Dey's criticism of UI insupportable

Dey's criticism of UI insupportable

Columnist Jim Dey needs to be retired. The News-Gazette should be thinking strategically about his value to the paper and the community.

Dey's relentless theme is criticizing the administration and leadership of the University of Illinois.

He has few original ideas. My reading of statewide media shows that he typically finds an idea elsewhere. He then writes about it in The News-Gazette. The difference is that his pejorative commentary exaggerates, demeans or asserts far darker or uncomplimentary interpretations.

The University of Illinois is the lifeblood of this community and of this region. Dey's opinions are not evenhanded journalism.

The paper should be focused more on how it can communicate and contribute to the economic health of the community that sustains it existence.

The only part of the News-Gazette that I consistently find worth reading are the articles about the UI's game-changing leaders, faculty, research, students, alumni and activities.

The UI is an extremely complex organization. Its leaders confront multiple challenges, constantly. Dey has zero experience, insight or credibility when it comes to determining or implementing high-level policy in an organization like the University of Illinois, or any other organization except maybe a local courthouse.

Dey's opinion castigating President Timothy Killeen for not being more like Robert Zimmer is an example. Dey has no concept of the profound differences between the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois.

We don't benefit from Dey's negative opinions, where he postures himself as some perceptive investigative reporter. He isn't.