Parents should have school choice

Parents should have school choice

This is in response to the Urbana schools chief Don Owen about private school funding.

What Don Owens and many like him want in our schools is the exact opposite of a democracy.

The atheist likes to mention separation of church and state all the time. I know how to solve this problem. We allow school vouchers to every child in America. Let the parents choose with their taxpayer dollars.

The atheist does not want the parents to have a choice with their taxpayer money. They want you to pay for their schools and not have a choice. If parents could use their taxpayer dollars and choose the schools of their choice then everybody should be happy.

If atheists want an atheistic education, then they can go to an atheistic public school. If Christians want an education with a Christian worldview, then Christians can take their taxpayer money and pay for a Christian school.

The hypocritical secularists have no problem with taking our tax dollars to pay for secular schools and secular indoctrination of our children and grandchildren, but they have a huge problem with our tax dollars being used for a Christian education.

This would take education out of the hands of the state with its social engineering brainwashing of our children and put it back in the hands of we the people.

Many of these educators know that if you control the minds of these children, you can control the nation.