Letters to the Editor

Negative comments hurt UI's recruiting

The Feb. 6 News-Gazette Sports section featured a half-page photo of University of Illinois football coach Tim Beckman with some of his recent recruits.

The same front page also included a Tatelines article in which Loren Tate referred to our (and several other Big Ten schools') recruits as "scraps."

Vote out politicians backing legal pot

Legalize marijuana? You have got to be kidding me! What's next, legalize cocaine? Legal blow? Legal meth? Legal crank?

Come on guys, grow a backbone and say no for once in your life! May God help this country because we sure need it.

Vote every sitting politician out next election day. I sure know how I'm voting.



District posed to sell region's water future

Is it smart to let the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District trustees lock us into a 20-year contract to export water to be evaporated at a Tuscola chemical plant?

Especially when Illinois State Water Survey estimates show that we are depleting the Mahomet aquifer at an unsustainable rate?

Ammons sets herself apart with experience

The Democratic debate on Feb. 5 for the seat of state representative from the 103rd District was informative. It was great to see two candidates in agreement about the need for a progressive income state tax, protection of our aquifer, job growth, green jobs, and many other key Democratic issues.

Here's my card and call me 'Mr. Ernie'

It is hard to tell exactly when it started, but for several years I have frequently been greeted with sweet-sounding goo-goo names by female cashiers, waitresses and nurses. It became a minor irritation knowing code names for old man were being said. As a long-ago (1969) Air Force retiree, "sir" or "Mister" would be acceptable. But "Honey," "Hon," "My Dear" or even "Sweetie Pie"?

Kick unresponsive bums out of office

I sent this message to the three members of the U.S. Congress: "If and when the vote to raise the debt ceiling gets to the Senate, please vote emphatically NO! And vote to allow only a balanced budget. It is imperative to not CUT the deficit, but to ELIMINATE the deficit!"

Minimum wage lags inflation, productivity

A recent letter by Chuck Holmes makes some false assumptions about minimum wage. Disregarding history, he predicts that raising the minimum will somehow force all employers to raise pay all the way up the scale due to some mythical proportionality of education, skill and difficulty, causing price inflation.

City should focus on its basic services

The local carnival barkers (weathermen) have cried "wolf," again. Well, there was no "wolf." As a result of their actions, schools close, businesses close. It's just cold, no snow, no high winds. Solutions: Hire Tom Skilling to forecast weather for central Illinois.

Chancellor wisely chose to keep UI open

As a female international student in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I was shocked by all hateful comments and negative influence triggered by decision of holding classes on Jan. 27. The weather and decision should not have induced so many complaints, and in addition, Chancellor Phyllis Wise was not the person who should assume all those negative comments.

Highway engineer calling all the shots

Who is the most powerful person in county government? You might assume it would be the county administrator, the county board chairman or the county board members.

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