Kaufman should use skills for good

Kaufman should use skills for good

Give credit where it's due, University of Illinois emeritus Professor Stephen Kaufman is nothing if not persistent in his vision of an American Indian-free campus.

The ink was not even dry on the decision to eliminate the "war chant" and the professor was at the UI Board of Trustees meeting calling for the elimination of the "Three-in-One" and the sales of the logo that continue simply to maintain the trademark rights so that others can't use the logo.

The board should place him in charge of the American Indian Studies Program.

He seems to spend a lot of time thinking about it.

He should use his powers for good and find a way to not only honor American Indians publicly (instead of erasing them from history), but also tying them to the UI in a positive way that promotes their culture.

With the support of actual Indian decedents, the UI could actually acknowledge the importance of American Indians in the history of our state, country and university.

Dare I say, they could even pay tribute to the American Indian by promoting their rich history, legacy and culture as an honored symbol of the university?

The decision to publicly use Native American imagery and likenesses has truly moved past all of us and now rests with Native Americans themselves. The politically correct movement made sure of that.

Where are the scholarships to recruit Native Americans to our university? Have we reached out to them and invited them to enlighten and educate our program?


Rural Loda