Mascot group needs UI alums

Mascot group needs UI alums

I write in response to the recent article on finding a first-ever mascot for the Fighting Illini.

I suggest adding at least one representative from the alumni to the committee.

University of Illinois graduates have strong opinions on both sides. We are contributors to the university — in many cases large contributors. I know some UI grads have stopped contributing because of the Chief controversy.

Also, may I remind readers again that Chief Illiniwek was not and never will be a mascot. He was a proud symbol of the state and its former inhabitants.

I can only hope that our upcoming first mascot will be the same.

Just to establish my bona fides, I am a former president of the Cleveland Illini Group, daughter of longtime UI civil engineering faculty member Chester Siess, wife of 1976 UI graduate Stephen Bremseth and a 12th-generation descendant of F.X. Rousensa (1650-1700), chief of the Illiniwek.