Letters to the Editor

Grief is a dangerous 'heartbreaker,' too

Regarding the article on Feb. 14, "Heartbreak can be a killer," Dr. Abe Kocheril's observations are valid.

Independent map needs signatures

Time is running out! Only about 45 days remain to get redistricting petitions signed, notarized and returned.

While the drive has gone well in Champaign County and enthusiasm remains high, bad weather has canceled events and affected attendance to the point that we're falling behind in securing the number of signatures needed to make the November ballot.

Writer spot on about same-sex marriage

Two things: First, I want to thank Celene Baxley for her letter on Feb. 16. I heartily agree with her but could not have stated it so well.

Bible verse does not justify socialism

On Feb. 7, a letter writer quoted the Bible, Acts 4:32-35, to state that Scripture shows socialism works. The paraphrase of the writer said "the rich sold all their worldly goods and gave the money to the apostles. Then, the money was distributed to everyone according to their need, and no one lacked anything."

All citizens should have the right to vote

I felt I had to reply to Joe Lamb's letter on identification for voting. What is so sad about insisting that all citizens have the right to vote? It may not be guaranteed explicitly by our U.S. Constitution but it is guaranteed implicitly.

Kurtz's No. 1 priority Champaign County

Which person do voters want on the Champaign County Board?

One whose supporters are most concerned about the image of the Illinois Department of Transportation and the political wellbeing of Gov. Pat Quinn OR the present board member and chairman who works vigorously to obtain a fairer share of IDOT funds to improve the safety of roads and interchanges in Champaign County?

Fire shows Danville needs its full force

My thoughts after reading about the recent fire in Danville: Thank goodness for our firemen. A family was saved, and three children were rescued by the Danville Fire Department.

Would this have been the outcome for that family if we had fewer firemen and longer response times?

Letter writer trying to help poor children

Ron Gore, in his Feb. 2 letter, addressed education of children in poverty, and wrote "by age 3, poverty babies hear half as many words spoken as average.

Fabri has experience for county's District 6

I was disappointed to read Tod Satterthwaite's recent letter attacking Democratic county board candidate Tony Fabri. Can't we keep the negative campaigning out of local elections?

Unlike former Urbana Mayor Satterthwaite, I actually live here in county board District 6. I know both county board candidates, and I'll be voting for Tony Fabri on March 18.

Union no guarantee for UI faculty respect

Robert McChesney speculates that a faculty union, "by merely existing ... will force" administrators into respecting faculty input. Like many faculty union supporters, he promises that a union will strengthen the faculty voice, without offering any evidence for this broad claim.

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