Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Will apartments be right solution?

The city of Urbana has entered into an agreement with the Champaign County Housing Authority to have a developer build on land the city now owns at Lierman and Hunter. Six apartment buildings there were destroyed by tenants and visitors and left to decay for a decade. The complex was recently torn down.

More U.S. wars not the answer

In his March 8 guest commentary, Peter Tomaras scans the vast array of failed American militarism in foreign policy and declares that we need ... more of it.

Vermilion officials rude to the public

Imagine a world where you brazenly tell your bosses that you don't find what they have to say important enough to grant them permission to speak, you rudely cut them off, and you tell them to hurry up and get it done or just go sit down.

Dey misses point on smoking suit

News-Gazette columnist Jim Dey misses the point of the class-action lawsuit consumers brought against Philip Morris over fraudulent claims regarding the health effects of so-called "light" cigarettes ("Trial lawyers set sights on Supreme Court justice," March 3).

That's apparent when he describes the case as "light" cigarettes versus "full favored" (his term) cigarettes.

'Fast track' deal bad for workers

Congress is considering legislation to renew "fast track," legislation that allows trade deals negotiated behind closed doors, circumventing congressional oversight and ignoring the needs of American workers.

New UI trustees enhance board

Congratulations to Ed McMillan, Jill Smart and Ray Cepeda for their appointment by Gov. Bruce Rauner to the University of Illinois Board of Trustees. They hail from sectors in large corporate agriculture, business consulting and banking. Each brings tremendous strengths in management, understanding large organizations and a passion for the university.

Support humane farming practices

Americans quietly celebrate the nation's hardworking farmers and ranchers during every meal. And National Agriculture Day on March 18 is a good opportunity to reflect and give thanks to those who raise our food and do it right.

Fleetwood Mac 16 seed a mirage?

As we all know, this time of year, everyone is filling out brackets, and everyone is picking their seeds.

Durbin does need historical review

I stand with The News-Gazette. U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin needs to revisit his high school/university history classes.

Specifically, The News-Gazette's March 4 editorial was spot on. Noted historian David Herbert Donald writes that the Emancipation Proclamation was "warranted by the Constitution, upon military necessity."

City resolutions deserve discussion

Since I did not see any coverage, I wanted to call attention to the recent unanimous passage by the Urbana City Council of two inspiring, important resolutions.