Lions Club Candy Day was successful

Lions Club Candy Day was successful

The Lions Club members are proud to announce that the October Candy Day was successful. We will be able to purchase up to 17 new glasses for persons in need.During our recent Candy Days, the public was extremely generous in their donations to our cause. County Market, Harvest Market, Sam's Club and Savoy Walmart allowed us to stand outside their businesses and collect enough money to exceed our budget. This is one of our two main fundraisers, and we appreciate the business and the public participating.

The Lions Club is pleased to provide assistance to those with sight problems and illnesses related to sight. As Lions International celebrates our 101st year, we continue to meet the challenge from Helen Keller to be "Knights for the Blind."

The public also donated 190 pairs of glasses and four hearing aids to be recycled during our collection days. For the month of October, we collected 959 pairs of glasses, 14 hearing aids, 28 cellphones, 42 ink cartridges and 3 pounds of keys. All of these items are recycled and any funds are used to assist even more people wish vision issues.