#MeToo victims in need of support

#MeToo victims in need of support

Recently women and men across the country have filed sexual assault and sexual harassment claims against many powerful people.

More have spoken out on social media to say #MeToo, admitting to being a victim of unwanted sexual advances.

Every day I have a push notification with a headline stating that another person has stepped forward, and each notification fills me with anger.

And yet, I hope the notifications keep coming.

You may ask why, especially if, like me, each notification makes you a little more nervous to walk into your boss's office alone, or share an Uber ride with a stranger, or sleep on a plane next to someone you don't know.

Why do I want confirmation that more people have had their privacy and their dignity violated?

My answer is simply because someone has, in fact, had the same thing happen to them. Sexual crimes have been treated as things that "just happen" for too long. Until we call each instance out, until we back the victimized women and men, until we make it clear that we as human beings will not stand for such violations of another, then it will not stop.

We have created a community where victims have been scared to come forward for fear of not being believed.

Now that the ball is rolling, I ask that we foster a supportive community that seeks justice for the victims. They should not need to hide when they have done nothing wrong.