Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Davis should back DACA petition

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients are in limbo. Since the president has rescinded the executive order that gave these hardworking young people a chance to go to college, to fight for our country and to get green cards to be able to have good jobs, they have been holding their breaths.

Letter to the Editor | Stop condoning Trump's behavior

Is there some magical moment when Republicans in Congress will realize that we have a grown man with a maturity level of a 5-year-old in the White House?

Is winning so important that we can allow this person to lead our country, with the sophistication of a 6-year-old brat?

Letter to the Editor | Prof attrition tied to budget crisis

L. Daniel Metz's letter from May 25 is nonsense.

The attrition of professors from the University of Illinois is almost entirely the result of the state's ongoing budget crisis and Rauner's blatant attempts to cripple higher education by refusing to approve a budget.

Letter to the Editor | Why we wear orange on June 2

Although orange and blue are on perpetual display in our community, an added infusion of orange will dominate the color palette this Friday and Saturday.

Alma Mater will wear a bright orange scarf on June 1, matching the color worn by folks gathering at her base at half past noon (orange shirts designed by C-U March for Our Lives or shirts bearing Moms Demand Action imprint).

Letter to the Editor | Settler-colonialism still taking place

Just as the settler-colonialist movement in the U.S. extended at least 114 years beyond independence (Wounded Knee), the movement that has promoted 136 years of Jewish/Zionist settlement in Palestine continues to struggle with indigenous Arabs, 70 years after Israel's independence.

Letter to the Editor | Emails to campus workers insulting

I'm writing in response to the May 15 emails from University of Illinois President Tim Killeen and Associate Provost for Human Resources Elyne Cole.

Killeen and Cole should be ashamed of themselves for using these emails as a chance to insult more than 4,000 civil service employees whose diligent work keeps the campuses of our university running.

Letter to the Editor | 'Animals' referred to gang members

Liberals upset about losing the 2016 election continue to distort facts and tell outright lies to find fault with President Trump.

Ben LeRoy's May 21 letter incorrectly stated that President Trump referred to all undocumented immigrants as animals.

Letter to the Editor | Cement crews did a good job

Heartfelt thanks to the hard-working Champaign crew who placed the new cement on John Street. Lots of effort to create lanes for the traffic that never stopped coming throughout the project. Many thanks to those who planned and those who carried it through.

Letter to the Editor | Give us more info on student panel

Loren Tate in his diatribe against a new NCAA rule in last Sunday's News-Gazette did mention one interesting fact. The rule was proposed by the national student advisory committee.

Letter to the Editor | We're looking at a deep state of desperation

In his May 20 "The Hill" analysis, Mark Penn, who served as a Democratic adviser to Bill Clinton from 1995 to 2000, warned that Robert Mueller must be stopped "to protect us all ... to protect American democracy."