Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Pens to Lens a great event for C-U

Last Saturday's Pens to Lens festival at the Virginia Theatre showcasing East Central Illinois' young screenwriters and filmmakers was a testament to the creative abilities not only of the young people, but also of the adults behind the scenes who helped put the films and event together.

It deserves the thanks of the community and its continuing support.

PP's attitude is stomach turning

Planned Parenthood is, in fact, a bloody business. They make a fortune killing babies and then turn around and make more money selling baby body parts. Furthermore, they are using nearly $1.5 million a day of our tax dollars to do so. Not for profit? Hardly.

Higher gas prices just more gouging

The price of gasoline has gone up again. "They" say it is because of a refinery issue in Indiana.

As I write this on Aug. 13, the price of regular unleaded in Champaign is $2.58. Yet closer to the problem in Danville, it's $2.29, and Decatur's is $2.39.

I think we have another case of price gouging. But the powers that be will blame the difference on supply. I say bull.

Unborn a slave to culture of choice

I own you, slave. You are my chattel, my property, slave. I can dispose of you and sell you, slave.

I own you, unborn child. You are my chattel, my property, unborn child. I can dispose of you and sell your body parts, unborn child.

History repeats itself. A nation who fails to learn from history is doomed. Period.


Gibson City

Highway cleanup crews earn thanks

The Champaign County Libertarian Party now has a couple of Adopt-a-Highway signs on U.S. 45. We've done a few trash pickups — hard work, and largely unacknowledged. The vests do not tell who the volunteers are, but they are a diverse group of people from various organizations who are out there volunteering their time and energy to beautify the community.

Acts story about Peter's prejudice

This letter is in reply to Dick Harvey's Aug. 3 letter "'Redraw our map' on gay marriage."

N-G hounds Wise, other UI officials

Day after day, you print outsize headlines suggesting that Phyllis Wise is some sort of criminal. Her use of private emails may be a technical violation, but it is morally no worse than talking to someone on the telephone, or in a private room. Difficult personal decisions can't be made in public. She was simply doing her best for the University of Illinois.

Excessive rain has hurt soy farmers

Illinois has experienced extreme rain and flooding that's greatly affecting farmers. I'm an Illinois family farmer growing corn, soybeans and wheat in Monroe County. I also serve as chairman of the Illinois Soybean Association, representing our state's 43,000 soybean farmers.

Parkland offering more assistance

Parkland College has a new fall lineup of benefits to help improve student success at our campus.

Auditor general candidates sought

Today, Illinois has an opening for one of the most important jobs in state government, the Office of the Auditor General. This is one of the key positions most responsible for keeping government honest and transparent.