Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Deniers ignoring global-warming facts

Letter writer David Wallace denounces "calling people names that don't agree with you." Ironically, he also claims the vast majority of scientists, who disagree with him, are not scientists but "activists" who are "arrogant" and "immature." Wallace has it backwards.

More sonograms play role in rising autism

This is information doctors won't tell you, but as a retired health care professional, I feel an ethical duty to expose.

Have readers wondered why there is now an epidemic of autism? Statistics seem to put the ratio anywhere from 1:88 to 1:50 children born today who will eventually fall somewhere along the autism spectrum.

Player union move may run out of steam

I find the National Labor Relations Board ruling that full-time student-athletes may be declared university employees interesting for a couple of reasons.

Editors need to pay attention to details

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the ROTC troops in the photo of the political rally for the anniversary of the Charleston Riot (March 30 edition, page A-6) are not standing at attention, as your caption writer has it. They are standing at parade rest.

Medical marijuana available in pill form

There has been much in the news lately as many states vote to legalize medical marijuana. There are two main points to consider in this situation.

'Cop' not pejorative for 'police officer'

No apology is needed, as a letter writer suggested on March 24. The term "cop" is not derogatory in any manner. It actually stands for "constable on patrol." I learned this by asking a U.S. marshal who guards a building where I work.

Further research on my part from the Internet comes up with England as the country that started the phrase.



Planned Parenthood provided needed help

In a March 25 letter, Sue Martensen states, "A young friend of mine sought help from (Planned Parenthood) with her unexpected pregnancy. She wanted prenatal vitamins and a sonogram; they offered only abortion."

More state spending won't solve problems

While looking over Gov. Pat Quinn's proposed 2014-15 budget plan, I noticed a few things.

First, he wants to make permanent the "temporary" tax hike. That isn't surprising — he is a spend-and-tax politician.

Recent NCAA athlete ruling is welcome

Finally, some honesty and common sense: the recent National Labor Relations Board ruling that college athletes are more employees than students.

Carle doctor switch is beyond irritating

I moved from Los Angeles to the Champaign area in 2004, and the only thing I don't love about living here is the Carle health care system.