Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Why 'cutoff age' is inconsiderate

The article on Halloween regarding the age "cutoff" for trick-or-treating was aggravating for this parent.

My son is a 6-foot-5 "developmentally delayed" person who looks forward to this day every year. I spent all week making his special choice of a Spartan costume, then we walked in the freezing rain to get treats.

Is Kaufman losing sleep over Chief?

One has to pity retired University of Illinois Professor Stephen Kaufman. He has obsessed about Chief Illiniwek for years.

After finally getting his wish that the Chief be retired, Kaufman is now obsessing about the "Three-in-One" and any references to the Chief in the form of merchandise.

Every vet should take Honor Flight

On Oct. 27, my husband was able to take an Honor Flight to Washington. He says it was one of the best things he ever got to participate in. Extremely good organization and hundreds of volunteers make Honor Flight a success.

Federal programs hurting Americans

Let's examine some of the fruits of modern liberalism.

America became the most successful nation in history through a government and society based on brilliant founding documents and an economy based on free market capitalism. But along the way some decided those documents should "evolve" and that capitalism greedily exploits the masses.

Kaufman's efforts are really bullying

I think Stephen Kaufman is using a form of bullying in trying to now get the "Three In One" banned at University of Illinois functions.

He can't be satisfied with going against the majority and getting the Chief banned. He now has to go after music. Music that has nothing to do with the Chief.

Chief symbolizes respect and class

The Chief is the classiest and most respected mascot around. He is treated with reverence even if not of this university.

Central Michigan has Chippewas Indian, Utah (the Utes don't mind), the Seminoles are fine with it. Probably 95 percent of Indians seeing him in action would be made proud to think "white man" thinks that much of one of us — wow, that is great.

New Willard boss is a positive sign

Great news: Gene Cossey will take his new position as executive director of the University of Illinois Willard Airport in Savoy.

Planned Parenthood an important health care source

For 99 years, Planned Parenthood has provided birth control, cancer screening, safe and legal abortion, STD and HIV testing and counseling and many other high-quality health care services.

More than half of Planned Parenthood's health centers are in rural or medically underserved areas. Many of the patients are low-income.

Banning UI music is going too far

I am a proud University of Illinois alumna of 1978, but I simply do not know the UI any more. It is one scandal and/or embarrassment after another, starting back in February 2007 when Chief Illiniwek was "retired," or as I believe, the UI caved to the NCAA.

Clinton, media are not trustworthy

Eighty percent of the news media — CBS, ABC, AP, etc. — chose to ignore the substance of the Benghazi hearing with Hillary Clinton. They refused to reveal the fact that Clinton in premeditation lied about the cause of the attack.