Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Rice injury: Advice for coach

University of Illinois basketball Coach John Groce, did you learn anything from the game against Maryland?

The game proved that you have other guys that can shoot the ball besides Illini senior Rayvonte Rice. It also shows you should play all the guys at some time because you never know what can happen.

Unit 4 building plan still too high

The latest "proposal" by the Unit 4 school board is an insult to citizens' intelligence.

Actively use good to vanquish evil

I believe there is a basic obligation to God, Mother Earth, whatever supreme being you do or don't believe in, for good to fight evil. They are hard terms to define as there are many different degrees of each. History records but a handful of people that were all good. Good and evil are not equals and we cannot give evil the slightest advantage.

Three have served Parkland well

The Board of Trustees of Parkland College will soon be undergoing a significant change of membership.

Three longtime trustees — Bonnie Kelley, Linden Warfel and board Chair Tom Bennett — will be retiring.

Guns can and do cause deadly harm

Thanks to Lee Goodman's News-Gazette Jan. 14 letter on gun control. Readers were reminded of the other side of easily available guns: suicides, accidental shootings of friends and family members and cases of arguments that would never have ended in death had a gun not been handy.

Letter: Struggles for equality continue in America

During the American Civil Rights Movement, Robert F. Kennedy quoted an old curse: "May you live in interesting times." And so my generation and those who have come after continue to.

In high school, we demonstrated for civil rights. We local teens rented an old bar on North First Street and called it Coffee & Cream Coffeehouse, a place where blacks and whites could mingle.

Some officers bring personal biases to work

Police arrive with a man in the street holding a rifle. He gives the police the finger, cusses them and refuses to comply to orders. Police talk to him for 45 minutes. He's never arrested.

District should focus on strong educators

Here we go again. The Unit 4 school construction proposal is back for an April ballot.

New buildings may have many merits for the athletic programs and local contractors; it is a good thing that Dr. Howard and the current Central High are considered.

But let's not be April fools.

South Korea has inhumanities, too

I am writing in regards to the article titled "Slave islands," in the Jan. 2 News-Gazette. According to the article, thousands of mostly mentally disabled individuals are forced to work on the salt farms of South Korea.

Program allows parents to work

Parents work hard to provide for their families; however, sometimes hard work does not pay the bills. That is why CCAP is important to many low-income families.