Governments do attack their own

Governments do attack their own

The Constitution writers had two reasons for the Second Amendment.

First, to have an unofficial army at all times, such as happened in the Revolutionary War.

Second, to give citizens protection from their own government. Don't believe that? Read on.

1911, Turkey banned all guns; 1915-1917, slaughtered 1.5 million.

1929, Russia banned all guns; 1929-1953, slaughtered 20 million.

1935, China banned all guns; 1948-1952, slaughtered 20 million.

1938, Germany banned all guns; 1939-1945, slaughtered 6 million Jews, 7 million others.

1956, Cambodia banned all guns; 1975-1979, slaughtered 1 million.

1964, Guatemala banned all guns; 1964-1981, slaughtered 100,000 Mayans.

1970, Uganda banned all guns; 1971-1979, slaughtered 300,000 Christians.

That's 55.9 million people dead because they had their defense taken from them.

Now I know most Americans care not at all of what happened to people of other countries. But I have been in 11 countries, and it hurts them same as you when father, mother, son, daughter and others die this way.

Am I happy the way things are going now? Absolutely not. But I think our big problem is our culture. Hate, revenge, riots, using police as targets, on and on.

I think a lot of it goes back to the family, not enough control and discipline. Not enough love, and close relations.

Also need more and better mental health. How about less alcohol and drugs?


Rural Alvin