Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Circumlocution with adroit execution

Browsing The News-Gazette on April 9, I was startled — actually astonished — to see that its Opinion page apparently had been hit by a thesaurus explosion.

My glance had taken in outbursts of epithets; the words virtually popped off the page: "malignant," "pathological," "blackguard," "fulminating fascist," "reprobate," "intellectually tortured," "fascist drivel."

Fine against B&B owner an outrage

I am outraged after reading the article about the TimberCreek Bed & Breakfast owners being fined $80,000 for refusing to allow a same sex civil-union ceremony in their facility.

Townships operate well on few taxes

Reading The News-Gazette editorial on township government in the April 10 edition would lead one to believe that Illinois budget problem could be solved by eliminating or consolidating township government.

Faith in God and duty to U.S. law

Recently, there have been a number of letters decrying the penalties inflicted on a Paxton business that refused to host a gay wedding. It appears to be a difficult issue, a clash between two fundamental values that we hold dear: religious freedom and the right not to be discriminated against.

UI union seeking better conditions

About the April 8 article on the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Local 6546 strike vote: It's wonderful that Arthur Schmidt, a research assistant professor in engineering at the University of Illinois, gets performance evaluations and merit-based pay increases.

Show volunteers your appreciation

Your readers may know that this week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week: a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the tireless work of individuals who dedicate countless hours and talent to help nonprofits operate successfully.

Faculty member opposing strike

I would like to respond to the article about the strike-authorization vote by the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition Local 6546 at the University of Illinois.

This article states "that union members 'overwhelmingly' endorsed forming a strike committee." This is a misrepresentation, as the union made no attempt to poll all NTT faculty they supposedly "represent."

Conventions could be wild and angry

I shudder to think that, of the remaining candidates for the White House, none would normally be in the race in any other previous year.

Whoever wins will send this country into a tailspin that it may not pull out of.

Reaction on recent letters, local news

If letter writer Luis Cuza (March 25) thinks Cuba is so great, why doesn't he go back? Nobody is holding him here.

Also, does letter writer Eric Vimr (March 28) ever say anything good?

Why must we be so politically correct that business people must serve people they don't want to serve? It's supposed to be a free country.



Are homeowners forced to reroof?

Have you ever had your insurance company threaten to cancel your homeowners' insurance unless you agreed to replace your roof within 30-60 days?

I have learned that this is becoming common practice in central Illinois and have run into this myself when I switched insurance companies to get more competitive rates last summer.