U.S. must be open to immigrants

U.S. must be open to immigrants

America, until the 1880s, was open to all and didn't matter how much money you had or where you came from because all the immigrants who came before you fretted that you were here sucking up resources and lowering wages.

Modern U.S. immigration policy is a byzantine Kafka-esque system where rules make no sense and prospective immigrants' hopes can be dashed for an inadvertent "like" by their third-cousin's spouse on a mosque's Facebook page.

Given Trump's penchant for immigrants to be financially self-sufficient, one can only assume that all others need not apply. Trump believes they will apply to a process which openly questions their motives, be extortionately expensive, and arduously lengthy. Surely, the world's wealthy will line up for such treatment.

DACA was a stopgap measure to allow Congress time to make an immigration channel for children brought here illegally fair, reasonable and accessible, and they failed miserably. The political duopoly is so interested in money and power that they cannot even choose to shield children from this process.

The Libertarian Party wants to remake our current system to be efficient, open and understandable. We want all immigrants from all nations to come and thrive in America, not only wealthy ones. The best America has to offer is found when we help those who need our help without concern for where they came from, the language they speak or the color of their skin.

Ending the war on immigrants is a great place to start.



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