Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Do we really want Medicare to end?

Recently, Paul Ryan said that he is eager to replace Medicare with private insurance plans.

Medicare has meant a lot to my family. It changed my grandmother's life when it arrived in 1965; after a lifetime of work she could finally stop worrying about how to pay for very basic medical care to get her out of the agony she was in.

Event focuses on suicide survivors

I invite readers who have suffered the loss of a loved one by suicide to join us for a program at Parkland College from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, the 2016 International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day.

U.S. must move on to compassion

This election cycle went beyond the usual differences of opinion over issues like health care and trade agreements.

We have instead experienced during the past year and a half a sheer disrespect toward people with disabilities, Muslims, people of color, Latinos and LGBT, among others.

The invisible hand in Election '16

Donald Trump was right when he said the election was rigged.

God had his hand in it.



As we come, go, God's work stays

Recently I watched an old, classic, Oscar-winning movie. The star's name appeared during the opening credits but was followed by dozens of names I couldn't recognize.

All were famous then, but today are unknown.

Constitution will see us to new day

To those unhappy with the result of the presidential election, I have two things to say to you:

1) Having lived through and voted in many elections, the pendulum always swings back to the other side in a term or two. Be patient — your viewpoint will likely shared by the next president who succeeds this one.

Please return resident's winter coat

Recently, I received a call from a friend in the Champaign County Nursing Home: "Please call back," she asked, voice shaking. Her go-to jacket was stolen while she was out on an excursion.

"Winter is coming. What am I going to wear?"

Many concerns about local voting

While I enjoyed serving as a poll monitor at the University of Illinois on Nov. 8, it disturbs me that UI campus voting continues to bedevil the Champaign County clerk's office.

Despite the heroic efforts of excellent, committed judges, the incidents I witnessed speak to the need for election reform in Champaign County:

Trump benefited from pro-life vote

The election hypocrisy is astounding. President-elect Donald Trump was widely criticized for saying that he might contest the election if Hillary Clinton won.

Trump won with over 59 million votes, but some Clinton supporters have chosen to protest. If the situation was reversed, the response from the public and media would be entirely different.

Why treat bridges in warm weather?

Who is in charge of spreading the liquid salt over our newly resurfaced bridges here in town and the outskirt bridges?

It's very irritating when the temperature is 60 degrees — and here comes a cloud — they are pouring this liquid salt daily on these new bridges (Bradley Avenue for one). We just had a new surface added — ready to rebuild soon — and they keep spraying the bridge daily.