Letters to the Editor

Smaller comic strips aggravating

Now you've done it! I am so annoyed with you I can scarcely find the right words, but I'll try.

Over the years, the comics have been shrunk down so much that some cartoonists have quit rather than fight that battle, and now The News-Gazette has taken the final, absurd step of not only shrinking them again, but also crowding Dear Abby in at the bottom of the page.

Students should continue activism

Gene Budig and Alan Heaps, writers of the June 22 commentary, clearly agree with Bill Bowen, a former president of Princeton University, calling students "immature" and "arrogant" because they "dis-invited" commencement speakers.

One paper drops offensive Will

Salon.com on June 19 observed that "one major newspaper has taken a stand against Washington Post columnist George Will, who last week published a deeply offensive article in which he wrote that alleged sexual assault victims enjoy a 'coveted status that confers privileges' on college campuses. In a small but significant victory for feminists and critics of rape culture, the St.

Smaller format harder to read

As a now senior citizen, whose eyesight maybe isn't as great as it once was, I want to ask about the recent change in the newspaper format. I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to narrow the pages by 2 inches?

Type for puzzle's clues is too small

Although I do miss the larger size paper, I can adjust.

However, the font size of the clues in the Sunday paper was absolutely ridiculous. Did you consider that the majority of crossword puzzle lovers are in your over-40 crowd?

I don't need reading glasses yet, but that tiny print may be the final straw. Please increase the font size for the Sunday puzzle.


Dear Abby doesn't belong on comics

It is extremely disturbing to me to see how you have now moved Dear Abby's column onto the comics page. You have shrunk the comic panels once again.

N-G not handling online obits well

Just a short complaint. I feel with the way this world is traveling that it is a shame that our local newspaper has to charge us a fee to read obituaries online.

Do you not get enough money from other sources? I just think it is in poor taste .



Unit 4 should not react defensively

It is disappointing that Unit 4's position, as expressed by spokeswoman Stephanie Stuart, is that local architect Neil Strack is questioning the accuracy and completeness of Unit 4's high school cost estimates to further an apparent political agenda. Ms. Stuart also implied Mr. Strack is focused on the special interests of the few, rather than the best interest of our community.

Smaller page size is dissatisfying

I renewed my News-Gazette subscription last December. Had I known that the newspaper was going to go to the smaller size print stock, which was also noticed by writer Kim Proemmel, I don't think I would have renewed, at least not for as long of a period as I did.

The main reason I didn't switch to the Bloomington Pantagraph was The News-Gazette still had the standard size newsprint.

Questions for Dey, Kilgore's critics

I would like to pose a few questions in regard to the recent editorials by Jim Dey of The News-Gazette.

His columns on James Kilgore stirred up a veritable hornet's nest among the right-wing readership of the paper.

There have been some letters of support for Kilgore as well, but the right's vociferous and vindictive backlash begs the first question:

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