Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Bad government from other failures

Electronic, print and social media are replete with commentary on the sad state of affairs at the state and federal government levels, and how unresponsive and dysfunctional both are. They are categorized as being huge problems.

Wrong. They are not problems.

They are symptoms.

Filter out letters for invectives?

In Dan Corkery's Oct. 2 column on "comments on comments," he noted that online comments on some stories were shut down because they "devolved into race-baiting, vulgarity and overall nastiness."

Pence faced Dem, mainstream media

By 9 p.m. Tuesday, my interest in the vice presidential debate died a slow death. After an hour, I had lost track of the number of times the Democratic candidate interrupted the Republican candidate. And the moderator consistently supported the Democrat candidate.

I'm done. This wasn't a debate, it was the ultimate in media bias.

Candidates, not moderator, losers

It does not seem to matter who the moderator is at political debates as to how the rules of the debate are followed. The candidates continually go beyond their allotted time and give answers that dance around the question.

Higher taxes would pay tuition

Hillary Clinton, and of course Bernie Sanders, promises that if elected she will provide free public college tuition to all middle- and low-income students, even noting that income under $125,000 a year will allow a student to go to college tuition-free.

At a recent rally in Vermont (Sept. 28), they noted they will also wipe out all student debt. Not bad; wish my son still had a debt.

Choose Clinton over loser Trump

This election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has the potential of being so catastrophic as to literally determine the fate of our country, even the world, for generations to come.

County facilities in need of tax money

I was confused and disappointed by The News-Gazette's editorial position Sept. 27 on the upcoming Champaign County referendum to increase the sales tax by a quarter-cent to pay for deferred facility maintenance.

County properties are the worksites where county business transpires, where the public receives county services, and they are also valuable taxpayer assets.

UI leaders mum on fatal shooting

To call the Sept. 25 Campustown shootings a tragedy is a wholly inadequate description of this senseless, stupid, cowardly stealing of a life.

George Korchev's motivation, hard work and future service to humanity were cut short in an instant, by someone mistaking street values and weapons as substitutes for manhood, morality and courage.

Many reasons for 'no' on Unit 4 plan

The Unit 4 school board has for the third time put a tax increase referendum on the ballot.

What is it about "no" board members don't understand?

DeYoung has been studious servant

I am writing this in support of Lori DeYoung, a candidate for the Vermilion County Board.

I first met Lori when she was a member of the Oakwood school board and found her to be a hard worker who always took her responsibilities seriously. Lori researches issues so that she has all the facts and then decides what she supports.