Ungrateful UI fans should stay home

Ungrateful UI fans should stay home

An open letter to the 'fans' at Memorial Stadium:

I have been bleeding orange and blue for almost 50 years and I share your pain over the lack of success by our current team. However, paying the price of admission into the University of Illinois football games at Memorial Stadium does not give you license to use hatred-filled, disgusting language to berate a member of the UI football team. Those boys, and I do mean boys because most were playing high school football just 12 months ago, are doing the best they can.

They do not deserve to hear your garbage, nor do the men, women and children seated around you. The words you use are a reflection of your life, your heart and your soul and they paint a very sad picture.

Cheer and congratulate the team's successes; console and commiserate as the team encounters disappointments. Most of all, give thanks for the gift of spending a beautiful fall afternoon, in the magnificence of Memorial Stadium, on the campus of a world-class university that many of us 'townies' take for granted.

If you can't control yourself and your language, stay home and swear at your TV. Give your ticket to someone who will be grateful for the opportunity.