Life Itself" film about Roger Ebert. The new speakers the theater has are BLARING LOUD!

Anyone going there should bring good ear protection, just like you would for a rock concert. The management is oblivious as to how many decibels it's putting out.

Yes, I nicely complained, and they said no, they would not turn it down.

Aspartame poses threat to health

Leia Kedem's article on July 29 continues to muddy the waters on chemical versus natural food additives. When you see artificial sweeteners, always read the list of ingredients!

Leia mentions aspartame. Aspartame is the most dangerous food additive available; a whopping 75 percent of all adverse reactions reported to the FDA are about aspartame.

Are foul-mouthed rants appropriate?

I read with interest David Gehrig's defense of soon-to-be University of Illinois faculty member Steven Salaita.

Health programs ready to serve all

It may surprise people to know that while we have several excellent medical centers and clinics in our community, there are many individuals in Champaign County who still do not have access to medical care. These individuals and families are considered vulnerable because they do not have a medical home where they receive regular, ongoing primary medical care.

School board can improve meetings

I was one of only a handful of observers at the Unit 4 school board meeting on July 28 who was there neither to present nor for professional reasons, so I sympathize with the speakers who expressed frustration that so few members of the public attended.

If members of the board are genuinely surprised by the low turnout, I'd like to offer some suggestions:

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