Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Some answers about wind farm funds

In answer to the Dec. 1 letter about financial liabilities from the windmills, former Champaign County Board Chairman Al Kurtz kept us from making the mistakes that other counties have.

The money to take down the whole wind farm is held in escrow and revalued every five years.

Holiday too often means faith denial

Christmas is once again upon us, which is self-evident by all the ads, shopping and decorations adorning homes and businesses. Some choose to celebrate with food, drink, tinsel, lighted trees and the giving of gifts.

Despite accident, family love evident

My heart breaks for the Daly families, how a beautiful night of celebration turned into the accidental death of a young woman, Annie Daly, and immeasurable heartbreak and guilt for Katie Daly.

Testing could kill the art of writing

Writing is one of the ways humans communicate. Most people think that once you are done with school, you will never have to write again. But when was the last time you had to send an email for work?

Only doom, gloom over U.S. debt?

The Dec. 1 letter from Mr. Kenneth Baughman addresses serious problems, and he correctly calls out the news media for their unwillingness to educate the masses on government's indebtedness.

Yet, he provides no options for remedies. Does he have any, or does he believe that we are doomed?

Electronics pile up without drop-off

Get new for Christmas and throw out the old?

Please, Champaign County, provide more drop-off places for old televisions that have easy access and are free of charge.

Near the corner of County Roads 800 N and 1500 E, somebody "dropped off" a television in the creek.

Wise could get copy of letter

I've seen lots of apt comments to the point that lawyers for Steven Salaita may be merely stirring the pot by filing a lawsuit over Chancellor Phyllis Wise's claim that she can't find a "two-pager" donor letter that, Salaita's lawyers claim, may well be a smoking gun in Wise's decision-making over Salaita.

Nursing home has provided fine care

I am writing in response to the Sunday, Nov. 30, article about the Champaign County Nursing Home. After reading it, I think another story needs to be told.

Reconfigure Unit 4 into fewer sites

In the 1920s, my father attended a one-room schoolhouse in rural Mahomet. Then, because most children walked, they tried to place the schools in mile intervals.

Ferguson example of evolution's lie

I saw on the front page of the Nov. 26 News-Gazette a picture of a rally of over 100 people holding their hands up, claiming they were protesting the shooting of Michael Brown. In other places thieves and arsonists did millions of dollars of destruction to innocent people. This is an example of how misinformed and wicked some people are today.