Food service at UI games terrible

Food service at UI games terrible

We are fortunate we did not have a sellout for the first Illinois football game. I'm afraid we might have had a revolt in the stands if any more patrons went unfed.

Concession stand service at Memorial Stadium has fallen back 50 years. At the Ball State game, stands ran out of hot dogs before the game, had no condiments and had lines with more than 30 people at halftime.

I'm certain the high rollers in the boxes upstairs didn't have to suffer what the common folks in the stands did.

Our athletic director and his staff need to spend some time observing the problems in the east and west main halls. Not only was the service bad, but the selection was worse. It's hard to believe a community named "Best Midwestern Food Town" could offer such a bland selection at the stadium.

Walking tacos? I would expect that at a high school football game. Why not real tacos? Beef sandwiches were hidden in the end zone. Pizza? Forget it.

The "game experience" includes the fare at the concession stands. Perhaps they forgot that people coming to an 11 a.m. game might want to eat lunch at the stadium.

I would guess in the future that many of our fans will stop and eat at one of the really great restaurants in town.