Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Stronger firearm legislation needed

I read the Nov. 16 online News-Gazette article, "Another shooting in Champaign," with increasing concern for the safety of our community: four shootings in Champaign over a four-day period.

Easy access to guns is putting our families at risk. We know our country has a serious problem, yet our elected leaders refuse to act to curtail gun violence.

Op-ed writer is off base on ethanol

I like farmers, corn and clean air, but I take exception to self-serving guest commentaries written under the guise of progress and public benefit.

Jeff Jarboe's Nov. 22 commentary speaks of "clean-burning" ethanol's contribution to air and water quality compared with "dirty foreign oil." Unfortunately his claims are questionable. Some facts:

Terrorists win as we give in to fear

I am disgusted by our governor and junior senator, and embarrassed by some of the letters I've read here.

'White guilt' distorts coverage

In his Oct. 28 letter "N-G editorials display racism," P. Gregory Springer writes that racial violence is rampant and that "white privilege" has blinded us.

Refusing refugees wrong reaction

The terrorist attacks in Paris have resulted in reactionary xenophobia in America. Pundits, politicians and citizens have demanded that Syrian refugees not be allowed into America. We must examine the facts.

Holiday help: Fill, donate backpacks

It's backpack time again at Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, and we will celebrate the holidays by giving filled backpacks to the guests we serve at lunch.

The men and women we see daily are rarely remembered at Christmas.

For many, these backpacks will be their only presents.

Time for lawsuit reform in Illinois

This holiday season, Illinois is shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty. The state of Illinois still does not have a budget and our state's economy seems to be stuck in neutral.

Ready to serve Vermilion County

With much careful deliberation, I am seeking to regain a seat on the Vermilion County Board for District 3. I won my election for District 2 back in 2006, but was required by the Hatch Act to step down from that seat in 2010 after I went to work at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Do not send more 'boots on ground'

Enough is enough.

U.S. Rep. John Shimkus, R-Collinsville, and his brethren politicians who believe "boots on the ground" (News-Gazette page B-1, Nov. 18) is the answer to Middle East chaos, feel free to lead the charge into battle.

Salvation Army deserves our support

By Ellen Kuchenbrod

Have you ever been the victim of a tornado or had your house burn down? Have you been unfortunate enough to know the devastating feeling of having your life's possessions gone in a heartbeat? What do you do? Who is there to help?