Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Take time to take part in earthquake drill

The largest earthquake ever to rattle North America occurred in 1811 in New Madrid, Mo., near southern Illinois. If a similar quake struck the same spot today — according to a 2008 University of Illinois study — the impact would be catastrophic: 3,500 fatalities, 2.6 million people without electricity, $300 billion in direct economic losses.

Letter: Is Sunrise Coal really a 'good neighbor'?

Terre Haute, Ind.-based Sunrise Coal recently purchased another Indiana mining company, Vectren Fuels. With the sale, Sunrise also acquired the company's three underground coal mines in southwestern Indiana, near Evansville.

Critic needs to get his facts straight

In his Oct. 1 letter, Obama critic and spewer of the Fox News propaganda Roy D. Keller failed to fact check his comment that "Obama withdrew all our troops from Iraq to keep his kook base happy."

Doctor worthy presidential candidate

Every semester my students learn the importance of critical thinking, of not blindly following someone else's point of view, but to carefully consider what is being said, backing it up with their own research. Only then can they make a judgment about that particular idea or point of view.

Let's vote out our state's leaders

Illinois, once an economic powerhouse, has become the nation's poorhouse. Our state is plagued with job loss, spiraling debt, high taxes and poor business climate. The thought of entrusting solutions to the people who have mismanaged our state is not the answer.

Durbins' interests just 'overlap'?

More unethical and criminal activities of the Democratic leadership are coming to light, but low-information voters will still vote for him. This time it's the lying corruptocrat Dick Durbin who is now in the spotlight. Unfortunately, the I'll-never-vote-for-a-Republican bigots will stick their heads in the sand or trot out their anti-Koch brothers diatribes as a smoke-screen.

Bowhunting cruel to wild animals

How ironic that a nature preserve has to resort to an annual archery hunt to cull their deer population. Killing deer with a rifle or slug-gun is bad enough, especially in the hands of an unskilled or drunken marksman, but archery kills can lead to an especially slow and agonizing death, as the animals bleed to death with a broad-head arrow buried in their gut.

Unfortunately, Beckman has got to go

I am not an advocate for coaches losing their jobs. Coaches have families to take care of and other responsibilities, just like the rest of us.

However, after watching the Illini-Purdue football game debacle, I am now convinced it is time for another coaching change.

NFL's overtime not fair to loser

The National Football League needs to change its overtime rules. Denver and Seattle played to a tie, so the game went into overtime. Seattle won the coin toss and elected to receive. They went on to score a touchdown and the game ended with them the winner.

Denver never had a chance to go on the offensive.

Khan prospers while others suffer

Movin' on up, according to The News-Gazette, should be lauded no matter what.

In a Sept. 29 article, readers learned that the formerly 122nd richest man in American has now moved up to No. 114. Are we suppose to cheer the "success" of Mr. Shahid Khan of local Flex-N-Gate notoriety?