Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Hard to figure out who is Luann

Please add my vote to those who want to make "Luann" disappear.

I agree there are too many characters and too much going on. It took me several strips to figure out which one was Luann.

Please bring back "WuMo" — or something else.



Landmark status is really a taking

The Urbana Historic Preservation Commission should only accept requests for landmark status from the owner of the property. Otherwise, they are taking private property for public use, without just compensation. See the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Born in Canada was once an issue

While watching the news recently, a long buried memory was triggered. A current presidential candidate is under scrutiny for having been born in Canada even though his mother was a U.S. citizen and his Cuban father later became so.

Problems checking one's background

An interesting cross-section of reactions was shown on the Jan. 9 Opinions page, regarding our president's plan to institute background checks on prospective gun owners.

The principle behind the background check has been tried before under other names, such as Star Chamber, Inquisition, etc. The idea is to evade due process, using evidence that by definition cannot stand up in court.

Rauner doesn't like fair judgments

So Gov. Bruce Rauner has a new goal. As reported by The News-Gazette, he wants "to get out of all of these court orders and consent decrees" that have required Illinois to fund certain services, even without a budget.

Let's review.

Green Party seeks more candidates

The Prairie Green Party of Central Illinois offers a clear alternative to two-party corporate politics as usual. Our platform can be seen at http://www.prairiegreenplatform.wordpress.com.

Duckworth weak on refugee position

U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth's website states: "The U.S. should lead with strength, not fear, by welcoming Syrian refugees."

She's attacking people who are right to be concerned about Muslim refugees who cannot be 100 percent checked out before coming to America. She seems oblivious to what Muslim refugees are doing in Sweden, Germany, England, France and U.S.

Step up emphasis on property fraud

I'm not a politician and have never run for anything before. But I decided to run for Champaign County recorder of deeds to serve this community.

As an attorney, I have represented the victims of financial and property fraud, and the recorder's office is on the frontline of combating property fraud.

Absurd lengths to columnist's logic

In response to President Barack Obama's new background check on gun purchases, columnist Cal Thomas responds, "I'm still waiting for someone to show me how laws stop a person intent on breaking them."

He goes on to say he sees people breaking speed limits every day. This is what passes for deep wisdom among Mr. Thomas and his friends.

‘Creator’ is source of citizens’ rights

A Jan. 4 News-Gazette editorial began: “The U.S. Constitution confers rights that we treasure ...”  This is not quite correct. Rights are granted by God. Our Declaration of Independence acknowledges this as follows: