Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Unofficial: Profits have priority over safety

Unofficial: I keep wondering if the brilliant mind(s) that thought this faux holiday up have any remorse regarding the deaths that have occurred since its inception.

Probably not; profit comes first and foremost, I'm sure.



No organized effort to disrupt

Kathy Shaw McKenzie, in her March 6 letter, points out that there have been many recent letters in The News-Gazette complaining about U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis' failure to hold a town hall meeting with his constituents.

Left mum during other outrages

With Donald Trump in the office, the media and public are suddenly concerned with anti-Semitism and the plight of Middle Eastern Muslims.

Bitter writer gives AD a cheap shot

I am responding to a letter Michael Reid wrote to The News-Gazette on March 2, "AD doesn't have the guts to fire coaches."

After reading the letter, my first reaction was maybe Michael Reid must be a very unhappy, bitter person that he would write such a rude letter.

The Chief is gone, but racism isn't

About a decade ago, we were promised racism would disappear from our community. This social reform would result directly and immediately from the "retirement" of Chief Illiniwek in 2007. Or so they said.

So, how's that going?

Democrats cozy with Russia envoy

I noticed something interesting about the specific Russian ambassador mentioned in all these meetings with President Donald Trump's personnel that have been have turned into one witch hunt after another.

This same Russian ambassador can easily be seen sitting with the Democrats during President Trump's speech to Congress.

Illegal immigrants committed a crime

Karen Aram in her defense of Urbana as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants writes "a quarter of those arrested had no criminal record" (Sunday Extra, March 5).

Really? When a person sets foot into the U.S. outside the legal framework of immigration, they have committed a criminal act.

Not-fighting Illini due for changes

My Dad nicknamed teams who failed to failed to perform to their potential "Neversweats."

The Illini basketball team qualifies for the name with a capital N. They will not qualify for the NCAA tourney and should show some self-respect by declining an invitation to any lesser tourney.

Next year, with a new coach, they may be better.



Losing Illini still raise ticket prices

I have been Been a supporter of Illini football since the late Bob Blackman was a coach.

I went to renew my season tickets in the horseshoe; I've been taking my grandkids to keep them interested.

I went through the whole ordering process and then found out the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics had raised the price $30.

I asked for a supervisor and said:

Rep. Davis mum on too many issues

During the campaign, when news broke that President Donald Trump and his team had ties to Russia, Rodney Davis said nothing.

When Carter Page (former Trump adviser) stepped down due to an inappropriate relationship with Russian officials, Davis said nothing. When Paul Manafort (Trump's former campaign manager) stepped down for a similar reason, Davis said nothing.