Killing off Chief not good enough

Killing off Chief not good enough

One again, I've read that Chief Illiniwek attacker Emeritus Professor Stephen Kaufman is working hard at making sure that the Chief stays dead.

Whenever anyone supports the Chief or his logo, Kaufman acts like a growling, snarling, vicious dog going after him or her. Why can't Kaufman just let others have their opinions and go his way? He got his way.

I believe the reason Kaufman acts this way is to ensure that his legacy of killing the Chief stays that way — dead.

The symbol of the UI's Chief is very meaningful to fans. They aren't going to give it up just because Kaufman wants them to. It'll be a cold day in Hades before that happens.

Moreover, the UI's monicker is the Fighting Illini. Isn't this racist? Why hasn't Kaufman gone after this?

I haven't heard Kaufman object about living in Illinois either. Illinois is named after an Indian tribe, right?

Why hasn't Kaufman protested to the state about changing its name? He would probably like the state to change its name to Kaufman because he stood against racism. He should do this to boost his ego.

Furthermore, how does Kaufman handle Illinois being stamped on his license plate? Does he refuse to drive his car because of this?

Kaufman will say that he isn't racist. But I would disagree with him. If Kaufman was against racism, he would go after everything that's mentioned above.

Oh, what a hypocrite he truly is.