Saving past vital goal for planners

Saving past vital goal for planners

Kudos to PACA for trying to save the McKinley YMCA and the Bailey and Burnham houses. I was glad to learn that Central High School would be saved instead of building on the edge of town, but how ironic that the school district plans to tear down historic nearby structures.

I attended Central in the 1970s and love that building. True, we sometimes walked to West Side Park for gym class, but does Central have to have such a big footprint?

I took dance classes at the McKinley YMCA in the 1970s. I loved that creaky old mansion!

If the Y was originally a donation to the city, it seems neglectful of the city to have to let it go and to now let it get torn down.

Some of my family members rented apartments in the beautiful old mansions near Central, including the Burnham house. Those enormous apartments had lovingly crafted plaster and woodwork.

I hope the planners find a way to bring in the new without throwing out important parts of Champaign's past.