Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Antifa provoked racist protesters

Enough time has passed since the Charlottesville, Va., debacle that cooler heads are now beginning to sort things out.

It appears President Donald Trump was right to be measured in his initial statement. It was presidential, despite most of us preferring he would have immediately singled out and lambasted the David Duke thugs for the scum they are.

No equivalency in Charlottesville

In his Aug. 18 letter, Mark Middleton makes some errors in his attempt to bolster President Donald Trump's claim of "all sides."

Did urban sprawl kill Central site?

With the beginning of a new school year, Central High School students might have looked forward to attending a modern new school on a beautiful campus with a "Field of Dreams" athletic complex.

But critics of the referendum to make that possible were not to be denied. It failed and old Central will be renovated, someday.

Check charities before donating

Everyone has a cause they care about. And with more than 1.2 million charitable organizations to choose from, finding one aligned with your values can be deeply rewarding.

While the vast majority of soliciting charities act responsibly and deserve your support, Americans must remember that not all organizations are created equal.

Nursing home delivers superior care

As a pastoral care minister, I do wholeheartedly support the Aug. 6 Sunday Extra by George Amaya.

Hope neo-Nazis don't own boats

I wonder, when Americans who wave the Nazi flag watch "Dunkirk," which side do they root for?



Davis still stands by his man Trump

I watched with dismay and disgust as Donald Trump's Aug. 15 press conference on infrastructure degenerated into a disjointed rant on the tragedy in Charlottesville.

As I watched Donald Trump diminish himself, the office of the president and our nation, I immediately wondered whether Congressman Rodney Davis would have the courage and the decency to speak up regarding this outrage.

Davis can do more for social justice

We want to thank Rep. Rodney Davis for his response to the events in Charlottesville. He condemned white supremacists by name and denounced the racism that propelled such tragedy. Davis expressed hope that President Donald Trump will "go back" on his most recent Charlottesville remarks.

We next encourage him to:

Politics tarnish story on Galapagos

It was the day that the deplorable and saddening events in Charlottesville occurred that I read Pastor Lawson Lau's article about his trip to the Galapagos.

Supporting Harold in attorney general race

What a great boost to the fate and future of Illinois that Erika Harold will run for Illnois attorney general against the Madigan Machine.

When it seems like nothing will change, suddenly a new hope emerges.

Oh, the Madigan Empire will strike back, but let's hope and work for the return of the great state of Illinois.

Use the Force, Erika.