Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Rush to judgment in Texas cop case

Racism is alive and well in America, but have we lost the capacity to correctly identify racism when it occurs.

The events in McKinney, Texas, have left me wondering if some people simply want to assume that all cops harbor racism in their hearts without needing actual proof.

There are better causes for money

I once resided in Champaign, was recently in this area and have read about the drive to memorialize this puppy that was killed when it was placed in an oven.

Now don't get me wrong, as I like animals also and am saddened by what happened to this puppy, but I really feel that many people today have their priorities in the wrong place.

Mismanagement to blame in Illinois

All of Illinois is now seeing and feeling the impact of the needed changes that are being made by Gov. Bruce Rauner. Many of these individuals and organizations have been funded by Illinois for years, without any monitoring or scrutiny by Illinois lawmakers.

Urbana red-hair stepchild in C-U

Twin cities?

The above term has been used on occasion to describe Champaign and Urbana. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Trade authority good for farming

In the past few weeks, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., was in central Illinois talking about the importance of passing the trade promotion authority bill for farm families. Our state's economy is dependent on agriculture exports which is why these trade agreements are necessary to expand into overseas markets.

Minnesota a good model for Illinois

All of the Illinois political leaders, including Gov. Bruce Rauner, the Democrats controlling the General Assembly and the Republican minority, continue to act in a tragically irresponsible way regarding the state's fiscal crisis.

White's employees left out of the loop

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's June 10 letter included this telephone number — 1-800-437-9824 — to call for information to have "VETERAN" printed on new driver's licenses and ID cards.

I called that number, and the person answering was unaware of this program.

Instead, I was given 217-785-3000 and 217-442-7895 to call for that information.

Decorated graves much appreciated

May 25, 2015 was Memorial Day, a day to remember those who have bravely and courageously served our country.

My father, Floyd H. Ellis was a Bronze Star and Purple Heart veteran of World War II. When I went to Woodlawn Cemetery to place a memorial on my father's grave, as well as his brothers' graves, who were also veterans, I was amazed by the flags that decorated the cemetery.

Salaita free to vent his hate speech

Al Olefsky makes an excellent point in his June 10 letter to the editor. "No one impinged on his right of free speech."

I agree. Steven Salaita freely spoke his mind and now he is paying the consequences for spewing his hatred and prejudice. He has the right to say it, just not the right to make me or anyone else graciously accept it.

Central rests with new school board

Keep Central Central's organizers were gratified with the tremendous voter turnout in April and with the election of new Unit 4 school board members who support a centrally located Central High School.

The overwhelming defeat of the bond referendum sent a strong message to Unit 4's administration.