Dems deserve voice on tax measure

Dems deserve voice on tax measure

The U.S. has never been as ideologically divided in modern history as it is now. If Republicans manage to ram through the tax bills currently before Congress, relying only on the Republican votes and excluding the Democrats from meaningful participation, then this political division will only become worse.

Both sides will get pushed further to the ideological extremes, making meaningful dialogue and cooperation next to impossible.

America does not need this kind of a "win," regardless of the merits and the flaws of the tax bills themselves.

The Republicans should throw out the current tax bills and try a radically different approach: bipartisanship.

There are many Democrats in Congress interested in tax reform who support significant elements of the current bill and are willing to work with Republicans on the issue. Bring them on board, give them a genuine voice in the process and make some of them co-sponsor the new tax bill.

Whatever legislation would emerge from such a process would look quite different and take longer to pass than the current steamroller. But a law resulting from such a bipartisan effort would be a genuine win for the country and for the Republican party, too.