Fans back Chief overwhelmingly

Fans back Chief overwhelmingly

Regarding your article about the Big Ten Network showing people displaying the Chief: BTN responded to a request from retired University of Illinois Professor Stephen Kaufman to stop showing anything with the Chief's image.

What about the majority of the alumni and fans who support the Chief, even if the UI does not? Post on media and see how many people still support the Chief.

In the 1990s the many people supporting the Chief were shouted down by a few who were determined to wipe out the Chief. It is still going on.

The people who do not want the Chief were never the majority then nor now. They just screamed the loudest and booed down the more moderate — and the university gave in and let them rule.

Get a true feeling for the numbers of those who really want the Chief. Only allow one vote from any phone or email account then see what the numbers say.