Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Roadblock to Mideast discussion

David Green in his Dec. 23 letter laments the absence of diverse perspectives on Israel. When Hamas and other residents of the Gaza Strip acknowledge Israel's right to exist, diverse perspectives will emerge.

Until then, it is Israel's duty to defend herself against an unreasonable foe.


Emeritus professor, University of Illinois


Asbestos lawsuit bill hurts Illinois

Illinois has once again secured its place as the "Lawsuit Abuse Capital of the Midwest" and is home to one of the nation's worst "judicial hellholes," according to the recently released "Judicial Hellholes" report from the American Tort Reform. The report named Madison County one of the "Five Worst Judicial Hellholes" in the country.

N.Y. deaths reflect dangerous work

At a time when many wish to demonize police officers, the tragic murder of two New York City officers is a stark reminder of the reality these officers face each and every day they go out on patrol: They may not come home at the end of their shift.

Public servants show good cheer

I thought the Dec. 18 article by Mary Schenk — "Cracking the case of Kriss Kringle" put on by Urbana city employees — was wonderful.

The truth is, I'm not big on nativity scenes in government or public places. However, this was in such good-natured fun, I couldn't help but smile.

UI decision means no more donations

I am both disgusted and angered with the University of Illinois' vacillating position on the hiring, firing and rehiring of a former felon.

As a result, after 30-plus years of making a yearly contribution during the university's fall pledge drive, this year's pledge has become my last.



'You've got to be carefully taught'

In 1948, Broadway was provided with a well-received musical, "South Pacific." The play was a hit, with a run of 1,925 performances.

It had its controversies, though. Much of the theme of the show had to do with prejudices.

High school would make traffic worse

This letter is unusual for me, but important. As we navigate the already overcrowded North Prospect/North Neil corridor during this holiday season, it would be a good time to imagine scores of parents, students, employees and additional buses also sharing that area in the future.

More thoughts on Chinese institute

Thank you for your excellent article of Dec. 14, "No issue here with Institute," which discusses the controversial Confucius Institute.

Contrary to what some would like to believe, China is not a democracy.

Diverse discourse on Israel needed

This responds to Miriam Elman's commentary "Moving on from controversy" in the Dec. 21 Commentary section. She writes: "In the coming months, will faculty resolutions that vigorously defend academic freedom also say that disparaging and bullying speech like Salaita's contradicts our professional obligations and responsibilities?

Davis on right side of Cuba question

I was glad to see our representative, Rodney Davis, take a strong stand in support of President Obama's move to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease the U.S. embargo on Cuba ("Davis praises Obama's action; says it will help families, farmers," Dec. 18.)