Democrats trying to hide racist past

Democrats trying to hide racist past

The leftist/socialist Democrats want to pile on President Donald Trump over the altercation between two differing groups in Charlottesville, Va., or are they that different?

We have already seen the violent leftist activity at Berkeley and during Trump's inauguration. These animals were not white supremacists. It was interesting to see the leftist that was pictured in this newspaper using an aerosol can to spray fire. That wasn't peaceful, was it?

Leftists use the word "socialism' and its derivatives habitually. The Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers Party. Russia became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The words "socialism" and "communism" are interchangeable. Mao Zedong was the chairman of China's Communist Party and he was "peaceful" if you consider murdering 70 million people peaceful.

I'm sure readers know that the southern Democrats were the slave owners and KKK members. Democratic politicians opposed any programs that would benefit African-Americans for nearly 100 years until Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson realized he could buy the black vote with handouts. Johnson and the Democrats did African-Americans no favors.

Black Lives Matter, funded by George Saros, is nothing but raw racism. What is overlooked is the racism of the white left.

Unknown to most on the left, the Democrats want to revise history and hide their dark history of racism by destroying monuments and symbols of events that actually happened and expose their nefarious hypocrisy.

Tired of the left's omnipresent obfuscation, Americans went a new direction. We can still make America great again.