Trump-haters aren't helping any

Trump-haters aren't helping any

As I read most articles in the Aug. 20 News-Gazette, I noticed a theme: President Donald Trump has caused every bad thing that has happened in America since he took over as president.

He even is guilty of what the Democrats do — left-wingers, right-wingers, oh and let's not forget Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as bad things have come from them also but it is President Tump's fault — keep with my theme now.

I hope the Trump-haters didn't take any raises the stock market might have given them — wow.

The whole things stems from poor losers, but you aren't making things better when you don't speak the truth. And I will bet when he runs again, he will win again.

We decent voting people are tired of all the hate that is spewed about and wouldn't dare change our politics. Why should we want something worse? The man is trying to make America great again. Leave him alone and you might see more miracles come about.

Where has our House and Senate been the last eight years? Not working for the people. That can go for the last 37 years — don't blame a first-time governor.

Let's all join together. And pray for our country and those in authority.

God loves those heart-felt prayers.