Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Writer's insults not well taken

The latest in an unending series of letter diatribes by P. Gregory Springer vilifies Henry Seiter Jr. for his writings, which I feel are entirely rational.

Springer does not stop at disagreement with what Seiter has to say, but suggests therapy for him.

Henson absence a 'glaring' error

The University of Illinois athletic department never ceases to amaze me.

After the glaring, unfathomable omission of Lou Henson from the 28-person first-group induction ceremony in Chicago last week, athletic director Josh Whitman announced that Henson will be the first inductee next year.

What a belated, reprehensible insult.

Band's location raises question

I am thrilled with most of "Friday Night Live" in downtown Champaign. I have gone every Friday in June and I thoroughly enjoy strolling through the music, observing the others out on what have been lovely evenings, all within walking distance of home.

This week, organizers even added a fourth "stage," though unlike the others it was a block away from the main action.

Surrounded by fruits of science

I would like to ask Dan Miner ("Story based on belief, not science," June 14), who argues that science is a (false) religion, if he uses a light bulb, air conditioning, phone, TV, radio, computers, the World Wide Web, airplanes or GPS.

Does he believe weather forecasts and tornado warnings? Does he take medications or vaccinations?

Road complaint just plain ignorant

Alsonso Valdes' June 30 letter shows that he knows nothing about which he complains.

The chip seal — or tar and chip — roads prevalent in the rural areas are made to carry more than just bicycles. They must withstand the weight volume of the cars, truck and agricultural equipment that travel them.

Cut in bar hours a possible solution

I'm responding to the June 27 article titled "Targeting Trouble" with a quote from Will Rogers.

Referring to a newspaper article that had to do with the changing of the bar closing time from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. Rogers said, "I don't think they should do it; if a man can't get drunk by 1 a.m., he isn't trying!"

The News-Gazette article mentioned the curfew laws that affect minors.

What's the source of Trump's anger?

As an amateur psychologist, I can't help but wonder if Donald Trump's tendency to lash out at so many people in a personal and vindictive manner is a manifestation of a profound, deep-seated inferiority complex.

Are there any professional psychologists out there that would be willing to weigh in on my speculation?



Metz right: Buses damaging roads

Professor L. Daniel Metz's June 19 letter on the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District's abuse of roads is free advice to the taxpayers of our community — not only for their pocketbooks but for their physical safety.

Danger of driving, using cellphone

Other than intent, will someone please explain to me how using a cellphone while driving an average automobile weighing 4,000 pounds is any different than a person using a gun while committing a crime?



Teen's case shows why ACA needed

Caitlin's journey as a teen with Aicardi syndrome puts a face on those who depend on Obamacare.

I worked with Cait's mom, so I know all too well how this family has struggled.

Cait is the daughter of a hardworking couple who, because they care for her at home, have helped her defy the odds.