Columnist wrong about the Clintons

Columnist wrong about the Clintons

Syndicated columnist Gene Lyon's contention on Sept. 5 that Hillary Clinton owes no one an apology is not the only one that is not debatable. Neither is the fact that he owes his readers one for the balderdash that he wrote.

The criminal history of this woman and her husband is legend, and not withstanding his dismissing the also legendary journalist's Jack Anderson, referring to Ms. Clinton as a "congenital liar," that particular accusation was not made without basis.

Lyon's use of the word "phony" to describe scandal when it comes to the Clintons is as absurd as trying to use the word "Un-Catholic" with the Vatican. When one considers the mountain of evidence that can be cited for behavior that runs the gamut from malfeasance to outright treason, there is something pathological about Mr. Lyon's article — either pathological mendacity or ignorance.