Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

America better off than 8 years ago

While I fully understand the anger and frustration people feel regarding the election, what I cannot comprehend is the reaction.

I remember 2008 and the precarious economy threatening America. The GOP demanded austerity while President Barack Obama chose stimulation, and once the policies took effect, we've had five years of monthly gains.

Do not pass stopped school buses

On the morning of Oct. 5, two Tuscola students nearly lost their lives when a vehicle passed a stopped school bus. The school bus had the red eight-way lights flashing and the stop arm deployed.

Neighbor declined sensible solution

There are two sides to any story. The Sept. 18 article regarding a neighbor conflict presented primarily one side.

Here is "the rest of the story" from my viewpoint:

Parkland sports deserve coverage

Just a quick request. Please do more to cover the student-athletes at Parkland College during their seasons, not only at the end and if they accomplish ridiculous feats (i.e. winning a national title and never losing a match during the season).

Repeal time limits on child sex abuse

The Oct. 5 editorial ("Be Careful Changing the Rules") addressed criminal statutes of limitations for child sexual assault and abuse crimes.

Forward-thinking 'yes' for Unit 4

Why do old gardeners plant trees whose flowers and fruit they will never see? Why do octogenarians, like us, support school funding that cuts our retirement income and benefits students and investment in Champaign's economic growth and community development which we will not fully enjoy?

Vote 'no'; smaller plan would be next

The Sept. 25 editorial analyzing the upcoming Unit 4 referendum was amazingly well done.

It covered well the burdens on the taxpayer and the state and economic weaknesses that magnify the poor taxpayers' burdens. It correctly spoke of the strengths and weakness of the current school board members' actions leading up to this exaggerated tax request of the citizenry.

Bicyclists should obey rules of road

I have a message for the bicycle riders of Champaign who think they own the road.

You don't own the road; the cars do.

You all cry and whine that cars should keep an extra eye on bicycle riders.

Cars need to look out for other cars, even more so in Champaign, which has the worst drivers I've ever come across in my life.

News-Gazette should have backed Clinton

What cowardice you've shown in your refusal to endorse a candidate in the upcoming presidential election. This is the time to set aside your well-known loyalty to the Republican Party and do what's best for the country.

To refuse to take a stand against the hatred and disrespect Donald Trump espouses nearly daily is to show a lack of leadership.

Duco has the knowledge to be county recorder

After seeing the recent debate between Matt Duco and Mark Shelden, there is no doubt in my mind that Duco is the right person for the job as Champaign's county recorder.

Clearly, Matt has the knowledge and experience for the important job of safeguarding the legal documents regarding property and homeownership.